The Poets Rule

The word art in Ancient Greek is poesis, from which we get our word poetry. It means “creation”. In our current programming, we have been taught that art is useless, and that it is simply an expression of personal perspective, but nothing more. This is a lie that has been propagated to make you willingly let your guard down when it comes to art. The entertaining arts [entertain (v.) late 15c., “to keep up, maintain, to keep (someone) in a certain frame of mind] have been granted an open door into our living rooms, bedrooms, our children’s education, and forms of play. Those are the portals to our consciousness. The arts are powerful and hypnotic creations of mankind. It is not through governments that we are truly ruled. It is through the art. Plato himself tried to warn us: the poets (the Hollywood of his day) rule. He saw the danger they posed to our mind – the lies, the wars, the suffering. Today, our heads are streamed 24/7 with arts, artifacts, symbols, and spells. Make sure what is streaming inside you is coming from Source, not Soot.

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