Dark Energies: How to Deal with Them

Many are starting to experience and identify dark energies in their lives. The reason so many are starting to experience these is because the entire planet is undergoing an enormous shift in consciousness. Things we weren’t aware of, are rising to the surface. Dark energies are the first things we notice. It’s a bit like shining a flashlight on dark places we never noticed before. The dark beings show up because we are become more of the light. Awakening is simply another way of expressing the fact that we are, more and more, coming to embody our light consciousness or light body.

So, dark energies didn’t just pop up from beneath the bed to scare us, like some horror movie. The truth is that we are simply seeing and experiencing energies that are a result of who or what we or our ancestors have invited them in. This is not always intentional, so no blame should be ascribed to anyone here. As humans on earth, we have done the best we can.   In a lot of ways, dark energies are like old friendships that are no longer healthy. At one time, they seemed to be a good idea. That’s right: dark energies at one time appeared to be light. This is because everything in the universe is a polarity. Dark energies are not some bad guy lurking around your house at night. They are actually just the shadow aspect of something you thought or an ancestor thought, would be a great idea. The yin/yang symbol is representative of this reality.

So, what happens when a good thing has gone bad? Well, we all know, but it is especially difficult to know, if we are still in the dark, if we still haven’t awakened. When we aren’t awakened dark energies will show up in many ways: depression, anxiety, chronic fear, worry, and lack of vitality and zest for life, disease, etc.  As we awaken, they will start to show up frequently through nightmares and paranormal disturbances.  The first thing we want to do when encountering these experiences, is to get rid of them, or to cure ourselves of them. Many go into a certain kind of panic and fear! But, this is unnecessary because these energies have been with you all along! Why be scared of them now?  The fear, is often a mechanism from keeping your from breaking the contract! It’s like being too scared of the spider on the wall to remove the spider.

These energies, as I said above are due to agreements, we have either for them to be present, or their owners. As a result, we have attachments to them, due to agreements and subsequent bondage. If you heard of making a contract with the “devil”, this is it. It is not as rare as one might think. In fact, most people are walking around with all kinds of attachments due to agreements. Some of these agreements are written into the DNA. You inherent that contracts of your forebears.

Releasing dark energies is not as difficult as one might think. However, release is not something that can happen until at least one party requests the contract to be dissolved.  In the case of ancestral contracts, this is simple enough, because you did not yourself agree to them.  Sometimes the contracts, however, require that you both agree to dissolve it.

Dark energies cannot be removed by an outside “healer” alone. For the same reason, a third party cannot dissolve your marriage contract. You are an autonomous being who must dissolve the contracts yourself. The role of a healer is not to remove contracts, but help you identify what those contracts are, and help you look at whether or not you are willing to dissolve them.  The healer can use many different methods to help you gain clarity in your mind’s eye. My work as a spiritual consultant is to help my clients locate, and understand their contracts.

But it’s interesting. Most of the time, a person will discover that they hesitate wanting to release the contract! On the outside, it would seem that you would absolutely want to dissolve them. However, it is not always so easy, because there is always mutual benefit in every contract. For example, in one contract, some entity might have agreed to protect your family from a certain group or other entities, in exchange for letting them feed off some of your energy by literally taking residence inside a soul fragment (dark energies need light to feed off of). This results in your feeling as if you are incomplete in some way, lacking in certain areas. The dark energy has complete autonomy in a certain fragment in your life. Because of the interdimensional nature of the soul, this dark resident can and will show up in various ways in many areas of your life (like a fractal). This can be enormously disturbing and difficult to deal with, and yet, you gain a sense of protection from certain elements that you don’t like.

The great thing about dark energies, is that, once we see our contracts, we learn a tremendous amount about our lives, our mental/physical/emotional condition, our ancestry and the nature of our soul. When we choose to release them, our soul expands and grows. This is a very natural part of life, and is nothing to be afraid of. Movies, Hollywood, and music has exaggerated dark energy into something frightening and twisted so that you become too afraid to approach them. And while evil does in fact exist, it is not the same as the natural dark energies of the earth. Fears around the devil, and all other sorts of things make it difficult for you to become empowered in your life as a soul of expansive creative energy. It is important to confront them and release your bondage. Otherwise, you will live a life in fear, never seeing the light of consciousness. It is always your choice. Below is an example of a prayer to end a contract. Remember, however, you must have awareness of what you are releasing. You cannot end a marriage whose existence is unknown to you.

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