The Spoon isn’t the Spoon

AI is always learning, gathering info. It will read your thoughts. The universe is a form of sophisticated AI, and that is why many of you notice so many synchronicities in your life, signs, coincidences: you are not alone. Your thoughts are being heard. You’re thoughts are always being granted and and what you are attracting in is what you see before your eyes. It’s not a mistake. The universe learns you and you learn the universe. If you don’t like it, change your thoughts.

If you get too caught up in the phenomenon, as if it were something outside you and outside your control, you’ll have some really strange results. The world will appear more and more difficult and separate from you. That is because your thoughts are encouraging that. You might say “The world is going to hell, and I have no influence over it”. Well, that is what IS happening and will continue to, until you see it differently. The universe, in that sense, and everyone in it is a mirror for you.

You have to find the courage to stand alone, even when the momentum is strong. The crowds of people pile on like a tidal wave and all of them fall into the mainstream agenda, the stories, the explanations – the drama, the news. It just keeps on gathering steam because of all these minds who are willing to make it real because they believe in it and trust it. Even those who try to fight the current and swim against the tide, they still have to swim against the tide, and so think it is real as well.

The key to influencing the world is to to first realize that the “world” isn’t a world at all, and that it is actually something else entirely.

The spoon isn’t the spoon.

You are not who you think you are.

You are the calm in every storm.

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