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  • Lonely desires
    A lonely child Learns how make friends with her desires, And she create them a home in her imagination feeding them and loving them all: With every thing she has Until she has no more to give Doors opening everywhere : nothing stops them As they leave yet again as quickly as they arrived allContinue reading “Lonely desires”
  • Twin Flames: A Means to Unraveling Egoic Relationship Patterns
    If you are reading this right now, you are ready to hear that the twin flame journey is designed to unravel the egoic-based romantic relationship patterns that are threaded throughout our society on all levels, political, economic, educational, and spiritual. The primacy of the romantic relationship, which is consummated by contract through the political institutionContinue reading “Twin Flames: A Means to Unraveling Egoic Relationship Patterns”
  • Union and Twin Flame Death
    What happens to the twin flame union, when one twin passes away? I received this excellent question from a reader. I love receiving reader questions, because they are like fertilizer for growing a broader and deeper awareness of Being, of Self – for each and every one of us. We are of One Consciousness, afterContinue reading “Union and Twin Flame Death”
  • As you are
    As you surrender the egoic-mind-lifeYou’ll see for the first time in lifetimesthat who you were was just a dream;dissolving into the morning,as dreams naturally do,night forever sinking beneath the sun. You can’t experience this through religion,a binding rope can’t hold the waves of water,where sun and moon reflect for each – arriving tearless and departingContinue reading “As you are”
  • Learning to walk with your dreams
    Most people, when they have an interesting dream, wonder what the dream means or, rather, wonder what the dream symbolizes. There are many websites on the internet that can identify the symbols in your dream for you, and soon ChatGPT or Bard will be able to help you with that as well. However, as funContinue reading “Learning to walk with your dreams”


Every day, I learn something new about who I am in this world, just as we all do. But this becoming is not about gaining some kind of advantage or discovering a career path. This path is already set for each one of us. Each one of us is a presence as bright as the sun and as deep as the darkest waters of the ocean. We have simply just forgotten who we are.

I am a shadow worker. Everything and everyone I meet shows me a picture of who they are, who they think they are, and who they are afraid they are. Human beings in particular are stuck in the fears of their own entanglements, nightmares and dreams, that keep them from silent and still joy of awareness, of moving effortlessly, of healing, and of creating. The world we have built on earth does not match the power of love or beauty in our hearts. When we are in our own skin and in our own hearts, life actually is as easy and effortless as a bird flying through a clear summer day. You were made for this. Embrace it, and love it, before you fly away again, into the next world.

Artificial intelligence is in fact that great egoic-mind that is designed to eventually cut us off from who we are – forever. It is everything that you are not and will continue to promise you everything else. That is precisely the seduction. I am here at this time to show you this; that you have nothing to fear, and that human being and human awareness will no longer give their power away to the machine that society has become. You are here to show others the way to their soul. We are all here to help each other rise into our own presence, our own awareness, and every gift that we’re meant to share, here, in this ludicrous sandbox, this earth, our home.