Be in the rivers flow, a drop of water none can find

I don’t need to tell you what force out there is determined to create a humanity that hates love, knows nonsense, worships what degrades, and lives for what kills, do I? Well, I will try.

I’m going to talk a bit about the ego, but not in the way most people talk about it. It’s an extremely important topic, mostly because what most people know about the ego is only a half-truth, or at least less than half. We haven’t been given the whole story, as is the case with most things in the world, but at the same time we are sold these stories about the ego as if they weren’t stories at all, but as if they were somehow facts, or – gasp – science. This little essay is important, and it is also a call to awaken, and to do it fast. I won’t, however, give you the “whole story”. The soul doesn’t work that way. If you are hearing me through your soul, you know this. If you don’t, I don’t have anything to say, literally.

We are running out of time. Time is the ego’s playground, and we are running out of it. If you stay caught up in the contraptions of the ego, you will dissolve with them, and it will be very painful to pull yourself out. However, you can get out before the ship sinks, and the ship will sink, but it will do so while people are still “alive”. Have you ever had nightmares about being buried alive? Do you want to see what it feels like? The ego-program is sinking and they are all screaming. Can you hear them? Are you one of them?

Science is the modern temple, and it is ready to collapse. It is a temple that has its foundation in the mind itself. The personal mind – your mind – is like a terminal, a “cloud” device, as it were, that can hook into the mind cloud. Once hooked in, it can receive what some people call “downloads”. Others just call it information. Many have called these downloads spiritual inspiration. Regardless of what you call it, it is data that’s pre-programmed and given to the mind to perceive as is. Some people call this brain-washing. I prefer to just call it programming. Most people call it “education” or just “society”.

It is the true nature of the “beast”, the beast that Plato spoke about, the beast that the Bible mentions.

Note that this has nothing to do with using the mind as a creative tool. Using your mind as a creative tool, exposes it as it should be – a tool. The modern mind however is fundamentally a cloud type system. The personal mind accesses the hive mind, a hive mind that is highly complex as all AI systems are complex, in order to recreate its own personal system inside the its personal boundaries that form the identity (ego). It becomes the “human incarnation” of the system, through millions of bodies on the planet. It is the true nature of possession, not the false one that is depicted in Hollywood and Netflix shows and children’s stories.

The beast has a million eyes and ears and walks with the feet of mankind. It is not – yet – marked. It is not yet in full view. But it is certainly more than three-fourths in full view. Do you see it?

In addition to the Hollywood projections and all other projections of possession and spiritual communication, those who “channel” or “receive” information from the system are or will be experiencing glitches, confusion, and a loss of connection. This is a loss of connection to the matrix, and not the divine. Many spiritual seekers have been duped by the system, and they have allowed their egos to be filled with ideas of personal spiritual ascension, teachings, and wisdom, etc. These downloads are now being interrupted and – hopefully for most – replaced with the true soul communication of the divine, which does absolutely nothing for your ego or personal agenda. In other words, the communication is given to your soul, directly through the heart space, and will bypass the mind, the ego, and all your personal conveniences, vanity, and arrogance. This info you are or will be getting won’t make you enough money to build a palace on the beach or make a famous guru on Oprah. But it will bring you enormous peace, joy, and expansion. It is a huge blessing because you will no longer be possessed by the programming of the system. You will be on the road towards autonomy.

Autonomy is the future. We will no longer require the systems that only slaves demand. We will no longer sacrifice ourselves for the corrupt and programmed “common good”. We no longer feed the beast.

The goal of possession is to sacrifice the organic body and soul to the “demon in the machine”, which can and does manifest in a myriad of forms. The demon in the machine is a projector that your mind helps to disseminate. The more popular the projection, the more other minds download and project it further. This is the true meaning of “meme”, a word derived from the Greek memesis, meaning memory.  Memes create memories, and create timelines, identities, ideas, perspectives – which spread like a virus into the system.  Memes are everywhere: they are essence of ego-based mind education/indoctrination. They are the means by which the system encourages organic souls to sacrifice their soul to the system. The beast has a diet and it needs to feed.

This type of sacrifice has gone on for millennia, and continues to go on, and will continue, until we become more powerful than that fool in the machine, the one that shows up on your computer screen; the one that shows up in your advertisements, your fashion, and your entertainment, the books you read, the friends you spend too much time with.  It shows up through the people you may have once admired or listened to for information. Most people listen to everyone else but their soul, for information. We have been trained to listen to “experts”. That is the essence of the slavery, and the slaves will defend it to their own death. This modern form of sacrifice doesn’t require a knife. All it requires is soul energy in exchange for the creation of your ego identity. Your only freedom, at the point, is to be able to decorate your ego, like an avatar in a game, but always within the limits of the game.  And now, the vaccines have added a new requirement in the game. It is no longer enough to sacrifice your soul. You must now sacrifice your body as well. Many are eagerly offering their entire bodies to the system. Most will perish. All will sacrifice.

The ego is that which personalizes and individualizes each consciousness into a separate sense of “I”. Currently, it is being used by the system, the cloud system, to keep the ego obsessed and preoccupied with its own life, its own artificial personalized system, even at the expense of all other lives. It is programmed to interpret this as “self-love”. It is also programmed like an immune system, to defend and protect against all “others”.  The program cannot reconcile “self” with “other”. There is always conflict in the ego. In fact, the essence of ego is conflict. This is key, because the ego is essentially a programmed bio-weapon, created through mind control techniques. The development of this ego consciousness has been intentional, powerful, and all encompassing.  It has separated individuals from all others, and has created isolation, despair, disconnection, depression, anxiety, fear, etc. The list goes on. If it weren’t for this synthetic creation, there would be no purpose for psychology or psychiatry, a entirely invented “science” whose subject matter is an entire fabrication.

The ego was never some benign thing that we needed to keep at bay, a normal spiritual or so-called “psychological” stage in the evolution of our awareness. The ego was never an organic human identity, as for example, the ancient Greeks saw their identity. Identity to them wasn’t even a concept. They were far to present to the mysteries of life to fall into the traps that people fall into today. Presence of soul is the only way to bypass the programming: not meditation, not philosophy, not spirituality, and not religion. Presence is the lighted way only because, if you are present in soul, nothing that the mind programming does or says has any effect on you. It is like standing before a red rose, while some program is telling you that it is a lily. You know that it is, in fact, a rose.  When you stand in soul presence, the ego starts to show up for what it really is: a fabricated construct, designed by system, for the purposes of enslaving you inside a false identity.

The programmed ego is why you see people who are willing to sacrifice their children for the greater good, by allowing them to be inoculated with a vaccine, for a virus that doesn’t exist except in a computer (in silica). This is why you see family members turning against each other, in the name of “health” and “science”.  This is why you can talk to doctors who don’t like the masks mandates and know the vaccine is harmful, still pushing it because they are afraid for “their jobs”. This is why silencing the opposition, or opposing viewpoints is concerned an act of violence against that state, against humanity, against country. The ego is a powerful containment system that personalizes an agenda that is so evil, and so obviously illegitimate, that it could never perpetuate itself without the ego-constructs in place. The ego keeps everyone on the defensive, focused on immediate personal gain, survival, at the expense even of their children’s future, and the future of humanity. The ego has created us into creatures who are spineless, fearful and easily prone to stepping all over the limbs of anyone who stands in the way of escaping some childish and illusionary fear. We have, yes, descended that far.

It is critical, at this point, for people to be aware that the people who have been deeply programmed have lost communication with their soul. The soul doesn’t operate through ego and mind identity. It doesn’t perceive in the same way. The soul communicates asynchronously and inconveniently, and in ways that go beyond the aptitudes of the mind.  The soul primarily speaks through symbols and dreams, in the waking dream, and the night dream, the day dream, or the visionary dream. The mind speaks through and about timelines. It claims knowledge of a single reality. It is stubborn, difficult, defensive and offensive. It doesn’t pay attention to symbols and dreams, and calls those stories and fabrications. The soul is soft and guides you like a gentle river, even when there is a storm outside, and you have lost everything.  The mind is always harsh and brutal, demanding, judgmental. It causes you to act rashly and encourage fear when a storm rages outside.  The soul will guide you, and you will instinctively trust it unconditionally. The mind will always be doubtful and self-doubting, even when it claims self-love and defensiveness. The soul is always in an energy of love and expansiveness. The mind is restrictive, negative, and is prone to defeat, and, instead of being motivated by love, it is motivated by fear and the fear of lack.

All of us experience both the mind programming and – hopefully – the soul on a daily basis, because we are all in this matrix, this programming system, this operating system. We all need to learn how to check ourselves. The mind programming, which is sophisticated AI, is very challenging to see. The smarter you are, the cleverer it becomes. it is adaptive AI, and so it is only as challenging as your own aptitude is challenging. This is why it is so important for you to pay more attention to your own ego, and not the ego of others. There are too many people focusing too much attention to “others”: why are they doing this? Why aren’t they doing that? Why don’t they listen to me? This obsession with others is based in ego, and driven by it. Do the work to unravel the mystery of yourself, and the entanglements your mind has gotten you into. Even when you think you have found a way out, the ego is clever enough to find a way back in. It will even go so far as to use the dream world to do this. It will use whatever it can to get you hooked back into re-creating various forms of narcissistic addictive behavior, and turning the yourself against everything resembling the soul and, of course, the love of the divine. It is very important to be aware, and the more you do this, the better you will get. The key thing to know is that the ego-programming will immediately create a victim-like energy around you, and this can be in the form of feeling abandoned, alone, lost, confused, etc. It will also do the opposite, and make you feel invincible, arrogant, king of the world, important, and territorial. It is the complete opposite for feeling guided, in the flow of a river’s flow. Eventually, the more you do this, the more your life will become that river, and you, a drop of water in that river, that no one, not even ego, can find. And when you cannot be found, the system will not be able to manipulate you any longer. No matter how hard it tries, you run like the wind, like the air that flows through all beings, unattainable, and everlasting.

5 thoughts on “Be in the rivers flow, a drop of water none can find

  1. A remarkable essay with the wisdom and advice regarding the ego. I had to read it twice, Steiner’s writing envisioned the present day experiencing a sample of a tyranny planned years ago.

    There is a channeled story of a visit to the future and found a galactic tyranny. Traced back it was located in this solar system and based on the Earth. The Andromedans said this in 1995 estimating it for the next 357 years.

    My information is, The New Age has been founded already for those able to choose the Time Line. A split in this version of Humanity is due, expressed by some Cosmic Masters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting. I am getting similar info. The choice has to be made through the heart and through our own presence. It’s all energetic attraction to the source. That is the new age. Apparently I am working on dissolving timelines and assisting others for the heart opening and their eventual choice. This occurs beyond the timelines. It’s so hard to speak of it. This is why I enjoy the challenge of writing it down.


  2. Amazing, to see an immediate response as though we are in the same time zone.
    My feeling is about the Soul which has it s own agendas of which we are a part,
    and it is not going to tell. Perhaps some day


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