A Paradise in the Wasteland

Earth teaches you how to survive it’s end,
your own soul’s guidance leads the way.
You chose this, your life as it’s presented,
the timelines and their inevitable ends;
Although you don’t remember
such an out-of-worldly request.
Memory can, after all, ruin this game.

Did you have a rattling dream?
Did you loose a loved one?
Did you friends abandon you?
Is the end of the world coming soon?
Let it all go,

Or keep it and bury yourself
as if in a grave.

The struggle with loss and limitation,
is how infinite beings learn,
to find themselves again,
and realize they were never that,
and they weren’t even this.
The end of the world is coming,
if you want it to end.

Otherwise, it’s groundhog day,
lessons to be learned,
again and again.

Reality is just a form of repetition,
boredom, tedium.

All the bad you see is an illusion,
Bad has no power in an infinite being
It’s only clowns and shows for clowns,
the devil wears makeup – and Gucci.
Why spend all day fighting what is bad?
The world struggles to survive,
and will consume you for it.
Parasites, demons, angelics,
gods, goddesses: all conspire
to create your obstacle course.

See beyond what you can see.
More importantly,
see beyond what you think you want.
This is how masters are created:
through trials

Earth is a school that you chose to attend.
Are you doing the work?
Are you watching Netflix,
characters swimming through your veins,
as they drink each drop of your blood?
Are you lecturing others, chasing them,
trying to be something for them?
Trying to be special?
Trying to survive?

Watch yourself
Don’t judge.

overcome yourself,
each layer at a time,
letting go of the skin,
like a snake does,

a paradise is in the wasteland,
and its song is barely a whisper.

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