Sexual Energy, Civilization, and Creativity

The following is an attempt to express messages around the energies surrounding us at this time. These energies are connected to our higher consciousness, just like the physical world is connected to our five senses. The five senses on the physical body are designed to perceive the three-dimensional world around the body. But our physical body is not who we are. We have the ethereal body and we have the soul. We are simultaneously experiencing all frequencies (dimensions) at the same time. This is why the mind can become so easily confused, especially when it is experiencing higher frequency “information” and attempting to understand it in a lower dimensional frequency. It just doesn’t work very well.

I received some information on the nature of sexual energy on the planet right now and how it effects the current state of civilization. I expect to get more of this information and to relay it in the manner I guided to relay it.

Take what resonates. Leave the rest.

Peace XO

Here on this website, I describe myself as a psychic because I work with my clients on the soul level. I do not channel. Channeling is the transmission of information from a being, usually a disembodied being of an intention and consciousness outside the channeler’s own. What happens there is that the channeler offers their body and voice to that being. I don’t do that, and never have. I speak through the organic messaging and information that is available to what could be called the “collective unconscious”, as well as information that regards the consciousness that is beyond the collective. When I am prompted to write or communicate, I am writing what is immediately presenting itself to me in the moment. I don’t have a past or a future. I am not in time when I write. We are not in time. Time is another illusion.

There is an intention to move the collective consciousness into the next stage of awareness, to abandon what is left of the old lower forms of, what Heidegger described as “being in the world”. We are now learning how to be of the world, and not in it. To learn how to love unconditionally. The matrix, up until now, has debased this higher love, for its own purposes, and has led most people into sexual addiction, neediness, promiscuity, and general shallowness when it comes to love. This also includes notions of finding “my tribe”, my “true people”, etc. Twin f lames are also subject to this kind of manipulation as well. The twin becomes a character in a romantic novel. The kind of love promoted in the matrix through the CIA operation called the Music and Entertainment industry, was always designed to enslave, and not to inspire. Love in that context is a ball and chains. Most either give up their dreams to please the other, or they rebel and become unable to attach or experience that kind relationship. Both options have their consequences.

The source and seed of art and creativity and true science is in the grounded inspiration of its aspirations – civilization cannot survive without the powerful sexual energy of the kundalini. But because it has been sidetracked into what Plato called, the energy of those “mad masters”, most people waste their sexual energy on promiscuity, porn, excessive sexual content, masturbation, etc. This diminishes the human capacity for genius, true and forever, love, connection to the divine. There are even modern teachers of “Tantric Yoga” who are simply practitioners of spiritualized porn. Yoga is also generally associated with fitness and getting a nice body for the purposes of sexual allure.

My speech may appear to be a moral lecture, but it is the matrix that tries to make sexuality a moral issue. It is not. Sexuality is a practical, social and political issue, and not in terms of what sex you think you are, but how you express your sexual energetic force, which is your creative force. Excessive sexual obsessions, hidden or not, are forms of energy leakage and is how the matrix uses your energy in order to generate the very world that is now enraging so many people. It is important to not pay attention to any of this noise and consider your deepest darkest secrets when it comes to where you are focusing your sexual energy, because although it may seem harmless as long as it is private or hidden, it is not. We are all connected, and your own lack of awareness around this is like a child who runs around with knives because she thinks they are plastic and so won’t hurt anyone. It isn’t like that at all.

So, the matrix will continue to distract you with politics, fear porn, and anything else it can do to capture your energy, and prevent your ability to awaken. The true loves kiss is the symbol of being awakened through the energy of TRUE LOVE. This is what awakens you – always. But the more you attach matrix-formulations and patterns to this love, the more it will elude you and the more you will continue to fall into despair, negative, and unhealthyness around love, and the more you will never awaken your true creative gifts.

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