Roman Contract Religion (of Satan)

Pro-gay Vatican consultant: Lady Gaga’s LGBT ‘Born This Way’ agrees with Bible

The entire basis and structure of the Roman Empire was contract law. The Romans could not understand anything, not spirituality, not creativity, without laws.  Sometimes, historians will refer to Roman religion as a “practical religion”, but that is only if you consider conquering other nations and cultures, war, and bloodshed as “practical”.  As the Roman Empire expanded, she would convert all conquered nations and cultures into her lawful domain, which is her religious domain.  Rome in no way would permit a conquered nation to avoid the legal requirement of worshipping the Roman gods.  This is because the ancient Romans viewed power as a function of their relationship to the gods – and power was always worldly power – the power of wealth, of taking slaves, of consuming and hoarding and conquering. Augustus, the first emperor of Rome, was not just Augustus; he was the Divine Augustus. By calling to the gods, and creating a relationship with them, Rome would be able to achieve worldly power, fame, and wealth. In Roman life, there was no distinction between the law of Rome and the law of the gods. The establishment of Rome itself was a story of the murder of a brother (Remus), by a brother (Romulus), in the name of the divine will. The gods have no problem with murder in their name. It is thought of as not only being a required sacrifice, but as being divine law.

To understand how religion is an expression of Roman contract law, we only have to look at the etymological root of the English word religion. Words, we must remember, are like trees. They have roots in the ground. They have a history, and we can understand their surface expression better if we understand that history. There is a reason why modern schools no longer teach “dead” languages such as Latin or Greek. If we did, we would be able to see the full tree of words and grammar. But because we do not learn this, we only see the flowers or the leaves, which tell us very little.

The English word religion derives from the Latin, religio, which means bondage, binding, or obligated to. Religio is a legally binding contract. That is why the world religion doesn’t exist in the New Testament, or in the Bible in general when referring to Jesus’ teaching. It also doesn’t exist in Ancient Greek. The reason for this is simple: the teachings  of Jesus have nothing to do with religion or contract law. Jesus, in fact, was anti-religion – the Romans and the Jews wanted him dead. Jesus taught about the eternity of the soul, the freedom and love of God, the kingdom of heaven of which we are a part, and the healing power of God’s light. That’s it. Jesus’ teaching was similar to the Ancient Greek teachings of the soul. The eternal soul is the connection between man and God, not a legally binding contract. Religion, on the other hand, has always been associated with The Deceiver, diabolos, or Satan. To enter into a religion, is to enter into a contract, a law, that is designed to bind you forever.   This is obvious when we consider the phrase “selling your soul to the devil”.  The idea of selling your soul to the devil derives from the German legend of Faust, a mean who made a pact with the Devil at the crossroads in exchange for worldly power and knowledge.  It is interesting to note that the step-father of Remus and Romulus was named Faustulus. Rome, in fact, is the source of our system of laws, religion, and gods. It is no mistake that the Vatican hides many secrets. Could these secrets be related to the lies about religion and what religion seems to be today?

So, what happens when you are under Roman contract law? Well, you are bound to the contract, and you are pronounced guilty if you violate it. Religious guilt is only possible under contract law, not true Christ spiritual teachings. Jesus never said you should be guilty if you do not follow his way of the kingdom of God. Yes, there are consequences to not following God, but guilt and punishment are not one of those. Guilt and punishment are functions of law, and are instruments of deceivers who pretend to be your Lord. Jesus loves you unconditionally, as does God. He would never punish you for your human mistakes. The Ancient Greek word in the Bible for sin, is actually hamartia, which simply means mistake, a missing of the mark. To God, we are like children who err. His correction is always loving and gentle. But, if you are practicing the Roman contract version of Jesus’ teachings, you are going to experience the fear of that Lord, as well as hatred towards those who do not know Jesus. Hatred is never something Jesus preached or practiced.

Roman contract religion also attempted to distance yourself from God. After all, royalty is always outside of and far away from those lower to them. The Romans, the Emperor was of a superior bloodline to the commoners, and so were the gods, whether Roman gods, or the God of the church. As such, worship was always similar to begging, requesting, or pleading. Sacrifice could also be used, because sacrifice could be made to seem to be a form of bribery: “God, I will pay you this, if you give me that.” Roman contract religion, as a whole, is always about feeding the Emperor, the rulers, and the gods, money and goods. The people are told that they are pure if they make these sacrifices. When Jesus taught throughout the lands, the Romans murdered him, yes, and appropriated his teachings for their own benefit. What the Roman’s stole, eventually became the Holy Roman Empire, and then the Vatican, as we know it today. Since those days, even up until today, worship is sacrifice and obedience and reverence for those who are “higher” than ourselves.

This is why there are pagan idols hidden beneath the Vatican. Beneath the Roman Contract Church, are the pagan gods of power, lust, and greed, the true gods of the Roman Religion.

But slavery is not the true nature of worship. Worship, since even the time of the Egyptians, is actually embodiment. Embodiment is what gives power to our virtues and our aspirations.  In the teachings of Jesus, true worship is to embody your eternal soul – to be as close to your eternal soul as you can while on earth.  This is common in natural life. A child embodies the habits and ways of his or her parents. Imitation becomes the child as she grows. She grows to express the spirits of her culture and her ancestry. However, in the Roman Contract Religion, worship is the sacrifices and obedience and prayers that you make, not as a powerful eternal soul, but as a weak and lowly creature. You must relinquish your ancestry, your culture, and your body to the Roman Empire, or Contract religion. That is why in the middle ages – infamously named the Dark Ages – many monks would beat themselves, and destroy their bodies, as something that is evil. Everything, at that point becomes an enemy of the contract religion, everything remotely resembling physical life or your own personal soul.

As human beings under Roman contract began their process of conversion, of trading their soul for Roman Law, they opened up the doors for possession. This is why the Catholic church is very involved in exorcism. It is because they started it, and they “know” how to deal with it. Most cases of possession are mild, and most of those who are influenced by Roman contract law lead normal lives. The proof of that is that here we are. We are living under Roman contract law, in our religion and in our government. The Roman contract law is otherwise known as the Deep State or the Cabal or the Satanic cult.

This is why so many people these days are seeking fame, power, sex, and money. We are embodying the Roman ideals, which consider these to pure and virtuous values. Most of the structures in our modern society, the systems in place, whether they are corporations, churches or governments, seek money, fame and power. Most of the population doesn’t mind either. Due to the internet and social networking, the public can become addicted to greed as well, where they can act like the stars, those who personify luxury and power, to the best of their ability. They can get fame, and money just like them. They can get followers and imitators, just like them.  Imagine: an entire world addicted to social media for fame and fortune. Seems harmless, doesn’t it? Consider the addiction that is created. The addiction to attention at all costs, the addiction to making quick money. The addiction to influence and power. We all get a little taste of it, a little rush. It is the gateway drug to the Faustian pact. It can quickly make an honest man forget that he is just here to service the earth and life on earth.

“My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom. If it were, my followers would fight to keep me from being handed over to the Jewish leaders. But my Kingdom is not of this world.”

John 18:36

Hollywood is the manifestation of the abominations that are hidden beneath the Vatican. They have, today, in 2021 come to the surface to be seen in plain view. That is why their Symbols Will Be Their Downfall.

Nicki Minaj with a Pope Impersonator

The more all followers of Jesus’ teachings learn the truth, the easier it will be for us all to flourish in this new awakening. The teachings of Jesus, luckily, are still preserved even a text that has been mishandled and mistranslated. He teaches the pure truth of God, of the eternity of our soul, our sacred freedom: our home within the heaven of God.

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