Journey to the Bottom of the Matrix

I. The matrix works within each human being

The matrix is not a system that lives “out there”. It lives and thrives within each and every one of us – until we choose to exit. But when you attempt to exit, you won’t be unchallenged. What challenges are given to you, depends on your particular function in the matrix system. It’s important to not get discouraged. Many do, when they are presented with a huge challenge or threat. The matrix has no interest in your leaving it. It functions as a resistance, and in that sense, it is best to not treat it as an enemy, but more like an obstacle course.

ii. Most of the ways out of the matrix are false exists (false light)

The matrix doesn’t have one easy exit. It has many false exits, and you will go through them, and you will think you are free, only to realize yet again, you have been deceived. Many of these false exists come in the form of new belief systems, spiritual ideas, awareness, gurus, teachers, spiritual advisors. How long does this process go on? How do you know when you are at the end? It’s hard to know in advance, but I suspect you will know, when you are at perfect peace with yourself and when you know without a doubt in the world that God is the only guidance you need.

iii. False Gods

The matrix created religion in order to create false representation of God, goddesses, gods, and angels. Many still work with any one of these. Some of them are quite demonic. The true God is not found in a book or in the voice of another human being. The true God loves you unconditionally, because you are an emanation of God. The true God speak through you and expresses itself through the world you perceive. This is because God works through us in order to find Himself again. That is the divine love.

iv. Who people listen to. Who they ignore.

People love to quote famous and important people. Do you know of any people who quote their friends? Most people don’t read or listen. They react to symbols or things that represent and tell them that they should appear to listen. They function through prompts. The prompts are those labeled as “sacred” or “experts” or “popular”. This is why news headlines always use certain words in order to grab the attention of readers. The matrix thrives on high-impact words and emotional reactivity.

iv. False representation of love in the matrix

The matrix is the old biological artificial system designed to control and manipulate, suppress and feed off of human creative (kundalini) energy. The key to freeing yourself is self-care or self-love. This is why the matrix has gone into overdrive to present to you different systems of self-love and self-care. For every truth in the world, the matrix creates its myriad of replicas, to deceive you. In the case of self-care or self-love, systems are presented to you in terms of the health and pharma industries, as well as others such as education, fashion, beauty, and entertainment. In fact, the matrix is always promising happiness and health to you, in the form of advertisements, politicians, lovers, and entertainment. It keeps people chasing the carrot on the stick and consumes all their attention and energy. The matrix feeds on attention (it would fall away if it lost it), and it is for this reason that your thoughts can be a great guide for you. What are you focused on during the day – and night? What is needling you, beneath the surface, and on the surface? What are your addictions? it’s important to look there, because that’s how you will see where the matrix controls you. Looking out at “what’s happening” in the world is not as important looking at what’s happening in terms of what is happening within YOU.

iv. The matrix as labyrinth of trials

Once you find a way out, you will be given certain challenges, like Theseus did in the labyrinth of the Crete, as well as Hercules, when he was faced with his 12 trials. The current matrix system does not offer what you need to achieve your greatest challenges in life – it is there to keep you from them and to give you the illusion that you are able to, from within the system, live your “best” life, as the matrix likes to say. The truth is you cannot live your best life inside a system designed to keep you there. There will always be something missing, something brewing under the surface, a sense of impermanence, that will keep you seeking for more until your body is too frail and old to care any more.

The only deep challenge the matrix does offer – for the good of yourself and humanity – is the challenge of escaping it.

v. No my way or the highway

There is no one-side-fits-all when it comes to exiting the matrix. The trials you receive are your own and unique to you, your abilities, and creative energy. You may have to leave friends, loved ones, and old haunts. You may be destined to meet guides and new friends along the way, to help you achieve your soul’s goal. Regardless, you are the one who designed this game in the first place…when will you start playing it?

vi. The corona plague is a catalyst

The entire human population is currently reacting to a catalyst that will propel them into the awakening process and journey of either exiting the old matrix system, or remaining behind and perishing with it. All of it is the work of the divine. Everyone has their own opportunity to choose and everyone is learning that they cannot choose for another. This realization gets to the point, where speaking to another person is almost futile. You will never change their mind, because you don’t have power over others – you never did. The illusion of power that matrix afforded for centuries made human beings feel as if they had actual power over others, because the matrix system operated in that manner. This is falling away, and that is why families and friends are falling away. They can’t hear you. You can’t hear them. That is because, for too long, each individual was never spending the time to hear their true self. The desire to control, persuade, convince others is rooted in a fragile sense of self. It doesn’t matter if you are CEO or a politician or the most popular movie start alive, the desire to obtain power over others is always rooted in deep insecurity, one which most do not usually want to look at. Looking there, however is where you will find out who you are, and where you will then begin to respect who you are, outside of politics, society, relationships, attachments. And that is because you will know without a doubt in your heart, that you are of God.

vii. The resentfulness of the slave
A slave will always resent a slave who doesn’t want to be a slave like him.

viii. Mind games
The matrix is a system that feeds off of the mind games it plays. There are many books written about how the population is dumbed down. Most of the solutions they provide are just as dumbed down. The matrix was not designed to make people smart and the solutions it allows are not very smart either. It was always designed to make people compliant and gullible. For example, the matrix likes to invert everything and project it into the minds of people. It creates symbols and patterns of, for example, being dumbed down (liberals). It also provides certain sacred cows (the US Constitution, old fashioned patriotism) that are designed to appear as solutions. None of these are real. They are just symbols in the matrix and are part of the system. The system will stay that way, as it has, back and forth, with one side arguing against the other ad infinitum. This has nothing to do with true education, awareness, or growth. It’s all an illusion and a mind game of epic proportions, rooted in false notions of time, space, and history. As Jung once said, you can’t solve a problem in the same consciousness that created that problem. This is very true in the case of the old matrix. It , which is an enormous problem in itself, cannot itself offer the solution to you. This is why, the only way to transform or make a difference in the world, is to go deeper within who you are, where the forces of spiritual life are playing out, where the matrix is working within you, and where the divine is always holding you, assisting you as you find your way out of the dark cocoon.

ix. Marriage
There is absolutely no one outside of you who will ever “understand” you. However, there are plenty of people who are very much willing to tell you how to understand yourself. The matrix uses this as a substitute for self-love and sometimes makes it into a marriage. The matrix likes marriage because it is a deep soul contract that is extraordinarily difficult to break.

x. Your own private Idaho

When you learn that everything you experience is for your own benefit, you start reaping the harvest immediately. It becomes never ending and life feels exciting no matter where you are, what afflictions you may have, or what your circumstances are. In that kind of abundance, growth is unavoidable. However, in the matrix, people have been programmed to shun pain, to blame others, to find quick fixes, to take drugs, to avoid challenge and conflict, to choose friendships and relationships and jobs that come easy, to avoid and hate those who threaten their “peace”. The matrix is a place that lulls you to sleep, so that you can achieve the most accessible path, as opposed to the one less traveled by, namely, the one that is uniquely your own.

xi. The matrix does everything in order to degrade you

Degradation is how the matrix operates. It doesn’t matter what symbols it uses to achieve this. It uses love, sex, achievement, invention, technology – whatever it has, to degrade you. It allows for some people to embrace what it sells, and fortifies that illusion with those who resist it, by hating technology, for example. The matrix always operates with a view to fortifying both a position and its opposite together. It is highly complex program that only, for the most part, philosophers have been able to get to the bottom of. However, by the time they get to to the bottom, they have become completely incomprehensible to most human beings. That is by design.

xii. Become the watcher

The key to escaping the matrix is to stop trying to escape it. The key to escaping it is to understand it, to watch what it does, and not react to it. This means watching what you yourself do and not reacting to that. You can’t escape what you are, even if the matrix is operating inside of you. Resisting it is just an illusion. For example, imagine that you are trying to resist the fact that your heart is beating and, whenever you see hearts on the TV or hear them on the radio, you express anger and hate towards them. The matrix is like that. The more you rage outside yourself, the more you project outside, the more you betray what you are avoiding internally. So, use your projections as a guide to inner work, to see what you can extricate yourself from. When you do, you begin to flow more freely, and the chains that once seemed to bind, are like water passing over the back of a turtle.

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