Welcome to the show, or – Why you are here

  1. Much of what we are witnessing is a show, but it is a show that is deadly serious.  When people are asleep in the matrix, they play their roles. Some are actors, but most aren’t aware of it.  There is an absurdity in the global timelines now. The media’s contrived stories, the dramas, the celebrity and political interviews: all of these are acting as alerts to any mind that is beyond plant-consciousness. When the theater stage begins to collapse, the suspense of disbelief collapses with it. Each one of us, is on our own, when it comes to discerning truth from false.
  2. There are many ancient souls who have arrived on earth to take on some of the lower density patterns, roles and timelines. They agreed to play in this earth game. Many of them are like supporting roots, and pillars of their community. Some work in the background, and simply hold powerful energy and work on the higher planes. When the time is right, each one of these will release their support of the old order, and will assist in raising the awareness level of all humanity. They are not who you think they are. They are the people who will dramatically change during this process.
  3. If you understand this, you are one of those souls.
  4. I don’t write to express myself. I am called to write only to assist in the awakening process on earth at this time. I gain nothing from it, except connection and communication, something that is already clearly present for me.
  5. The illusion, the matrix, the dream, the deceptive nature of reality is now hitting the entire world on its head. The only ones who don’t notice are those who are still in a vegetative state. If you wait too long for them, you will fall into their state and you will have to undergo more trials and tests. They have chosen that state. That is their role. Is it yours? If not, leave.
  6. There are no second chances, but you can repeat the same chance a million times over.
  7. The reason why you are here, is to grow in your awareness, to master all spectrum of energies, to become a master alchemist, to assist others in the journey , and to play the role you signed onto before you incarnated.
  8. Everyone on earth agreed to be here, to grow in awareness, in power, to connect with the energies of the universe, to be one with the all by playing the role they agreed to. This is God enjoying the Creation. Some are here to enjoy their suffering. Some are here to enjoy their pleasure. Both provide different lessons.
  9. Some of you are in bodies that were inhabited previously, by one, two, three other souls. Some of you are dealing with fragments of those beings that have been left behind. Some have not been able to leave. In those cases, many times, you feel as if you don’t have complete dominion over your body and life. There are methods to gaining back your power. You are being tested to unravel those patterns and timeliness. This is your assignment. When you achieve it, you release not only yourself, but the entire world.
  10. All beings are expressions of awareness. Plants are an awareness that is deeply asleep. They lean towards the light and function to grow in the manner of the genetic code. They can be cultivated, genetically modified, hybridized, etc. They have no say in their destiny. They just are, but they are below awareness. The tomato plant can never transcend being a tomato plant.  
  11. Human beings are here to discover what it means to level up their awareness, from rock to god.
  12. There are new souls on earth who still think like plants. They think they are perfectly reasonable. Actually, they don’t do much thinking. Their function, primarily, is to reflect the light of everything else, or specific people they are assigned to assist. Don’t look down on them, or attack them. Some have chosen to take a vaccine. They are reflecting the death cult for you. Honor that. They are helping you wake up.
  13. The world is a spinning vortex of ever-increasing frequencies and matter that expresses itself at certain densities, already all in unison.  So-called manifestation is simply the phenomenon of being able to express at all frequencies appropriate to your evolution.
  14. What defines you is not your job or what you do or create. Your being is what defines you, and your being is a creative energetic force of awareness that can manipulate, create, design, love, and find joy in everything on the planet.
  15. The great musician is an alchemist who finds the harmony in all the world’s discontent.
  16. There is nothing more abhorrent than a musician who fosters hate, pain, division and suffering. But such is the nature of Seattle’s gift to what was the art formerly known as music. Seattle too, is a phenomenon designed to create such a depth of pain and misery, to finally awaken those who can no longer listen to it.
  17. Every place in the world has a soul song or frequency music that you can actually here when you are present to it. The buildings, the people, the trees, the shape of the streets: all of them sing a song together. It is what keeps them there, in a formula of place, and what makes them suffer together. Some songs are songs of dying. They are swan songs. Cities are the last gasp of what once was luxurious countryside.
  18. Atlantis fell to the flood. Modern cities will fall into disrepair, ruin and despair. They will be abandoned except by the plants and roaming animals.
  19. Humanity will learn how to grow things again. Technology will assist only in that. It will rebuild the cities in a different way.
  20. Technology that is used to monitor and manipulate will eventually go out of fashion.
  21. What doesn’t give life, gives death. Each moment is a choice. There is a place for each, but the earth will tolerate a tyranny for neither.
  22. The modern mind likes its “for and against”, its “yes and no”, and its “good and bad”. It likes to stick to its attachments. I’ll never give you up. I’ll never let you go. But the true nature of life is that it is an ever-flowing harmony of all things in their time and season: a time to rest, a time to fly, a time to live, and time to die.
  23. Humans today seek out a stable job because they are afraid of life. They also think that people who are loyal are good for them. That will change. In the future, humans will find empowerment in the adventure of life. A stable job is like a stable armchair in front of the TV – when you are ninety years old.
  24. No, you can’t keep your biological cells. Let them go.
  25. Modernity is an experiment in creating a humanity that is so artificial, that most of them don’t know how to take care of anything beyond what they believe society expects of them.
  26. Your soul is infinite awareness and is eternal. Until you know this, you will continue to seek out everything that isn’t for you and isn’t you.
  27. Love is not located in this matrix world. It never was. However, love, like light, gives it essential life.
  28. Love is who we are right now. You don’t have to seek it. When humanity finds this out, it will stop buying products and services it doesn’t need.
  29. Most of those who think that they are awake, get their proof from books and media. This too shall pass, and they will find that books don’t survive long in the sea.
  30. Our being is connected to a sea of energy, and we are a part of that energy, manifesting as an awareness, and only as a body as we create it. We manifest on earth through the biological technology called physical reality.
  31. Dragons still exist because we create them in the energetic soup of creative awareness.
  32. Our misguided and false expectations of others is easy to see when people disappoint us. Our misguidance is not so easy to see with the people who please us. The lies that please us are the most challenging. The ones who are destined to wake up from the plant-like stupor are those who will awaken and let them go.
  33. Every lie catches up to us eventually. As Plato aptly noted, the soul hates the lie most of all. Eventually, it does remove it. Sometimes, it tears it off, like a band-aid that was attached with superglue.
  34. Most people project the cause of being lied to on who they deem the liars and deceivers. “It takes two” applies well here.
  35.  The reason why so many evil tyrants have gotten away with all their crimes against humanity for so long, is because they are so good at projecting evil onto some other group. The public accepts this and pays their taxes to said evil tyrant. They feel happy when they hate another group. It makes them feel safe and free of responsibility.
  36.  Most people see awakening and the process of awakening as some kind of divine and beautiful flowering of consciousness. The truth is that the lotus is born in the stink and slime of pond scum. You first have to wrestle with that fact.  Eventually you see that there is a function for slime and stink, and it isn’t what you thought.
  37. Nothing is what you think it is or thought it was. No one is who you thought they were. The basic reason for this is that mind didn’t create this world, and it certainly doesn’t understand it.
  38. One of the goals of creating this specific human timeline that we are witnessing is to experience   what happens when we lose sight of Source, who we truly are of and confuse ourselves for the creation itself.
  39. All the systems of this modern age are designed to collapse in on themselves. They feed on the source, but deny it. They weren’t meant to survive, but they were meant to try.
  40. Evil lives only within each of us, like viri and bacteria. This is why, only your awareness can master it enough to eliminate the threat.
  41. One day, it will be common knowledge that human health can be maintained through maintaining and being around higher frequencies of awareness. No drugs, no vaccines, no pseudo-psycho-babble.

  42. The universe is giving clues to each one of us, to awaken us to the ruse that has been played for centuries. We are all in the process of shedding the lies.  The longer we hold on to the lies, the more we identify with them, and the more likely it will damage our biology, a.k.a. kill us.
  43. Those who took the vaccine will die within a few years of some “normal” cause.
  44. There are people working on a cure for those who took the vaccine. They will save the lives that have chosen to be saved.
  45. The children who are being vaxxed (sacrificed), will be reminders of the holocaust that is currently before us.
  46. Know thyself! (Γνώθι Σεαυτόν)

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