Modern Society and the disconnection from Spirit

Modern society, like a tree, depends on the nourishment of its roots. The strange about this tree, however, is that it is a tree that supplants anything remotely like roots or a natural center or force. The roots of this system, for lack of a better symbol, require that the spirit of human beings be blocked in such a way that it cannot function properly in the energetic system. The spirit of humanity is a unifying energy, very much like the gravitational pull that keeps the galaxy together as one. The spirit is that ineffable, invisible essence that is constantly working to keep ourselves whole, as individuals and as a collective, with nature and the divine. Through this natural always present unifying energy we can truly be present with each other and experience deep empathy and compassion, communication across distances. Through this energy we can live and have it guide our lives beyond ego, beyond immediate gratification. It connects us not only with every leaving creature on the earth, but with those who are no longer in a physical form. We can experience ourselves in the past and the future. Through this energy, this unifying force, this quantum field, we experience deep love and expansive energy. It is, in the end who we truly are.

In the physical, this energy, shows up in our love of nature, our love of our deeper spiritual essence, our devotion to our children and the future of the planet. The modern world, however, has generated a synthetic energy (popularly known as AI, distributed neural networks) designed to suppress this spirit, and allow its cohesion to fall away by creating an ever increasing dependence on not only the data transmitted through the system, but on the personalities are generated there. This has been accomplished through various levels of trauma injected into the system over time, through persistent systemic injections of violence, sexual depravity, deprivation of true and lasting love, the creation of experts, religions, following and followers, of an entire virtual world that encourages complete absorption. As this goes on, with or without gadgets and iPhones and computers, as we give up our personal energetic system for the social system as presented via AI, our connection to spirit weakens. It doesn’t matter if we go to church. The churches have become like the synagogues during Jesus’ time. They are all part of the system, and are designed to replace the human spirit, the true connection to Deity. This process, the very act of weakening and even severing the spirit from humanity has been trauma enough to create lifetimes of misery for human beings, which causes them to be even more desperate to find relief and comfort in areas that the system offers it.

This lifetime of misery is depicted even in the Bible, when mankind fell from the garden of Eden. The garden of Eden was where mankind was unified in spirit with nature, with the divine, as the divine masculine and divine feminine energy incarnate. The fall, however, is the beginning of our history, and our continued fall that has led to where we are now: fragmented, confused, and always being led astray into systems within systems of mental occupations and obsessions, fueled by desire and fear in alternating fashion and feeding our egos, always defending our position and the stuff of our mind, instead of what is in our hearts and clearly synergizes with the whole. Men have become controlling, egotistical, and childlike, stuffed full of opinions to leave no room for wonder or awe, humility or cultivation. Women have become doormats, to serve the needs of these modern men, in their looks, their careers, and in their relationships. Feminism is the pinnacle of female degradation, as it serves only to transform women more into something that aligns with the distorted male counterpart: controlling, cold, domineering, harsh, judgmental, wicked, and sardonic and self-absorbed, obsessed with being captivating and alluring in whatever way they know best. Feminists want equality with men because they worship them. They have lost the sense of the divine feminine, just as men have lost connection with the spirit that is their divine masculine. Now, taking this further, all the sexes become multiple in number and in choice, and in option, and the confusion further creates a sense of incoherence and lack of unity in the individual. The feeling is to be torn limb by limb, to suffer more and more mental and physical diseases, to create more and more desperate reliance on a system that will feed them lies and pharmaceuticals. It is a vicious cycle of human sacrifice in a most brutal form. The injection of graphene oxide is the final blow. It will be the death of millions.

So, that is one way an individual can choose to go. Or they can do the spiritual work necessary to regain connection to spirit, to the true nature of the divine masculine and feminine, the true nature of unity and sacred union, beyond society’s system definitions of -ismic type unities. This work must be done in isolation, the work to reconnect to the spirit that will give your soul the sustenance it needs to heal and defragment itself, to call back in and re-fuel its gravitational force, back to the center, to the core of light that is within you. That is where you will be eventually be able emerge even inside the context of this sick degrading system we live in. At that point in time and space, you will be able to stand in your I AM PRESCENCE, on this earth, connected to sky and stars in sacred holy union with the Creator Source. That is the true meaning of the love, and the true meaning of unity of heart, mind, and soul. No one will be able to take you there except yourself. No one can show you the way. They can help you with pointers, from within the system, but never mistake the pointers for the destination. Never mistake the map for the truest place, or the church for the true holiness of all beings as One, right here, right now.

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