Dwelling in the Mystery of the Sacred

eídos (a neuter noun derived from 1492 /eídō, “to see, apprehend”) – properly, the sight (i.e. of something exposedobservable), especially its outward appearance or shape (J. Thayer). 1491 (eídos) emphasizes “what is physically seen” (BAGD) before mentally or spiritually apprehended. See 1492 (eidōoida).

Exampleeídos (“visible appearance”) refers to the outward form taken on by each of the three Persons of the tri-personal God: a) the Holy Spirit in Lk 3:22: “And the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in bodily form like a dove”; b) Jesus, in Lk 9:29: “And while He was praying, the appearance of His face became different, and His clothing became white and gleaming”; and c) the Father, in Jn 5:37: “You have neither heard His voice at any time, nor seen His form.”


  1. Thinking is not what most people do. What they do is simply see.
  2. The first line of Aristotle’s Metaphysics, the study of things beyond the senses, is:

    “ALL men by nature desire to know (eidos). An indication of this is the delight we take in our senses; for even apart from their usefulness they are loved for themselves; and above all others the sense of sight. For not only with a view to action, but even when we are not going to do anything, we prefer seeing (one might say) to everything else. The reason is that this, most of all the senses, makes us know and brings to light many differences between things.

  3. It is very much the case that our deep desire to know (quickly) co-opts our desire for truth. Most people are scared of the truth.
  4. The world is presented to us in the way that suits our role and protects it.
  5. Truth doesn’t give you power over others. It takes outside your roleplaying. That is why most people don’t want the truth. They are afraid to lose their part in the play.
  6. The fear we have of losing something hides the knowledge we have that the time of “having” is already up.
  7. Most people in the modern world hold onto everything and everyone. This tendency is rooted in the fear of death and loss. The mind thinks nothing should change and love is forever. The mind is pretending to be the soul, and grows angry when it doesn’t get to keep its toys. This is what it calls “normal”.
  8. “Knowledge is Power” is a meme in the system designed to keep you addicted to the power of mind and to keep you on script far past your due date. Most people’s characters were supposed to be killed off a long time ago.
  9. Somewhere along the way, we were taught that if you make a good argument, you can therefore convince others to your side. This is never the case. Good arguments are designed to silence the opposition, not convince it. It’s a game of chess that most people don’t realize they are playing – and they are the pawns.
  10. The more in control of life that you think you are, the greater is your fear of losing it. That is indication enough of the illusion. This is why many “strong” men don’t stand up to the plate when the real challenges of life show up. Shadows and illusions and play-acting can’t handle mother nature.
  11. In Ancient Greek, the most popular verbal tense is the middle-passive. In English, we are taught that we are mostly active. For editors and grammarians, good writing tells writers to avoid the passive at all costs.
  12. The truth about our role in our on lives is that we have very little say, just like a toddler has very little say on what toys her mom gives her to play with.
  13. Most of life in the matrix consists of multiple-choice questions.  Many still believe free-will is the ability to make choice from pre-determined answers.
  14. Creativity is the ability to find new answers to predetermined questions.
  15. The other (person) will never see what you see.
  16. The similarities we have between us are infinitesimal compared to our deeply profound and unique gifts.
  17. Most people serve the system by trying to convince others of something, whether that is to do something they want, buy something, eat something, give them pleasure, etc.  This tendency, to convince or persuade is rooted in the desire to increase one’s own force. Whose force are we increasing? It may seem like your own, but it is another being working through you – most of the time.  Some people call that being the “matrix”.
  18. Money has its own consciousness, rooted in the human collective. Most people worship that sacred idol, in whatever form it presents itself.
  19. Many people think we are going back to the barter system or back to silver and gold. They believe the current money system is evil and will collapse. These people are matrix agents – they have no vision, only despair. The system we are in now began with the old systems of barter and gold/silver. The matrix uses despair culture in order to collapse the possibility of vision, and to remove the ability of seeing solutions and new frontiers. The matrix is always about preserving itself – and it will often manipulate people into thinking that the past ways are the solution to the present problems.
  20. You can’t fix a problem by returning to the past state of the very system that created it.
  21. The human soul, in its natural state, is similar to a flower plant or any other animal. Have you ever seen a lion trying to convince a cheetah to think more like he does? The human soul, in its organic state, doesn’t do that either.
  22. Most people only achieve certainty about their thoughts by pretending to convince others of it, or finding others who agree with them. They can’t imagine the possibility that certainty comes from the soul’s connection to its divine source. Church doesn’t count.
  23. Natural organic communities, in the 21st century are either rare or extinct. The mind, in its attempt to replicate the organic infinite nature of the soul, has spread its wings and doesn’t want to stay inside small organic communities. It inclines towards globalism, and doesn’t remember how to hunt, gather, make bread, or form true physical bonds.  That’s why there are so many “teachings” about returning to nature, body, the organic self.
  24. As Aristotle said, a society that is ethical doesn’t need a book on ethics.
  25. To know what a civilization lacks, look at the New York Times bestseller list.
  26.  We create what we lack, because we create what we think we want.
  27. Humanity has crossed the threshold that separates the function of mind and the activity of the soul, to the point where most people can’t see the difference between the soul itself and the soul that they think exists.
  28. One has to say things differently and in a different order in order to wake people up to the fact that what they see, isn’t at all what it is.
  29. Computers are a powerful teacher of spirituality.  These words you are reading aren’t language. They aren’t even letters. They are truly, fundamentally, arrangements of light and dark.
  30. There is a certain point of consciousness that we reach, when we stop playing into the drama and the games, where we stop believing in the language and the concepts that have been imbedded into our mind, as if they were real. At that point, we see all as symbol, all as representation, all as a means to learning what we are and what we are not.
  31. The grace of God emanates through all being and all things. But that grace is not something we can know. It is something we follow, despite what we know.
  32. In order to see the apple as it is, you must see the apple in a way you never saw before, and realize that you have never once seen it, and never wills.
  33. Consciousness believes to see and to know what it sees. Awareness is pure awe.
  34. Be thunderstruck.
  35. Awareness doesn’t cancel out the possibility of knowledge. It only enhances our creative aptitude for knowledge, to attempt to use it as a way to see and experience the world, instead of hammer that bludgeons people into surrender and “the science”.
  36. Some of you reading this are deeply ancient souls, and you don’t feel you belong here, and yet you feel you see things on a deeper level than most. You hide this, to appear to fit in and to survive. You do it at the expense of your life force. But that is part of your journey too.
  37. An ancient soul is a like a light that will attract all sorts of flies to it. if the flies are too many in number, they will weigh that soul down, and they will blind others to its light.
  38. The matrix doesn’t want you to be aware of who you are. It accomplishes its goals by convincing you that you don’t want to be aware either. It does this by telling you that you want to be conscious.
  39. The ancient soul will find refuge in the masses, attention, fame, and money, because it seems just to the ancient soul to receive such prizes. This is how the matrix traps powerful souls – through desire, addiction, and ego.
  40. The matrix teaches “consciousness” because consciousness means guilt and the guilt of knowing. The number one reason why higher souls do not awaken during this lifetime is because of consciousness (guilt).
  41. Matrix society distorts the creative drive by channeling kundalini into sexual desire and perpetuating a constant leaking of energy through orgasm.
  42. The matrix harvest souls by transforming them to vampires. Everyone feeds off of everyone else’s sexual energy. This is truly why old people are shunned in modern society – their sexual energy has already been harvested. There is nothing left.
  43. Some teachings tell us that the matrix is bad and that we have to resist it. This is just part of the matrix. Resistance is embedded into the matrix program. It will harvest you regardless  of what you believe you are doing.
  44. A philosopher today cannot write books that are cohesive and clear. The best thing a philosopher can do is write in order to provoke awakening. Everything the philosopher does should provoke wonder.
  45. You are not responsible for other people’s capacity to wonder.
  46. He who holds no awe for things, people, nature, god, is a prisoner in his own mind. It is a legitimate question as to whether or not he is actually alive.
  47. Every single thing in the matrix is an imitation, replica of the truth.  This includes those representations of love and honor and patriotism and religion.
  48. Religion is a representation of the human spirit.
  49. Nothing in the matrix is purely false. It won’t work if it didn’t have a little bit of truth – it’s what gives it flavor, like salt.
  50. What you see is more important that you think or believe, or stand for.
  51. If people stopped judging what they saw, and just accepted it and worked with it, like a garden, they would be much happier.
  52. Judgment is the weed in the garden of the soul – not judgment about others, but the judgments you carry about yourself.
  53. When you judge yourself, you are judging an interpretation of yourself, that usually has nothing to do with you at all.
  54. Judgment is death by a million cuts – that doesn’t even scratch the skin.
  55. If you begin to see your thinking, how you actually process, you will see the process that motivates the mind, and constructs its reality. You will see all your attempts at being clever or smart or wise or creative, are often accompanied by the drive to please, to be liked, loved, to be heard and not be alone.
  56. Every drive that accompanies the drive for truth is the shadow that dims the light that you are.
  57. Shadows are not bad, but they are best arranged by one who is master of the light.
  58. Most people have a million hands, and inside the hands they are holding little razor blades that they whip around all day long and all night. Some people are so irresponsible, that they wake up with cuts and bruises on their backs.
  59. Everything psychology and sociology teaches about who you are is wrong.
  60. The human being, when he finally sees himself, can’t decide whether to call himself god or monster. In the end, he knows both are just matrix archetypes.
  61. Human beings generate their own modes of consciousness and are able to host these modes. Mind control techniques have taught certain people how to manipulate society by compartmentalizing consciousness, dividing it up into little slices, aspects or alters. This is achieved through the education system, and is enhanced by social structures, music, and entertainment.
  62. Once you step out of the matrix, you realize how much you want to create your own music, your own art, your own food, your own plants, find your own water, breath the air – and none of that can be taken away from you – nothing and no one can deprive you of your connection to the world. Not even death.
  63. Who you are is the culmination of what you animate into the world, what you generate, and create. No one can control that. No one can even really know what that is.
  64. There are people in in your life who don’t even appear in the physical who are assisting you in your most impossible tasks.
  65. When one loves deeply, he dwells and stands in aw of its mystery – he doesn’t expect it to be a solution. That is the meaning of the sacred.

6 thoughts on “Dwelling in the Mystery of the Sacred

  1. Great and beautifully written.
    However, about Consciousness I must say it has no guilt as the foundation. We only bear it, but need not in ignorance of Truth as eternal beings on the path.

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    1. Thank you, and also thank you for your comment. It is an important question. I understand your point. I am making a finer distinction between awareness and consciousness. Consciousness comes from the Latin, conscientia, which means co-knowledge or guilt, as in a conspiracy. The word scientia means “knowledge”. Awareness is born in awe and presence, not knowledge. More precisely, awareness is a “seeing”. But seeing doesn’t equate to “knowing”. Does that make sense?

      Liked by 2 people

    1. It could be both. Lol. Seeing doesn’t mean knowing though. I find that the more aware I become, the less I recognize anything. Heraclitus seems to be the only philosopher that makes any sense. Of course, on a surface level, in heavier densities, this is not the case. I know the floor won’t move – at least until there is an earthquake.

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