Energetic Projection, Source, and Dragon Energy

In this post, I’m going to talk a little bit about source energy (and dragon energy!) and how it is limited by energetic projection. I work with dragon energy which is a formulation of source energy through the power and fire of the dragon. Yes! Dragons do exist on other planes of our existence. We are, after all, creators in this universe, and we can create what we want to create at a higher consciousness. So many dragons have been created, but it seems they are no longer walking about the physical energetic realm at the moment. That could change some day. Who knows?

First though, let’s look at our dragon-less utilitarian world that we have created, the world of strip malls, and 7-11s, McDonalds, and the extinction of as many animals and life forms as possible. This is the world of energetic projection, which is a syphoning of our true abundant energy, through our own consent and desire to abdicate our own autonomy. This is the old timeline that is now coming to a close and will soon see its end.

We spend most of our lives in the material world, which is the dense energetic expression of the divine creation. All is energy. Tesla himself knew this and so he understand that the energy of the universe is in infinite abundance. He also, however, understood that their are beings on this planet who have no interest it allowing humanity access to such abundance.

The interesting thing about our abundance and free natural energy is that it is the source for our creativity, like the dragons and the dreams of children. Today, while it’s still understood that imagination has no limits, much of the population believes that science limits the imagination, and ought to. The limitation that we have allowed distorted science to impose a prison of mind upon us, has caused tremendous suffering and challenge for our creative energy, otherwise knowns as kundalini. Most of the population has become reliant upon experts, both in the government and the pharma industries to give them what they need. In exchange they have abdicated their creative powers and intuition.

As a result, we have to pay to be healthy and vibrant on this earth. We have to pay for the privilege of being artistic. Take a look at Hollywood and consider who we are paying that to and what we actually get in return. Paying for this privilege, of being the simulation of an autonomous being of deep insight and comprehension of the world, is like a bird paying to feed his chicks, or an eagle having to pay for flying lessons, or human beings having to pay for water. However, we are not getting truth in return. Instead we are getting food that has no nutrition and water filled with fluoride. As for flying? We are told we can’t fly at all (but what if it was possible to even be in more than one places at once?).

Still, our true abundance on this earth is sourced through us from source into the material, mental, and emotional realities we create. We create our lives in that. The dark forces don’t want us to experience that abundance and instead wants to harvest it. They harvest it by depriving humanity through the illusion that they are a projection, an egoic identity, a person that is only comprised of biological and mechanical forces. Many people walk around with this idea of what human beings are, and they call it “being scientific”. Many define themselves by their job, relationship status, their diseases, their mental issues, their career paths. Plato showed us this this hundreds of years ago in his Cave Metaphor.

So once they have us transfixed through media, through conceptual imprisonment, through stories, through focus on the mind projections, false science, etc., they can easily apply that to our social interactions, especially now with technology. So many people engage with others mostly through the computer, or through an avatar. People are then objects, animated through the artificial intelligence, through the projections that are distorted in a myriad ways. While a great number of the population is absorbed in this, it becomes very easy to feed it information, like a torture victim in an MK ULTRA experiment. The mind of all becomes a living breathing projector of images, a storage mechanism for memes and slogans, and twittified ideas, that are short and snappy, and cut like a knife. These are the fragments that are given to us to use and interact with, pretending to live real lives and to have real relationships. Even more, the actual physical relationships we do have come to feel to difficult and not as important as the globalized expanse of the avatars of the internet, a.k.a. “the world”. We feel bigger when we get a thousand likes on our tweet, as apposed to our few friends that will agree with us by nodding our heads. We become, at that point, addicted to creating and expanding our egoic/avatar identity online and then, by extension, into “real life”.

What we don’t realize, is that our fantasies (aka science) are creations that impact all of humanity and all of nature. We are all one, and yet, because we have been trained to not be able to recognize that deep connection we have to each other, we do immense damage to all. This is because slaves don’t understand how to be responsible for their actions. As a result, when you think bad thoughts about another, you actually curse them and send “shade” to them. When you think bad thoughts about yourself, you do it to yourself: negativity, the denial of dreams and aspirations, the self doubt and the distrust of others – all of it the devil’s work. You aren’t just doing it to yourself. You are doing it to the whole of humanity!

And so what this creates is deeper and deeper absorption into a virtual reality leads to increasing feelings of starvation, as if something is missing, and something is not quite right. Many people will continue to search the virtual world or the matrix for a solution, for something to fill them and get them whole again: love, sex, drink, drugs, more friends, a new career, moving away, etc. There are a million ways to run, but the truth is the illusion swallows each one deeper and deeper. Anger, depression, hate, and blame, rage: all of that begins to manifest and express itself. The archonic beings who run this matrix, love it and feed off it because the more human beings given into these divisions and self-destructive behaviors, the more they abdicate life, and the more they abdicate life, the more they give up the power of the soul essence.

Until, of course, the pain becomes too great. When the pain becomes too great, there can be a consciousness that says, “I can’t live like this anymore.” At that point, the choice is simple: to awaken and rise above or to continue to die. The one who chooses life and freedom, chooses to look within, instead of without; to realize that there is something more to us than chasing literal tail and head; that something has been taken from us. That is when the individual starts the true journey of his or her lifetime. It is the path that Isis took when she began to collect all the limbs of Osiris, in order to put the power of the divine feminine and masculine back together.

At this very moment the world is at a tipping point. Most people are succumbing to the matrix games and are still not willing to let it go. They have not reached maximum pain threshold yet. It sad to say, but most people won’t until they actually die. It is very clear that the death of loved ones is not enough, as many have watched them die and suffer due to the injection of the experimental gene therapy. Yet, they still see the therapy as good and, regardless of the deaths of those they pretend to love, they still think it is a good thing. The ego has become so sick and twisted, almost to the point of no return. It will continue to become more sick and more demented until most of humanity chooses to let it go and return to themselves, to Source and abundance once again.

As more and more individuals begin to choose their life, as opposed to false death cult of control, stealth and artificial intelligence, the easier it will be to elevate the the energies of the planet. A new world will be born. As individuals achieve this, through their own choice, they will discover the energies that want to work with them, to facilitate this new way of being, otherwise known as 5D consciousness, Christ consciousness, or unity consciousness. In my case, I work with a dragon and utilize violet fire energies to clear the collective of dark matter, dark creations and parasitic beings. My dragon is with me wherever I go, and so I live a life without fear. What would the world be like, if everyone could meet their spirit protector, their guide, and their animal twin? These beings as animals are simply like animals in the physical world. They are just in the etheric realms – not incarnated. I also work with a whale. She is huge and I still can’t make out what kind of whale. My daughter has a lion and an owl and a dragon as well. I work a lot with animal energies. They have something to teach us and that is why they are here. Most everyone has a spirit animal of some kind. Some show up in dreams, visions, or in the physical. They are often protectors and also teach you what you need to learn about yourself and your role on this planet. Much of the wisdom around animals has been lost in our culture. We think of them as kind of pet (toy) or wild animals that are cool to look at or something…we don’t think of them as our teachers and guides. These are all, like physical animals, created by God or Source and they are very powerful on that level.

It has taken me a long time to discover all of this on my own journey, to realize that that my energies belong to the collective and that the collective belong to me. The animals and beings that are not incarnated have greater power in terms of what they can manifest and influence, because they are not inhabiting the slow heavier densities. Regardless of the their lack of presence in the physical realm, they are often far more involved as helpers and aiders of humanity, and teach us that we are, as sovereign beings, responsible for the thoughts there and here, because we are one and share this infinite space. We are all responsible for the whole, through the parts we play, whether we know it or not. The animals, and for me in particular, the dragon energy is beautiful guide for power and wisdom. When I take clients, I work with them individually but as a sovereign being, and so I help to support them on the road to their own realization as an expression of divine creative energy (Source) itself. Some find that guidance through the animal energies, some ancestral, some are guided by a silent hand. Regardless of the form of guidance that is taken, this work be done to be born again into a new earth. And when that new earth finally manifests itself, all the old projections will fall away, like dirty old silent movies that should remain silent forevermore.

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