Monsters Beneath the Bed

When something doesn’t work as it should,
It is best to try a different approach.
Don’t water the flower that is already dead,
It cannot do your bidding.
Dark evil is the flower of seeds called fear,
fear of failing,
fear of falling apart,
fear of starvation,
fear of dying,
How many run,
for fear of death,
only to run into the arms – of death?
When the seed doesn’t grow as expected,
revisit your approach,
change your perspective,
improve your technique.

Nature will teach you if you let her,
the great Mother, Nurturer of Souls,
passage way from ignorance to light.
She gives birth to all light
There is no evil here,
except that darkness created by the Mind,
and those teachers who sell you demons,
by convincing you that they have power,
black seeds hibernating in the soil,
lost souls who forgot the garden.
rummaging around in your dreams
and beneath your bed.

You invited them in:
It’s easier to create monsters in the mind,
than learn how to garden.

All evil is illusion and fantasy,
rising from feet ungrounded.
If you don’t learn and grow,
the seed will not grow with you,
and fear will take root
in the soil of your heart,
where conjurers and magicians
will play with spells and words,
convincing you to focus
on the darkness,
where light used to be,
and they call that wisdom.

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