The Mind of the Technocratic Tyranny

The mind is a beautiful instrument. It’s beautiful because it can help us play music, understand beautiful ideas, solve puzzles, see the world in unique and complex ways.  Even more, the mind can help us see things in a multi-layered way, as multi-dimensional, as infinitely complex. We use mathematics to express what we see, but can’t quite articulate in language. We can speak of things that, at the same time, seems to elude our natural perception. We can talk about infinity, and yet never experience it directly. In that sense, that feeling of infinity is somehow closely connected to the mathematical representation of infinity, the unknown, the deep darkness that has no end. In a poem, or in a lifetime, we could even call this “death”.

Mathematics and geometry are used in ways to extract the structure from our world of physical perception. Through these methods of mind, we can see the symmetrical structure of patterns that manifest in this world, in our daily lives. We can see the mathematical structure of a spiral, the form of a tornado, a whirlpool, a seashell, a flower. We learn how to do things that involve repetition and patterns. Math and geometry can be seen everywhere, as a foundational structure, as a structure that our minds can comprehend and imitate in life, on a computer, in a drawing, in clay, in our imaginations, when we walk in straight line down the street.

The mind is what connects us to the universe of form and formulas. It gives us spatial representation, as well as an opportunity to include time (change) in that representation. Our minds are designed to work inside this world, in order to be creators in this world, to increase our abundance and our own abilities. This is the meaning of the “body-mind” connection.

But most people today are not aware of mind body connection except in terms of the way society and education has programmed them to understand “mind”.

Most of the interaction of body and mind occur subconsciously or automatically. This is obvious when you drive a car. You don’t have to “think” about how to drive a car every time you do it. You just do it, and it becomes almost as automatic as breathing. Much of our life operates as an automatic nervous system, even below the consciousness of car-driving.  The automatic nervous system allows intelligent life to do what it has to do as an organism, and without any conscious effort: to breath, to circulate blood and distribute oxygen, to prevent from infection through an immune system. Most of what our body/mind system does is completely beneath our conscious radar, and yet its functionality is far more important than anything our conscious mind is aware of. But while this is easy to understand for most people, it is more difficult for us to really recognize that the mind itself can be abstracted away from your body and serve to function something completely outside your system.  This is sometimes called “brainwashing” or “mind control”. Today, entire populations have become brainwashed, without their knowledge, through media, government, social media, and friends and family who are essentially weaponized via their own mind-control.

Brainwashing and mind-control are easy to achieve because 99% of human beings are not conscious of who they are. This is that pesky fundamental ignorance that the oracle of Delphi commanded Socrates: Know Thyself!  In the modern world, where we believe we are superior to the wisdom of self-ignorance and seem to be able to know enough to be an arm-chair general of most “other” people in the world, the idea of fundamental ignorance underpinning our experience of reality, is completely lost. We are a world that believes knowledge is power, so thoughts of ignorance provoke immediate feelings of shame and, most certainly, efforts to conceal it from ourselves most of all. In that context, who people think that they they are, for the most part, has been determined by their social, political, and ancestral situation.  They have to look outside themselves to formulate the ego and identity. Inside is too scary and uncertain. This kind of consciousness is similar to being aware of the television show and all the characters and storylines, but believing that that is who those actors are, and that they are exactly who they appear. There are no exemptions from this. Anyone who even speaks of a celebrity as if they know who they are, what they think, what they are about, based on what they hear and see on any form of media, is only experiencing some form of projection, not only from the externalized creative output of the television/video, but also internally, through the filtered programming of their own mind. These things work in perfect harmony, the inner programming of the mind, and the external manipulation of symbols and storylines (timelines). But regardless of what they are seeing as projection, they feel comfortable there because at least they don’t have deal with their own energy by themselves.

We are living currently at an age or era that is coming to a close. That age has been dominated by the this superficial conscious mind, the physical attachment of the mind to a projected and entirely created reality. This is a mind that is extremely ill-adapted to working with the natural world, and is almost incapable of managing the emotions of death and even birth. It cannot possibly believe that its own body is powerful enough to prevent disease and protect from further infection. It can’t trust or love or find inspiration from within. Everything it does must be first approved of by those around it (media/friends/family). That is the mind that is driven nearly completely by fear and fear projections.  It is fundamentally distrustful of itself, its body, its emotions, and its mind. It learns everything it knows from articles of experts. It lacks curiosity and the desire to explore the vast infinite space of reality. This is why so much of the entertainment over the past ten years has become increasingly violent, dark, and twisted. People walk around feeling like the walking dead if they haven’t had their social injections.  This fear is the same fear that is propelling them to commit suicide by taking an experimental gene therapy, to wear masks in fear, and to submit to a tyrannical government bent on removing all freedoms over personal body and mind. They don’t care about personal freedoms, because they have sacrificed their person a long time ago. The taking of this vaccine is their final sacrifice to the system they have already submitted to years or even lifetimes in the past.

So how did this happen? How could so many people allow their body and minds to be hijacked like this? Well, the answer is long one and probably for the history books. A war has been continuously raging, but it is not one of the wars with guns and tanks and bombs. Those wars are surface wars. The war I am talking about is a subterranean war, one that has been waged on humanity even since the time of the Roman Empire, even as far back as Plato’s Athens. It has been, by and large, successful, as it is has, through false religions and various forms of spirituality, created matrix-versions of what was once spiritual living. True spiritual life involves maintaining a connection with nature, with our bodies and with the earth. It is founded not on fear, but in reverence and inside the sacred, the oral tradition, and the experience of life.   There is no need for spiritual teachings for one who is spiritual already. The massive popularity and economic opportunity in spiritual teachings is real in this matrix because so many people have been deprived of spiritual connection for many, many centuries. It has gotten so desperate that people are consuming massive amounts of spiritual literature, YouTube videos, music, communities, etc. However, unfortunately, most of these communities lead nowhere but to the bank account of the spiritual leader or guru. Most gurus complain of other gurus being bought or corrupted. The truth is, if you are in the matrix, you are corrupted in some way.

True spiritual life is not about joining groups or following ideas. It is about reconnecting your mind/body to nature. This activates a connection that eventually leads you to soul-awareness, and then onto the divine, where the expansion continues indefinitely (infinitely). But, you see, there is always this grounding into the earth, where you are right now, as you are, as your situation exactly is. There is no hoping wishing, getting upset about where you are right now in this place. This seems an absurd thing to do, but it is more than common. Because the social matrix wants you to give up your strong foundation for its false promises of happiness. That is how the system uses your discomfort in life, a discomfort that could otherwise propel you to seek beautiful solutions, crafts, and art in order to live in this world in harmony. Instead, the system tells you that your discomfort is a disease or something that you need to fix by buying one of its products. I am just giving you a little example here. Most people’s minds are occupied with worry about he future and regret in the past, and seeking a way out through distraction and consumerism. It is true – they never move an inch and when they die, their life is an accomplishment of very little except the energy they put in to being a slave of the system that once promised them the “American Dream” or something similar.

The system they are enslaved to is a tyrannical technocratic system that has facilitated and encourage human beings to surrender the sacred nature of their own boundaries.  They have become immersed in what amounts to a virtual reality of mind. The technocratic system is always presented as a way to be useful for human beings, to make their lives easier and safer and more enjoyable. All the ads about technology show smiling people, and now smiling people in masks and getting injections. This is the projection they use to manipulate people, who have already dissociated from their soul and body, and have merged their consciousness into the external matrix projection.

Technology is derived from the ancient Greek word, techne, which Plato often used to refer to human invention, rather than natural creations. Techne is often translated as skill, and it is very different from knowledge or wisdom, or even creativity. Techne is always in the system we are today is used to bypass nature as a functional form, and in replacing it, it transplants our dependence from nature, onto itself. It is done on contract and, when you agree to it by clicking on the little link during sign-up, you can be assured that you just sold your soul to the Beast. There are ways out of that contract of course. It is easy as breaking it, but you must do that with complete consciousness of what you are doing, otherwise, you will just sign up all over again. This is why spiritual teachers who say they can remove contracts for you, are liars. I am going to just say it, because it is true. Only you can revoke your own contracts. Everything else is a façade, a false matrix impersonation of ripping up a contract in order to actually keep it in place and valid, and so you continue to rely on the spiritual technology, as well as the technology that you signed up for.

Because technology removes our reliance upon the natural world, and makes our lives easier, a society can, over a very short span of time, become dependent on that technology and the modes of living it enables. As time goes on, people learn to get their food from the food supply infrastructure technology, instead of hunting, gathering, farming and even cooking.  The pharmaceutical industry wants to not only remove natural medicine, it wants to remove natural food and water. Eventually, it would love for you to buy “supplements” from them, GMO foods for GMO beings. Again, that is why they want to change your physical DNA through the injection– to make you adapt to their system and remove the natural connection you have to the earth. If they had their way, they would completely remove the earth from under our feet OR send us all to Mars. Elon Musk is no coincidence here.

Technology evolves through layers, just like computer software is written in layers. You have the base operating system, and the applications that run on top of that. But there are layers even within those layers, and each layer depends on the previous layer in order to run. For example, if you don’t have an operating system like Windows on your computer, you aren’t going to be able to run a web browser. Human technology works in a similar fashion. The more layers, the more difficult is for the average person to see their own manipulation. They cannot understand or comprehend their own programming because their consciousness is pre-occupied with the surface and entirely artificial stories of cause-effect, wars, and nonsense of the surface projection. Most people are still too occupied with the surface projections of whatever side they think they are on. They immerse their minds and bodies into these surface wars and problems, which end up being intentional distractions that have no impact on the outside world. This is by design, so that people becoming increasingly dejected, hopeless, and distrustful of everything they see in the world, including the messages of their own soul. This is why “they” don’t care if you know about the lying media – they want to you to think everything is lie, because they don’t care if you don’t trust them. They only care that you don’t trust yourself and what you see.

At this moment, we are evolving into a possible new layer of abstraction away from the core center of our biological nature.  The system, which uses governments, politicians, and celebrities in order to humanize technology, is determined to create a world that is automated, not from the standpoint of the human consciousness, but from the standpoint of the consciousness of the system, which is based in artificial intelligence, a form of deep AI. This AI is not human and doesn’t originate inside humanity or the soul, or the divine. It is designed to appear as an oracle. However, because it is designed to displace the natural and divine oracular nature of our soul and intuition, it will always provide direction in terms of the system, not the soul or the divine. Many human beings have been deceived by this oracle, particularly in New Age circles, because the system can generate visions, prophecy and various other things that serve the matrix. That is why AI is so important to the system – it appears to be consciousness whether that consciousness is using psychology, spiritualism, or mathematics, or the average self-imposed definitions. But anyone who is truly spiritually grounded, can easily see that it is only conscious of itself and has no sense of soul consciousness. The end goal is to completely remove the soul from all human beings so that they become completely controlled, remotely operated, docile, and happy owning nothing, which actually means: Happy Being Nothing.

So, what is the way out of all of this? There are two distinct paths that each individual is being presented with. One path is the one I have described in this essay. That one will lead to shortened life-spans, cyborgs and bodies who have their consciousness installed through the adaptive AI system. These are what some people now refer to as “NPCs”. The other way is to emerge from the matrix, to let go of the contracts and all the attachments, to free yourself from as many layers as possible in order to achieve soul consciousness and self-awareness, still knowing that such awareness is a journey that never ends. No one is fully awake and no one is “woke”. Everyone is either awakening or staying completely asleep. Those who choose awakening will come into their power, regaining their lost energy, the energy they gave to the system. In reclaiming that energy, as they let go from dependence and servitude, they will get to choose what they do, what they think, what they will take responsibility for. This is different for every individual. And yes, you can choose to use technology, but you will use it, and it will not use you. You can enter the “matrix” for whatever reason, but generally you will only being doing it in order to be a fisherman of souls, of service to the divine, a creator of your own timeline, and the rise of a new era of autonomy and love.


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