Beyond the Field of Good and Evil

I am going to talk about something that I have never spoken about in public before. But it’s time, and I am no longer going to sugar coat what I have to say.  Fundamentally, as human beings on this earth, we have no idea who we are. In fact, we probably have as much knowledge of who we are, as an ant has of the nature of his breakfast.

I’ll start with world religions. World religions teach us about the dark force and the light force, the devil and the deity, the good and he evil. This dichotomy seems obvious, even true, even good.  The teachings seem to be that we want to align ourselves with good and combat or remove evil. Upon closer look, however, what it is doing is trying to divide the yin from the yang, the up from the down, the left from the right. What it is trying to do is to divide the indivisible, to create chaos and division in the quantum, the unitarian field of consciousness that we all share as One.  John Lennon once lamented how we all should just live as One. He was right. He didn’t understand how we couldn’t do it. Perhaps what I will say here might shed a little light on why this has been so difficult. Perhaps we aren’t supposed to do it. Perhaps we are supposed to live in conflict, because conflict must exist in order for us to know unity and peace. The journey of enlightenment is the process of untangling ourselves from un-enlighenment and suffering,  which must begin in chaos and division. The end of the story, not the beginning, is that prize that is unity, harmony. and love.

Nietzsche entitled one of his most famous works, Beyond Good and Evil. The title of the book needs no further explanation. Philosophically, many have reiterated his argument and point of view. However, on an experiential level, few of witnessed what exactly he was getting at. “Beyond good and evil” is very much the same place pointed to by the Sufi poet, Rumi:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing

and rightdoing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass

the world is too full to talk about.


The field or the place beyond polarity is a realm that I call the energetic plane.  I have a gift that allows me to see this plane. I am sure I am not the only one, but I have met very few in person. I believe eventually all humans will become aware of this field. I can hear it and what is contained within it. I can see it. I can feel it. Once in a while, I am able to smell things within it.  It is all around us, but it is another dimension and cannot be perceived through our physical senses. So, if I close my eyes, I can see it. If I open my eyes, I can see it. This dimension is not really a dimension separated from ourselves. It is who we actually are, beyond our physical representation. The soul is not “in” the body. The soul is, in terms of language all around the body. However, language is not precise when talking about this realm and the things in it, just as it is not very good at talking about the quantum filed. This is because the realm has no time and no space. I can see things in it from all different aspects at the same time. There are travelers in this place, beings who visit and can manifest at varying levels of density. In the physical world, these beings present themselves everywhere and all at once.

Most world religions in their current forms seek to teach us out spiritual realms and beings in terms of morality. Their main goal is to present a system of spirituality and religion in order to keep people from entering and experiencing the energy of their own soul, which is just the energetic expansion of their consciousness in connection with the infinite universe.  World religions have been used as instruments of hate, intolerance, war, and everything else that is used to divide one group from another. There is no getting around this one. All division is toxic. They have created the devil and the God, and they have taught people that there is a spiritual battle. There is no spiritual battle except the one that certain beings want you to believe in, so that you will give up your soul energy to fuel their war games.

So why do want war games? Well, the first thing to know is that everything that is powerful on the physical plane, in any given timeline, is driven by spiritual forces in the quantum field. The systems on earth today: the systems of government and enterprise are funded by these spiritual beings, many of whom cannot incarnate on the earth. For that reason, they communicate with those they believe are best equipped to carry out their goals and intentions.  One earth, most human beings are taught that everything is devised and created by human beings. This is not the case. The true board of directors, the elite are not human. This is a fact, but it is not something I can prove because only those who can see the quantum field – and there are many of us – know this.

Your soul does not die. That’s right. You have eternal life. You don’t get eternal life by turning to Jesus. However, you do get to experience eternal life if you choose to live your life in accordance with Source or God instead of the religious and political war games that are set up on earth. These war games are brutal and go beyond planes, trains, and automobiles. We are in WW3 now. It is a battle unlike any other, because the weapon is a biological weapon, and people have become the instruments of warfare. They have done this willingly by taking one side or the other. Yes, or the other.

The only way to reject the matrix warfare is to choose the field of Rumi, or the Beyond Good and evil, the plane of energetic unified consciousness. That in itself is a journey, and requires a certain number of spiritual activities, related to spiritual cleansing and the detachment from matrix external realities and bondage.  When you do that, good and evil is no longer something that you deal with. However, on the physical plane, when identified with the physical body, good and evil are determined by what is believed to be and is accepted as being conducive to live and what is its opposite. On the quantum plain, since life is eternal, there is nothing that can threaten life.

So, think about it. Other beings who dwell in these higher dimensions in the quantum field do not die. They dwell there forever.  Look at it in terms of a game. When you play a video game and your avatar dies, you don’t mourn and arrange a funeral and publish an obituary. No, you just start a new character. That is the nature of the quantum field and the beings in it. One life is just another avatar.

When I have spent time in this realm, I have to deal with it like I deal with any other realm. I own my space and command my space. If I don’t want certain beings in it, I tell them to leave. It is that simple. The “devil” cannot stay, as it were if I don’t want him to. There is no big bad that is trying to kill you in this realm. There are just beings that want your energy, want to use your skills, talents, knowledge for their benefit. That is all. Contracts and agreements are negotiated here. Deals are made.

But here is the kicker, and I will leave you to ruminate on this, or place the idea in a drawer somewhere for later use. Consider that your soul is an autonomous infinite being. Consider that this body you currently live inside of is a temporary avatar. Consider that you agreed to come to this planet to have a physical experience, but you are still relating to it as if the experience is who you are or is an extension of who you are.  What if who you are is no better or less evil, than the beings in the higher dimension playing wargames and waiting to see what will happen. Perhaps, perhaps you signed up for the wargame, hoping some day to create your own. This gets into the topic of responsibility and the idea that you have chosen every experience you have ever had in this lifetime.  And yes, that is true, you have chosen it. However, keep in mind that suffering is not necessarily something you have chosen, but is something that you have fallen into through the mind and war games of beings who are quite adept at making deals that are not in your interest.

And if that is all true, how can you reach the point where you can make consciousness choices in your life, and to master both the dark and the light as one? Or, have you, as a soul, chosen to experience a lack of mastery, an experience of the game without awareness of how this game is really played or that it is a game at all?

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