Art as Sacred Act, or Stop Reading too Many Books

This is a message to the artists in the world, the creators, the manifestors, and the true drivers of the force of humanity.

Despite what the general consensus seems to be, too much book reading, internet reading, meme observance, focuses attention away from your own internally inspired creative impulses. Most people spend much of their time imitating and transmitting data and memes.  They read book after book and they communicate with others by sharing books. They are inspired by words on a page, more than their own hearts, in which they have no courage. Meanwhile, we also have the passive observers, those who find it to be useful to spend their lives nodding one way or the other, to express disapproval or approval, outrage or consent: these are the people the meme-pushers and book readers and analyzers love to collect, like a doll collection that they can keep in their phone. Our society applauds and boos by means of the “like” button, a passive, lukewarm way of feeling like we participate in the world of conversation and dialogue. It is, in all reality, the mumbling of the child who is too afraid to speak up, or worse, has forgotten how to. Many people are in the worse condition. They wouldn’t know their own voice if it showed up in a dream. That is why they don’t care about sharing it. To them, there is no point in speaking because all that would come out is agreement, and so there is no point. If they disagree, they don’t like the conflict, and avoid saying anything at all.

Those who do care about sharing their voice and no that is not bound by assent or disagreement, know the true power of their own voice – that it can create worlds and multworlds, that is in harmony with every other art that shows up, and that is the collective force of every cell and every organ of their imagination.

There are many artists out there struggling, not to become famous (I am not talking about such drives here). I am talking about the struggle to find their voice in a consistent manner and in a way that fills their whole life with creative energy. I am writing this essay for such artists. The reason is that, as Plato noted in the Republic, the musician (the artist/poet) is the creator of civilizations. Our artists are the only hope we have, but so many are pulled down by the weight of the matrix which is hell-bent on using artists for food, and has no intention of allowing them to find the freedom and power in their creativity, divinely gifted by the sacred universe itself.

Art is a sacred act.
The matrix is an abomination of the sacred.

Your art and inclination towards art is a result of the vein or the cord connecting you to the divine, to the quantum field, to Source, through your soul. The matrix, on the other hand, doesn’t foster that connection. It teaches you to read more of its books; to study hard in its universities, to do things in a manner which is practical for it, and it alone. The reason it wants you to do this is basic: it wants knowledge to be a cork in the wine bottle that is your ever-flowing creativity. The problem is, however, is that a cork is a limited thing, like knowledge. Your creativity is boundless. As a result, the cork can’t really stifle your creativity at all. The only way it can stifle it, is if your mind is given the illusion that it is stifled, and to have you so brainwashed and programmed that you think that you are not a function of the infinite flow of a creative universal source. How do they do this? Well, primarily the matrix creates fear around creativity and all feelings and forms of it that might show up.

Many artists have been poisoned with so much fear of their own soul, that they spend most of their lives suffering and being far less than they imagined they would be when they were younger. Fear is the hobgoblin that keeps you far away enough to not notice the cork in the wine bottle.

This is called “adulting”. It is really just “fearing”. “Adult” people abandon their creativity or relegate it to a hobby, or sell it and package it in a way to make it a viable pursuit, like a career in some company that owns them and gives great benefits. Full blown creativity would be unwelcome. Why? The power of your creativity can transform the entire world. It is the stuff of earthquakes and volcanoes.

The artist is the most powerful being on the planet.
The artist is who the matrix feeds on.

You probably doubt me when I say that, and that is because you are programmed. Imagine if all the people, all the artists knew how powerful their artistry is, and that, in the face of a lying, corrupt, and evil political-economic-pharm-entertainment-war machine we call “society”, they would be certain of victory.

But as it is, most people, even the ones who say they are awake or woke, are spending time online, reading passing memes, all the same things every day, the same ideas, the same fight, the same anger and frustration. Still, they must keep their safe lifestyle, their friends, their enemies, their misery, their paycheck. This is the excuse they have programmed to maintain. They still want to make the old system work for them, the old corrupt war machine, the “old normal”, the “golden days”. Even the ones who want change, and want a new world, look to the old one for tips and tricks. Either they are looking back to the ancient tribal cultures, or the homesteaders of the early American West, or they are trying to get back to pre-pandemic days where they could party and have fun without concern for diseases. If they are not trying to get back to the old normal, they are reading voraciously, finding online podcast and twitter influencers; looking for knowledge and confirmation, something to will help them get back to the world they think they used to be in. There is nothing creative or forward thinking about any of this. This is just fear stuff, and more fear stuff.

The artist is still trapped in the machine, even when parts of the machine function as the anti-machine.

Did I say that I am writing this essay in order to ping artists? You are the visionaries, the ones who can assist humanity in creating something entirely new. Out of the materials of a collapsing beast, you can see the field beyond good and evil right before you, you can see the love that is everywhere. You don’t need to reference a media influencer or a guru for that. It is all communicated through your heart, through the universe, through the divine source.

Letting go of everything that is a fueled by fear, will free up the energy in your wings, allowing you to fly.

Always prune the plants in your garden; prune them of growth that is just feeding off the vine, and not bearing fruits.

Notice how most people only traffic in what they deem “knowable” and “certain”. When they read, they look for information, and if they aren’t given that, they move on. Most consume only what they like to hear and what they like to hear is what all their friends like to hear and so on, and most of what they communicate with others has been ratified in some way by a book, a media personality. Most people have to know what they are saying before they say it – living on the ‘edge’ is not an option. If they do live on the edge, they are going to need a book to help them. They need to even have their predictions right, and so they will consult an outside source to determine if they are making the right sources. How much money is spent per year on diet books. You don’t need diet books if you listen to your body. What I am saying right now is shocking to some people. They think that they need books to help them eat!

This is why millions of dollars are spent on shows like the Walking Dead, the Simpsons, and other shows that program the population to get ready for specific ideas. Ideas must only be sourced through the media, and not through our own soul awareness. The matrix operates as a giant feedback loop that works through every person in its grid. EVERY PERSON. That means you, my friend. You can’t escape it. Thinking you escape it is part of being in the matrix. Everything you know about, through the mind, is currently, matrix driven. There is no magic here in the matrix, only the simulation of magic. When people see something happen, like 9/11, and then notice that it was “predicted” on the media years ago through an influencer or a show, they stand in awe, as if there are psychics who can predict stuff, and that they are on the television or the internet. This solidifies the idea that the media is where all the soothsayers, inspired warlocks and witches can be found. Once again, the people are programmed to reject not only their own soul and ability to be aware of what is happening, but everyone else who is not ratified by the media. People have been trained to never consult their true oracular nature, the divine feminine within, the one who can see before all can see, the source of all creativity and possibility. They run for the 1-800-psychic numbers or the YouTube guru who seems to know themselves better than they do!

To be the artist,
be with yourself,
and abandon all hope
at the even horizon
of your identity
abandon all knowledge,
and all expectation.
Enter the void:
the soil is dark
but teaming with life

that feeds you.

Art derives its power from the unknown: uncertainty, ignorance, complete awareness devoid of knowledge and pseudo-science. It’s where children find their natural creativity, where the impossible can become reality, and where true joy is found, unconditional, and despite any circumstances of life. You need to be in contact and connected to your physical body, along with your soul, to craft your life – and not on your own terms (terms are conditions of mind), but simply through the natural flow of your nature, whether your mind likes it or not. It is not about doing this particular thing or thinking in a certain way. It is beyond all of that mind-stuff. It is being who you are, like the sun “be’s” what it is.

Society, and the state it is in now, is designed to oppose the life of art. The reason is that it will lose its food source. Society could be understood to be constructed, as Plato wrote, as a contract, so that the weaker and more cowardly can gain power over the stronger – by gaining the advantage over them, by feeding off of them. The society we have constructed is afraid of nature, but it is most afraid of human nature. It’s own construct is a form of art that is fueled by the bodies and souls of the individuals who agree to live inside of it, to offer the kundalini (creative) energy as a sacrifice for the “greater good”. 

In the matrix, art has to sell to be viable, and it has to become popular or find “its place” in order for people to pay attention to it. But that has never been the function or aim of art. Art is the manifestation of awareness, an attempt to create what doesn’t yet exist, not to imitate that which already has approval. Art is a function of life, not a hobby. We don’t actually exist on this planet until we allow the universe to create through us. The bird knows where to go, where to fly, where to sing, and accepts its dying. The universe guides him and flows through him. Birds don’t resist being birds. Humans, however, resist everything. We were programmed to resist, through centuries of genetic modification, propaganda, mind control and complex programmatic systems. Most humans spend most of their days complaining about other humans or, lacking that type of arrogance, complaining about themselves, trying hard to prove that there is some form of human nature that is better.

Meanwhile, art is the universe singing through the body of the individual, and that universe could be anything and everything through that person. Art is the action of connecting and being connected to a  world that mind and ego cannot even come close to understanding. Many people give up their creative impulses and creativity because they are afraid of being alone. Society has taught us that being social is more important than most things in the world. It has taught you that reading books is better than reading your own heart. This is entirely false and is just another matrix meme designed to thwart you away from the true power of the universe and your awareness of it. It wants you to remain food for the matrix, to be a slave to its data transmissions, and to be obey. It targets the high artistic artists most of all, because you are the magicians and alchemists that can transform the world into the next age, an age of higher frequency that requires very little in terms of control systems.

If you want to be free and you want to set others free, be the artist, the creator, the wielder of true magic, the one inspired by all of life, not just this or that life, or mine or his, or theirs – all of it: the moths on the windowsill, the rain on the parade, the sadness in your heart. Love it all and love it all without having to know it all, or know anything for that matter. Love without doing anything. Love without having to be anything. Just love.

Create, above all else, love.

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