Thoughts about Awareness, Modern Spirituality, and Consciousness

Nothing in life changes without a change in awareness.

  1. Most people operate on the surface of life, because that is where the education system plays. Causes and effects are proven by the consistency of their physical proximity or relationship. It doesn’t generally occur to people that such relationships are either artificially induced or simply symptomatic occurrences resulting from a hidden and more mysterious source
  2. The goal of modern civilization is the transplant true human spirituality.
  3. In a truly spiritual community, there is nothing labeled “spiritual”. You won’t find spiritual books or videos or lectures or teachers.  In the same way, you will be hard press to find a book called “Breathing for Dummies”.
  4. When Plato wrote his dialogues over two-thousand years ago, humanity was still filled with spiritual experiences.  The presence of soul, and invisible life force, was obvious.
  5. The upper classes, the classes that cultivated children who didn’t have to grow their own food, prepare their meals, clean their clothes, take care of themselves, are the first to have lost connection to their human spirit. They are also the first to notice.
  6. The entire function of technology, is determined by the awareness that directs it. There are two intentions present as of now, in the 21st century. One is to use technology in order to replace the need for spiritual life, connection to the divine and nature. The second one is being developed in order to facility human spiritual life by removing dependence and technology, and allowing technology to serve us. The first is desired by slaves. The second is desired by masters. Most people confuse all of it.
  7. The modern ego has been taught that it is a single unit, a thing distinct from all other things, special or not. This is a false illusion based on the physical limitations of the body.  This same illusion is also transposed onto the so-called spiritual dimensions. It doesn’t matter what “dimension” it is called, it is a side-show for the ego to enjoy itself.  For every truth, there is an artificial world that is created for the sake of the entertainment of the ego. That is the core component of the matrix system and artificial intelligence.
  8. Many spiritual teachers will tell you not to care what others think, and that caring what others think is a sign that you still have inner work to do. This is false. You stop caring what others think, only as soon as you stop caring what you “think”.
  9. Outside of the ego, there is awareness that only observes thought, no matter how complex, simple, evil or good. In the end, from that vantage point, all is the same – all is equally shallow, and all equally (eventually) deadly.
  10. Nature comes and goes, births and dies, finds pleasure and pain, finds the sun and the moon, drinks the water and drowns, freezes and burns: such is life – nothing more.
  11. The matrix system, which is a system of artificial intelligence, has programmed all egos to chase more. More is better, more is more money, more sex, more food, more pleasure. More more more.
  12. individual thoughts have no strength without their relationship to other thoughts. Who you think you are has no meaning outside the context of that existence. Your ideas have no relevance outside the context of whatever hive mind you have entered.
  13. Awareness is not the same as consciousness. Consciousness comes from the Latin conscientia, which means to have knowledge (scientia) of, and thus guilt and shame. Awareness is just a watching, more similar to Plato’s idea of the guardians in his woefully and intentionally misunderstood Republic. Most spiritual teachers use the world consciousness. They are programmed to do that.
  14. Most spiritual teachings in modern spirituality are designed to make you feel guilty (for not being as conscious as they are), They are not designed to make you aware or facilitate awareness.
  15. Consciousness implies knowledge. Awareness is just a noticing, without necessarily having knowledge. If you write with awareness, it as if you are watching and copying down, but not quite able to comprehend it at the same time.
  16. The imitation of nature is the imitation of a beauty that cannot be comprehended by the human mind.
  17. Nature doesn’t get angry. She does have storms.
  18. The mind and the technology derived from it is designed to create artificial mind, or artificial intelligence. We are at the stage where the general public and even the most intelligent among us, cannot see the difference between nature and the mind. This is the crowning achievement of modern technology. It goes way beyond your computer, and even into your love life.
  19. One could say that, today, wisdom is nearly extinct, and what remains of it is usually guarded ferociously by vulture-like parrots who want to lay their claim to it.
  20. The only way to wisdom is through your own heart. If you are looking for it outside yourself, you will continue to spend time with vultures and vampires.
  21. The road to having a spiritual life is back to yourself, back to your body and heart, it’s true inclinations. It is very, very simple. As simple as the small tiny seed germinating in the garden.
  22. Technology has complicated our lives. It has allowed us to watch movies all day long, not on the screen, but inside our heads. To mistake the internet for connection, Facebook interactions for communication, and self-care for self-promotion is the essence of the modern world.  Many don’t want to go back to nature or themselves. They think it makes them small and insignificant, that they will no longer have the connections that “they need”.
  23. How do you know who is allowing the matrix to work through them, and who is allowing their soul to work through them? The one who allows the matrix to work through them, will often or always attempt to control, ignore, debase, and make insignificant. The ego likes to lecture, define, create enemies, divide, over-simplify, and assert itself on others. Egos can be openly or covertly cruel. They can be friendly if you are on their side. The one who is allowing the soul to work through them, is the one who is at peace, no matter what others do or don’t do. They are easy to be around, inspiring even. Inspiring means “breathing into”. People who are being their soul are nourishing because they give space. It is like they aren’t even there.
  24. Most people think that a man of wisdom and peace is an idiot who just doesn’t care if the world burns. This is a complete misunderstanding. The man just doesn’t care if the world wants to burn. Most people can’t admit their deepest darkest desires are the very things they claim to fear, hate, and fight against. it is not the fault of the wise man, that the world chooses to burn.
  25. If something happens in the world, someone wanted it to happen. Hard truths.
  26. To the soul who is aware of their own eternity, nothing is designed to remain. For the mind who knows that the soul is eternity, everything ought to remain with it.
  27. Knowledge is not the same as awareness, but spiritual teachers confuse the two. They have to charge their clients for something.
  28. Nature never cheats. Neither does God.
  29. To understand the teachings of the teacher, do not read his books. Watch his students.
  30. Socrates never received a penny for his teachings. He had nothing teach. He was right.
  31. American civilization is created on a foundation called “chasing the dollar”. Everyone thinks everyone else is motivated by money. If you watch early movies and television, this is clearly represented.  It has gotten to the point where everyone nearly is only motivated by money. Monkey see, monkey do.
  32. The true nature of money, like the true nature of time, is invisible to most people. To understand it, one must be aware of their own soul nature, beyond the ego.
  33. The ego is a malleable creation, an avatar-like being that can detach from the soul, and yet still holds onto it for energy and the feeling of being important through creative abilities, etc. Most people have more than one ego, but all people have an over-arching one, an archon. Archons are spoken about in spiritual communities as if they are hobgoblins or monsters or evil demons. They are none of those. They are just who most of us really are.
  34. When you begin to interact with a new person in your life, you invite all their egos in.  All of them. Welcome to the party.
  35. Modern spiritual-new age ideas promote the idea of being “open-hearted”. This is by design to convince people to remove t heir boundaries and become host to all the created archons/egos.
  36. It would be truly shocking to discover that most people’s friends are the source of demons who haunt them at night. Truly shocking that “the devil” was a ruse.
  37. Love is only found within your own soul. The idea of seeking love, finding it, losing it, is absurd and causes all sorts of mayhem. This is why most people’s lives are chaotic and heartbreaking. They are confused about love.
  38. One thought leads to another. The algorithms can’t figure me out.
  39. They are always watching, cataloguing, listening, learning.  Machine learning is not just tech. It has taken over the majority of the world’s consciousness.
  40. Watch your own mind as it tries to figure things out.

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