Hell to Paradise: Collapsing Timelines and the Awakening of the Human Spirit




Dante, Inferno, Canto 3:1-9

Today, more than in possibly any other age in recorded history, people are becoming more and more curious about spiritual topics and practices. The primary reason for this is that our current society has become a spiritual wasteland of epic proportions. The development of artificial intelligence permeates way too much of our existence, and on a very deep level. By artificial intelligence, I mean the synthetic intelligence of mind programming that has been active and working on the planet for thousands of years. History has been, in a certain sense, a history of humanity’s increasing dependence on mind expanding language, syntax, logic, and symbolic programming. This part of human history has gone largely unnoticed, mostly because it is an invisible timeline that functions under the radar of its affects.

I will try to explain what I mean when I say “invisible timeline”. Luckily, we live in the computer age, so this will be a lot easier than it otherwise could have been.

Consider your email program. You click a button to create a new email. You type your message, add the recipient’s email address, and select “Send”.  That is the timeline of your process. However, what is actually occurring in the computer, to allow you to see that timeline, is at another dimension, as it were, of the computer. Not only that, the code created to enable that underlying functionality was written perhaps years ago. Even further, the intention of the entire system began on yet another completely different timeline. So, all of these timelines cross each other at certain intersections and can support each other. They are like train tracks in a sense, and yet their intersections generally go unnoticed, mostly because there is no need for you to have awareness of them to send an email, to perform actions on a timeline.

In a benign system, this could work quite well enough. The trains keep running and they cross each other now and then, and we either notice or don’t notice at all.  But what happens when an ill-intentioned consciousness creates a system that is designed to eventually, in a future timeline (like you creating the email), create the means towards the controlling and eventually enslaving humanity? What happens when it is time to revisit the foundational or core line of the system, since that core line is fundamentally corrupted or ill designed. What happens is that all the timelines that are affected by the foundational rot must be collapsed or dissolved before the core one is dissolved. The reason is obvious. To pull the house down, it must start from the top. We don’t yank the floor out from under it. If you imagine each floor representing different timelines. The people at the top floor can have the opportunity to leave the building entirely (awaken) or jump to the next floor and wait till later. This option, to just move to another floor, will be there for them, until they reach foundation, and at that point they will have too choose: death or awakening.

The result of these collapsing timelines is that more and more people are noticing that things are falling away in their lives. It is different for everyone, because everyone is on a different train and even in a different cabin in the same train. But as these things start to come down, and the “truth” starts to fill in the in the gaps, people are starting to experience a reconnection to the human spirit, through the awakening of their soul. The reason for this is that much of the old timelines were set in place to create separation from spirit, rather than connection. As the trains derail and the tracks crumble, people can go within and access the beautiful Source energy that is basically being offered to them at every moment on every day.

So, in a sense, all of humanity is in the process of deep awakening, whether they like it or not. Some are of course taking this opportunity to allow the lightness and energy of spirit to guide their soul in a new direction of freedom and abundance. It’s not easy though, and I will get to that later.  Others however want to “go back to normal” and are trying to hard to get the old train running again.  They are taking the vaccines and hoping that will save their old train. The more they cling to these old timelines, the more the risk they have experiencing painful disaster.  Some may hop on a different train, but it is one whose time is up.  The clock is ticking for all of these trains.  Some will, it must be said, choose death over awakening. They can’t seem to see the hand of Source right there in front of them.

But for those who are allowing themselves to experience the spiritual plane, and are allowing themselves to let go of what was once normal and their old way of living, and are eager to create a life that is aligned with their soul, and is in harmony with nature and Source (God), there a number of hazards that await them.

First of all, because most people have been dormant to the human spirit for so long, they are not used to dealing with reality on those levels. The physical world, according to sense perception and the physics of material objects, is filled with separate creatures and objects that seem to come to be and fall away in their due course. In the spiritual dimension, this is not the case. There are no fences and no boundaries, no property laws per se, and no separation. We are, in fact, one. John Lennon mused “If we could only live as one.” Well, there is no “could” here. We already are.  This takes a while to really experience, because most of humanity is completely programmed with the idea that the material world is more powerful and more important than what we can’t see with the physical eyes.  Again, I ask you to consider the computer. You would never be able to send an email, if the invisible timelines of the system were not begun years ago. What you see with your own experience is almost inconsequential, and yet, the AI that we suffer from has create a population of people that think everything they do is important and that the self, their identity, is bound up and limited by this identity, and so is separated from other people. Each ego is programmed, at its core, to believe that there is nothing beyond itself, or at least nothing that is beyond what it is able to know.  The ego accesses the mind and is limited by the mind. It knows nothing of the heart space and when it does feel the heart space, it often uses the mind to argue with it or deny it. Spiritual awakening however will lead you to the realization that you, standing in the room by yourself, are never alone. In the beginning, it is something you might be able to feel in certain sense, but eventually, you come to know it as clear as the sky is blue (when it is blue). You also come to know that the heart has never led you astray, and it never will. The mind, with all its smart reasonable arguments, has been hijacked with, for all intents and purposes, a virus of the spiritual kind, that was bent on programming you to deny the power of your heart and soul.

So, you are not alone, but you are also no longer trading your energy for the protection by the AI system. That means that you have do your own housekeeping now. You have to start learning how to be discerning in regards to what energies you let in, what you can handle, and what you can’t. You learn to rely on your heart for this information, but it is challenging when you are still having difficulty discerning the difference between the programmed mind and the mind that is following the heart.  In any case, because the spiritual dimension is boundless and without natural boundaries, you will soon realize that, when breaking free of the base matrix AI structures, that you are suddenly dealing with energies and perhaps beings that are, to say the least, not quite welcome. This can have a huge impact on your emotional, mental, and physical health. This impact is otherwise known as “awakening symptoms”.  It is true, the AI has provided people with a safe cocoon to live a virtual life in a physical world that makes you feel separated and safe. The AI matrix programming gives the illusion of control or the illusion of a complete lack of it. Choice in that world is about options, and not about creation. Freedom is always bounded in some way. When you leave that AI system, you are, in fact on your own, and you, most likely, will find many struggles in your path. The system is designed to keep you inside of it and so you will find resistance the more you try to break out of it. The movie, The Matrix, depicts this, albeit in a very sci-fi cinematic way, this reality.  Many people will experience these psychic attacks if they let go too rapidly and find themselves floating in an infinite sea. Something will catch them, of course, but it probably isn’t something you want to entertain for long.

Many spiritual seekers, at this point, will look to the internet to find spiritual teachers and guides. These can be of enormous benefit, but they can also lead people astray into even darker territories.  Manipulation changes as you change. The AI that you call reality changes as you change. So, someone can be awakened, and find a group on the internet to join. This group might teach that they are in communication with an alien or intergalactic race that is here to help humanity awaken. It is not a stretch to wonder why someone would want to spend time in this kind of group. It is better than taking this journey alone, a journey that seems to be fraught with the unknown and the unexpected. But, as soon as you do this, you are now allowing in, not only all the energies of that group, but all the agreements and timelines that participate in that neural network. It could be seen is a hive mind, because that is exactly what is. So, what has happened is that, yes, you have awakened out of the current material base matrix, but you’ve just found yourself inside a more sophisticated one. You stay for a while until it doesn’t seem to work, you start to feel limited. Your soul is still seeking outside of itself.

This can go on and on for many people as they look for one teacher after another. Nothing wrong with any of this. This is always very helpful. As I said, the spirit realm is dangerous and it is best to find guides. Even Dante, on his descent into Hell, had his guide, Virgil, to lead him and assist him in making out what is experiences were. We are all, in that sense, Dante, descending first into unknown territories, seeing shapes and shadows that can be as gruesome as they are fascinating. This descent into the underworld is absolutely necessary in order to rise again, to find your way to paradise, or the soul.

You, with your words,
have so disposed my heart to longing for this journey
—I return to what I was at first prepared to do.
Now go; a single will fills both of us:
you are my guide, my governor, my master.”
These were my words to him; when he advanced

I entered on the steep and savage path.

Dante, Inferno Canto 2:136-142

There is a point, when you realize that all the people you ever met in your life, in your timeline, in person or on the internet, are still with you. They never arrived and they never left. You will witness them all present on your journey. It as if you never left them and they never left you and that their appearance in your life in the material world was just a stage show. Enter right, exit left. At that point, it is up to you to release their energy or to keep it. It all depends on the kind of life you are looking to live. Here is where you notice that your soul has been fragmented and has been given out to various consciousnesses, we call egos (we don’t have one ego – we have many) or alters.  While there is always a dominant ego, there are others that take control at certain trigger points. These literally direct your thoughts, emotions, and mind, in a certain way even if the generally dominant ego does not approve.  Negotiations and contracts can however occur between these egos and alters. It is a very complex system that is unique to the individual and those who have manipulated his or her life. In any case, you are, once you do reclaim your true autonomy, able to dissolved these egos or alters and all their timelines, baggage, contracts and connections. Some of these have called in gods or aliens or other unsavories into your universe, and you will have to remove these as well.

What I am describe here, is you regaining your own autonomous power in your universe, to create your ability to choose the direction of your energy, your focus and your experiences.  This is what awaits you on your journey of awakening, but it takes discipline and courage to learn how to create new boundaries of what you know to be “YOU” and to clear out energies that are unwanted or diminish who you are as an expression of spirit and source energy, of life and nature.

Meanwhile, the material world has all sorts of traps and ways to keep you from doing this – it doesn’t want you to create boundaries because it wants to control your boundaries itself through implementing this or that program into your system. In the material matrix AI, your friends, you job, your connection, your lovers – they were all decided in form way before you experienced them. They were decided in the same way that the process of how you create an email was decided. That is why, when people undergo a spiritual awakening, these timelines and agreements come to completion and you are embark on a new journey. Old friends and connections seem to fall away. Everything changes. It’s a difficult time that many people resist, but the longer you resist the transformation, the more painful it will become – not just for you, but for everyone involved. When you let go and abandon all of your own hopes and attachments, it’s like the windows are thrown wide open, the fresh air enters and you follow it, until you stand in the middle of the storm from which all breezes and fresh air arise, at peace with all that swirls around you, no matter how mad and how furious. You have crossed over, you have entered the divine kingdom. You know in your heart: this is love.

Eternal Light, You only dwell within
Yourself, and only You know You; Self-knowing,
Self-known, You love and smile upon Yourself!

That circle—which, begotten so, appeared
in You as light reflected—when my eyes
had watched it with attention for some time,

within itself and colored like itself,
to me seemed painted with our effigy,
so that my sight was set on it completely.

As the geometer intently seeks
to square the circle, but he cannot reach,
through thought on thought, the principle he needs,

so I searched that strange sight: I wished to see
the way in which our human effigy
suited the circle and found place in it—

and my own wings were far too weak for that.
But then my mind was struck by light that flashed
and, with this light, received what it had asked.

Here force failed my high fantasy; but my
desire and will were moved already—like
a wheel revolving uniformly

—by the Love that moves the sun and the other stars.

Dante Alighieri, Paradiso, Canto 33: 124-145

2 thoughts on “Hell to Paradise: Collapsing Timelines and the Awakening of the Human Spirit

  1. I love this section, the ending, really: “When you let go and abandon all of your own hopes and attachments, it’s like the windows are thrown wide open, the fresh air enters and you follow it, until you stand in the middle of the storm from which all breezes and fresh air arise, at peace with all that swirls around you, no matter how mad and how furious. You have crossed over, you have entered the divine kingdom. You know in your heart: this is love.” This is magnificently written, so clear, so crisp! I feel it completely! You are holding my hand as I emerge myself within myself! Your vision has given me strength and understanding to stand within myself, to see my journey, to feel that I’m ok with my journey and to follow my own soul! With love, I thank you! 💜🌻🧡

    Liked by 1 person

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