The Dark Magic of Modern Language

Language exists on a spectrum, just like light or sound. On one side of the spectrum, we have the light, and on the other, we have the dark. Regardless, the idea of language as a spectrum is very foreign to the way we use language today, in the 21st century. We mostly think of  language as something we use in order to label the world we see: the desk, the chair, this person, that person, me. On another level, we look at language as something that transmits data or information from one person or another. In that sense, we use language to describe the relationship between things or beings, what we think they are, what happens to them, and how to use them. In other words, we use language to tell stories and create instruction manuals, clarify causes, hypotheses, and articulate purpose. Language allows us to transmit our world-view, no matter the scope.

Because language allows us to understand, through stories, the world around us, it gives us the feeling of being able to master that world. At that point, we want to communicate this world-in-speech to others, maybe to help them, teach them, or even change them. It is important to realize that whenever we speak to another we are doing so with an intention.   The intention is generally some sort of manipulation through information.  The word information comes from the Latin, and literally means to place a form into (in-forma). When you speak, you shape the world around you in the eyes of others. So, you will see books on “how to do this” or “how to be that”, “how to get this”, or “why you can’t get that”. The internet has made this kind of information easy to get. Most people will google their question in order to find the answer. They are looking to be informed. The first place they search are the major media hubs or outlets. To most people, the bigger the media hub or news source, the more real and true it seems. This is what passes for “science” these days. The truth is that isn’t science at all. It is more like – magic.

In today’s world of online media and virtual communications, people broadcast their information on social media. Information is something that informs, and attempts to change the external world – in this case some part of public opinion – into its point of view. Society, which is controlled by an elitist cult, has attempted to control this information through the major media outlets, and through organizations funded by them that promote the ideas that the cult wants as information.  Information, and so language, then becomes a weapon for control, or more specifically, mass mind control. When it comes to information, society, run by a cult, doesn’t want the free flow of information. The reason for this is that it is hiding something from plain site, and in order to keep hiding, it needs to keep its cover intact.

The manipulation of a massive number minds requires something that goes beyond simple information. Cults, like all other cults before it, use dark spells or magic in the traditional sense. Dark spells are incantations (Latin for ‘placing song/spell into’) that are designed to take hold of the victim and consume a certain aspect of their consciousness. It is clearly the case, that the cult has been able, through dark magic/spells posing as News and Entertainment, to inflict mind control on the world population, and on a scale that has never been seen before. Not only has this pushed people into a state of embodiment through imitation (imitating and emulating celebrities, popular points of view, popular music and fashion styles, attitudes about medicine, and politics, etc.), it has pushed them further and further away from being able to master the energetic nature of the language spectrum. In other words, it is getting more and more difficult for people to engage in constructive dialogue and conversation.

There is a reason why ADD and ADHD has been such a common, almost ubiquitous diagnoses these days. It is because we have gotten to the point where most people can only manage to read the headlines of articles, or the “tweet” about the articles, or just the image.  For example, when I post my articles, the ones with the images get the most attention. If I don’t post an image, no one looks. The entire goal of the cult is to reduce the mental capacity of most human beings to the point where they can barely construct a sentence. What this does is not only deprives them of the ability to work through complex thoughts, or express complex experiences, but it severely decreases their capacity to negotiate with their own physical body in an internal sense. It gets to the point, where the body – all its pains and distractions – becomes too much for them to handle. This creates an almost infantile relationship with their own life, and cements the co-dependent relationship on society, mass media, and the black magic that poses as information and entertainment.

When we are in our natural state, and in a healthy mode of inner and outer communication, we are able to thrive.  To understand this, consider your physical body. Your entire body, all the organs, the blood, and all the cells that make up the organs and the blood communicate with each other on some level.   All day long, your body is moving as a whole, and it is able to do this because the communication mechanisms are the body are sound. When, however, we are not in good health, it indicates that there is some kind of breakdown or block in communication.  The communication your body uses is not English or Chinese or Spanish. It is an energetic communication that is more similar to the way a plant responds to light, or how a dog knows that its owner will have a seizure, or how birds know where to place themselves in formation during flight. We, as human beings, participate in this beautiful and natural flow of communication. The language that reflects that flow and dialogue between us what some people call “light language”. One could also call it energetic language as well. You cannot speak light language using human language, but you can use language in a way that transmits it with the intention of sending energetic communication. Music, by itself, sends this kind of energy. Language can do this as well. However, most people have forgotten how to read language in that way, and most of the lighter languages, such has Ancient Greek and Sanskrit, are called – ironically – dead languages. They are no longer taught in public primary schools.

Light language is the language of energy, and it is the language of our soul. It is light because it is the consciousness and awareness that is reflected back on the soul level.  The languages we speak and use on a daily basis are darker/shadow languages through which the light language, that is, your soul, can speak. However, the darker the language, the less present the light can shine through. The best way to see this is to consider teachings of wisdom such as Jesus, the Yoga Sutras, or Plato. When you read them, you don’t gain information. Instead, what you gain is awareness. Even if you can glean some information from them, that is not the goal of the writing. The goal of the writing is to express the soul energy, which is the expression of who we truly are on a soul level. At that level, the light language can illuminate all other languages in such a way that you can see the connections between completely unrelated things.  There is a facility and shift that happens in your consciousness when you read light language. When you experience it, your consciousness shifts not to another object, but into something like a completely different dimension of space and time. Eventually, you realize that you are completely outside time. When that happens, all things become possible timelines and spaces inside an infinite universe. You see how the infinite meets with the finite, how the body is linked to the eternal soul, and how all things and beings are truly one, not on a conceptual level, but experientially.

Below is a quote by Norman Maclean, from his book, A River Runs Through It. It’s a good example of English used to transmit light language. On the surface, the sentiment seems poetic and – to some – not clear. The beauty of this is that it is nearly incomprehensible to the mind that tries to analyze it. Yet, to the soul, the energy is crystal clear, as clear as the water itself:

But due to the cult, the mass media, in line with the public education system, human beings are experiencing an unprecedented amount of communication blocks both internally at the individual level, and externally on a social and planetary level. Many cannot read actual poetry without making a mental reconstruction (a.k.a. literal) of it.  Even the Bible, has become to some, a source of truth, instead of a source of wisdom. Most people have become so “informed” or, as I see it, “spell bound”, that they cannot even account for the ideas that inform them. Very few can sit down calmly, and walk you through the origin and reasoning behind the conclusions they have acquired on Twitter or Google or friends and family. Instead, because they cannot account for the information in their head, they become combative and accusatory, claiming that their opponent is ignorant or hateful. This state of “being informed” and information is the state of the food supply. Most cannot grow their own food. Even more cannot grow their own ideas. Yet, they will, if pushed to it, kill for their food and their ideas. There is a reason why repetition, not fresh and new innovation, permeates the popular arts, and why people seem content with holding opinions and attitudes that they acquired from outside sources. Truth, at that point, is demonstrated only by agreement and sameness. As a result of all this, people have literally become hijacked, a.k.a. possessed by external powers, and so are essentially uniformed weaponized bodies containing all sorts of undifferentiated and toxic ideas and slogans. This state of things results in a devastating sense of one’s own victimization (and so slavery), which raises its ugly head in the continuation and proliferation of wars, hate, censorship, and intolerance. In this situation, the ones calling for tolerance, are usually completely intolerant. The ones censoring are those who don’t want to be censored.  The ones who hate and wage war, are the ones accusing the other side of hate and war. The war of language, the war between the conservatives and the democrats, the war between the lovers of Trump and haters of Trump, is facilitated by the dark tongue we now call English, a language that has strayed so far away from its Germanic and Indo-European roots, that it can barely say anything without spewing at least a little venom one way or the other.  There isn’t a literary symbol left, I don’t believe, that hasn’t been tainted by this, because the occult magic is designed to create polarity in every single thing on the planet, including the souls of all the individuals on it. This polarity has inflicted enormous psychological, spiritual, and emotional damage and literally has many young people eating away at themselves, as well as the world that seems utterly confusing and chaotic at every given moment.

The best way to stop this madness is to begin on a personal level and work with others on an individual basis. Get back to what is real, like the tree. Notice that the tree doesn’t polarize itself about growing today. It doesn’t argue whether it is too cold outside, or too hot. What the tree does, is continue to do tree things, as shown in the picture to the right.  What are the things that we humans are to do? What are human things? Well, the first step is to remove what isn’t human at all, what is artificial, divisive, and causing problems in our ability to naturally grow, both in body and soul. Today, we are living in what is no different from the situation as described in Plato’s cave, and it is going to take everything we have, all our consciousness, and all our love and compassion that we can muster, to help guide ourselves back to basics. Every individual is different, but the simple act of unplugging for the matrix-media-entertainment cult is a good first step. Spend time with yourself, not with the things that fill your head with more information. Draw, write, pain, spend time with nature. Spend time getting honest with yourself about your true desires and what truly makes you happy and happy to be with others. Read books that expand your awareness and help you find your own wisdom. Speak with care and intention, especially to yourself. Write down your dreams. Listen to them. Listen to others. Give them your ear. Learn about your fears. It is okay. Learn about your anger. It is okay. Learn about what has kept you from the life you want. It is okay. Learn to listen to yourself, open communication with yourself as you would with a loved one. That is how you love yourself. Listen, exchange ideas with yourself, be supportive, encouraging, and find help outside yourself from those who have your best interest in mind. Look for those who want to help you grow through interaction and dialogue, not those who want to control or cut you down. Let go of the old leaves and don’t be impatient for the new ones. Look for love: you need that to breathe. Like the trees, like the air we breathe, the light language, the true language of love, is all around you. It will fill you with fearlessness and freedom, a dialogue that will not only move your mind, but your body and soul. Light language is the language that sings. It is the only language, because it’s nature’s language.

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