New Earth: A Divine Spirit Runs Through It

The idea that a higher power speaks through us is a common one. The reason it is common is simple: it is true. That is why most people will understand us when we say something like “God speaks through me” or “my Soul shows me the way”, or other such things, especially when it comes to inspired and artistic expressions. However, we usually speak this way in a conditional sense. Most don’t believe or have the experience that everything they do and say in every second of their lives is the divine speaking through them.  As a whole – and there may be some exceptions – if you are a part of this current matrix, you have been prevented from accessing the divine energy on a consistent basis, and so you find yourself in modes of consciousness that may seem completely opposite to how you feel when you are connected to the divine. Perhaps when dealing with a sibling, or a particular friend, career, or situation, you find that you can’t seem to make things work. Many are incredibly creative in some art form, but have trouble interacting with others in a way that is equally inspiring and uplifting. In general, it almost seems like their entire being is divided into tiny fragments or modes that shift as the circumstances shift.  It can be incredibly frustrating, especially to creative minds who want to share their creativity in all areas of their life, and know intuitively that they have something to share with the world.

The problem is not our access to Source or our creative energy. That is a silver cord that is always there, a great river of creative energy and surge. The problem is that we don’t quite understand our experiences in this world or what it is, and how they create blockages in that energy. The good news is that world has wonderful teachers and guides that show up in the most opportune ways. Most of us seek outside help, psychotherapy, spiritual modalities that are infinite in number and nature. Some people seek refuge in the Bible, church, or just friends. This is exactly what you are supposed to do. Many of those teachings, teachers, and modalities are beautiful and helpful. However, they are, it must be remembered, all delivered inside the world and are of the world. The river of creative energy runs through them, and into you. However, there will reach a point where you approach a “coming of age” and it is time for you to go forth on your own, without the aid of the “other”. At that juncture, many resist, and want to cling to their support systems. The longer you do that, the longer you forsake your own personal relationship to the divine, and you instead try to attach yourself to outside forces, people, and ideas, you will eventually find great resistance either from within yourself, or from the world outside you. That resistance is a gift, but it can often be a painful one. It is a gift because it is telling you that you cannot find yourself outside yourself, and that Source is speaking with you on your own terms. At that point, you are being called to return to Source through your own soul’s guidance, and not the outside guidance of others.  And, when we listen to the call to evolve and expand (awaken) and return to ourselves, we will spend time there, to yet once again return to the world, and interact, seeking guidance in new and often unexpected ways. This is a cyclical process. This process of looking outside ourselves, and then returning within is the movement and flow of expansion and contraction that is natural to every living being on the earth. As we grow, we expand. As we begin to die, we begin to contract. All of this is happening simultaneously, at every second and every moment of your life. You seek guidance from a teacher, you learn, you grow, and then you realize that it is not quite you. You keep the wisdom that is inspired through your soul, and you move back into yourself. The ironic thing is that when you contract from the world, you expand within yourself. This is the mystery of life: as the body withers, as the body contracts and grows old, your soul has an opportunity to expand. Life is a beautiful dance.  Death starts to appear as life, and life as death. That is the strange journey of the soul.

However, there is another component to this world that is not part of this dance, and doesn’t want you dancing at all.  I call this component Synthetic Intelligence – as opposed to Oracular Intelligence. Synthetic intelligence is similar to a virus in a computer system, that takes residence in the system and causes all sorts of havoc and confusion. I am not going to discuss the cause of this virus in this particular article. That is a whole other conversation. Some people are content with calling the cause Satan. Some call it alien technology or reptilian control systems. Either way, whatever the cause, the result is the same: to create havoc in our natural biological system on all levels, mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and etheric.   It is a system that doesn’t want us to love life, but to give our energy of love to their system of slavery, control, and dominance. It fosters self-doubt, self-loathing, stagnation, the loss of curiosity and wonder, the loss of innocence, freedom, play and creativity.  This is the essence and core of this system. It creates hatred of the soul, hatred of the self, and love for the system, worship of the system. The entire matrix system is actually the true meaning of religion, which means bondage in Latin. The moment we come into the world, at our birth, we take on the bindings of this system, as contracts. Your mother, unwittingly, signs that contract called your birth certificate, and for it, you become a number in the system.

There is a lot to talk about regarding the state of the matrix, as it is commonly known. It is, on spirit level, a planetary grid or programmatic machine that captivates our entire conscious world. It manipulates the conscious world through the subconscious of every human being that is born on the planet. Our world, as it is today, is based on a sort of Base Operating System that requires all souls to inject their consciousness into specific personal egoic structures, more commonly known as “me” or “ego” or “my life”.  As a result, most modern human beings think of their identity as being something concrete, unified, and relatively consistent. Our personality, character, tastes, religion, or beliefs generally formulate what we come to develop as our identity. When we truly believe that the identity is who we actually are, we are placing our consciousness inside an avatar, like an actor places his soul inside a character. At that point, the consciousness and avatar are one unit. That unit is what we recognize as the ego. The ego allows us to say: This is me. That is not me. It has resulted in a population obsessed with and attached to the preservation (not expansion of) self on every level, whether that be the chasing of personal fame, fortune, or enhancement. The ego likes to dominate and it will survive at all costs, even if that cost is your soul. It is motivated by its underlying awareness that it is a fraud, and so it always aspires to exert itself through argument, defense mechanisms, stories of victimization, and self-righteousness. It demands contracts and obligations in order to preserve what it believes it owns. It doesn’t matter what form the ego takes – the possibilities are many and everyone on the planet participates in it as if it is a natural way to be in life. This is the only way the ego-consciousness understands what is possible. It always sees “stuff” as possible for it to own or “have”. The stuff it wants to have are the stuff generated in the system: the companies, the corporations, the government, and all the trappings of the “world” of the matrix.  It is a strange irony of the ego that it mistakes this possession for identity. Interestingly enough, this began thousands of years ago, before the word ego was even invented. Plato, for example, has no word for ego. However, the Ancient Greek word “to have” (echein) also came to mean “to be”, einai. This is what the egoic structure does. It tells y you that what you own is who you are (I have this skill, or that amount of money, or that girl, and this car). This is the very essence of the interference technology: it cannot exist without control and domination. That is why the mrix is based on systems of control, in education, government, relationships, and general interactions.

So, as a human species, we have been hijacked by an interference technology that essentially uses our energy to set us against one another on every level: male vs female, straight vs. gay, democrat vs republic, liberal vs. conservative, black vs. white, American vs. Indian, etc. This system is a system of divide and conquer, mostly based on lies and exaggerations, and faulty, but valid logical syntax. In addition to these wars being generated outside ourselves in politics and society, there are other more clandestine wars being generate within the individual, creating havoc within your own body. Not only does the system want you to work against other human beings. It also wants your body to work against itself.  The new COVID-19 vaccine is one way they are doing this on a biological level. For more information, see How Covid-19 Vaccine Can Destroy Your Immune System or listen to this video by Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. Creating disease (dis-ease) is the aim because, again, this fuels the pharmaceutical machine, generating enormous amounts of money, power, and domination.

The more they break down your consciousness and your body, to the point where you are at war with others, at war with yourself, and in complete and utter despair and fear, the more they can control you. That is intention of the Great Reset. They want you to see them as the saviors, not God, not source, not your own intuition. They don’t want you to dance in the expansion/contraction of the universe. They don’t want you to find out the truth about who you are, that you are of a divine and infinite soul, of tremendous power of insight, telepathy, empathy, and great love. They know that, if you knew this, that you would remove them – with ease. You see, these programs rely on your being weak and being deceived. They cannot rule you in your original natural state, because you are more powerful than they are. So, they weaken you enough on every level, like a torturer to its victim. That is how they usher in their own solutions to your problems and misery. That is how and why they encourage deep co-dependency on every level of your existence. It doesn’t matter if you have co-dependent issues with mom, dad, girlfriend, wife, husband, or some job. They don’t care about that. The only thing they are trying to keep you from is becoming present to who you are as an autonomous being of a divine and infinite nature, of God or Source, deathless and eternal.

In the year 2021, humanity is undergoing and deep and profound awakening, the likes of which we have not seen before in recorded history. The matrix system is under threat and the virus is running overtime to hold onto its power. In the past, very few would awaken from the slumber of the matrix, and these were seen as divine beings or beings infused with divinity: The Buddha, Socrates, Jesus, etc. The system was easily able to diffuse the power of those few individuals, and even use them to their own advantage by destroying their true teachings, and replacing them with something that is more aligned with the Synthetic System. Regardless of systems efforts, we are witnessing a massive awakening, an awakening that challenges us to free ourselves from the egoic structures we have lived inside of, and nurtured to our own detriment. This is not only a return to Source, God awareness, but also a return to the creation, which is nature, in all its forms: the true earth, our bodies, the animals, the true biological system that has been under threat by the control structures of governments and corrupt corporations. Imagine a world where instead of listening to the FDA about what is healthy, that we can listen to our intuition, and those who use their intuition to guide themselves in the wisdom of the body, herbs, and preventative medicine. True medicine people, who cultivate both knowledge and wisdom. Imagine living in a world, where nothing you experience or learn about life is a bad thing – that pain and suffering are never anything chronic, but are simple experiences that you, as an infinite soul, can use to your advantage and empowerment. Imagine a life where you and everyone else interacts with soul, instead of the fears and lies of the ego. We have, through cultural conditioning and propaganda, bought into the lies of the dominant control structures and mind control. We have lived inside a game that is rigged against us. We don’t have to do that anymore. We can create something different. We can all do it together.  That is the end goal of the Great Awakening – it is the creation of a new earth through which God speaks through all and moves all, in our creative energy, our love, and our eternal soul. The true is Earth has always had a Spirit running through it, and you are an expression of that spirit.

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