A Vampiric World: Dementors and Soul Feeders

  1. The true spiritual work begins with you and only you. You are the being through which the matrix runs. You cannot remove yourself from it. You cannot escape from it, like the movies show you. The one thing you can do, is take your power back. The matrix is a system that is designed (yes, designed) to feed off human souls as if they were batteries. It does everything possible to keep you away from taking your battery back. It does this through fear, hate, aversion to questions, aversion to introspection and self-inquiry, and a distaste for those who can guide you to find your power again. It trains and programs the mind to run the show, and make sure you stay inside that mind, where all the data and programming is stored. It is adaptive AI, so it can grow, and make you feel like you are growing as well. But you are not growing. You are dying.
  2. In the Harry Potter books, the muggles (normal people), can’t see the dementors. The dementors are real. They are all around us. Most people hide them in their “bad thoughts”, their “pain” and their “misery”. I have seen them, however, because my awareness level has gone beyond reactivity and psychological interpretations. They are the shadow-self, the Tolleian “pain body”, the slim-men, and some of us can see them.
  3. The seers of the world today are few, but they are there. No one would believe them. They only believe what they have been told is true already. The world has gotten into such a state today that people actually believe that the Simpsons show is the oracle of Delphi.
  4. The pseudo-science called “psychology” has the fundamental purpose of distracting you away from the real state of your soul. It treats all emotions and mental disturbances as diseases, for which you need drugs and a lot of money to pay for therapy from people who probably are worse off than you are. I have met with a few psychologists in my lifetime. Both turned out to be pedophiles and sex addicts. Of course, not all of them are in the state – but many are. To believe in psychology, requires a huge deal with the matrix, the mostly involves giving away most of your soul, particular the areas deeply connected to the divine.
  5. Human beings have been trained to believe that feeling bad or depressed is psychological. It’s not. It is spiritual, and it is the side-effects of soul harvesting, soul contracts, and deals with the “devil”. The only way to “heal” is to remove the contracts, retrieve the soul pieces, and refuse to comply. Most people won’t do that – they would rather use drugs, pay money for therapy and retreats, and have nothing else to do with themselves.
  6. The entire structure of the current world, the matrix, is falling to pieces, but it is something that lives off and through human beings, like a virus. It feeds off dying and decaying matter, which the human body has plenty of. This gives most people the feeling of “running out of time”. As they age, this creates a fear that begins to accelerate. The diseases soon come on, and the fear grows exponentially, until they are considered useless eaters by society, and they unmysteriously die in a nursing home during a “virus” outbreak.
  7. Come to think of it, the matrix is more like a burial ground of diseased forms, with no where else to go or do, other than feed of the ones who are full of pure of life, such as children.
  8. Moloch is a good that required child sacrifice. All of your Hollywood and political favorites are worshipers of Moloch. Soon, the world will know. Get ready.
  9. The lay-person doesn’t know the extent to which science has become a political fabrication designed to control, manipulate and seduce. True science is so far away from what most people think “knowledge” is. Most people, who aren’t scientists, or who are false scientists, think that we have certainty. We don’t have certainty. Things seem to operate in a certain way, and we rely on them, until our understanding requires adjustments, as we gather more and more evidence. Science is a journey. Not a proof or a chart you can pass around on the internet. It is certainly not something that the evening news can bring you.
  10. The human world is not controlled by humans, just like the garden is not controlled by the ants.
  11. The modern human mind has been programmed to have absolute confidence in the mind, and the mind alone. This is no different than having absolute confidence in the advertisements people see on the internet, and the presentations and propaganda people consume by the governments of the world. Even when they tell people that there are “aliens”, they will do it in a way to use the knowledge about aliens as a means to control. Aliens are already here. They do not have physical bodies in this dimension, although some can simulate it.
  12. The governments of the world work for deep and dark forces that are not human. This is fact. This is why killing millions, maiming, destroying wealth, is all in a day’s work.
  13. No one believes what I say, but when you speak from the heart, you speak from deep knowledge, that has been shown to you. It is as true as the light of the sun. Most people are trained to call such a person, who has such conviction “crazy”.
  14. The people can’t believe that their masters aren’t the ones they elect, so they busy themselves with trying to get a “real” election, as if there ever were such a thing. You can’t get a real election when elections are not real in the first place. you can’t get real love where love is not real in the first place. This is the absurdity of humanity.
  15. The human race can attain freedom from the dementors, if and only if, the begin to wake up from the deep sleep. That can be quite a shock however: the inner world, the “subconscious” of human beings is terribly frightening, and even fatally so. Humans have been captive for so long, it would be painful for them to exit the Platonic cave.
  16. Most people believe that the rat-race that is this life, coupled with the temporary breaks called “vacations” are what constitutes success and the good life.  The human being is highly adaptive, and can manage to survive, even in the most unhealthy circumstances. Add on top of that, a layer of programming designed to keep the rat chasing the cheese, and enjoying every bit of it, as long as it keeps imagining that the cheese is good and that the cheese is free for the taking. We all know what really happens in the end,
  17. There are companies and people who thrive off the decrepit system that creates the general unhealthiness of most human beings. Most of you work for them. It keeps the system alive, even though it is more like a dead man walking.
  18. The matrix manipulates mostly by offering deals for apparent personal profit. These deals always require a piece of your soul.  The more deals you make, the more soul you lose; that is to say, the more you loose your humanity. People who go to church a lot think they are exempt from this situation. They are the biggest liars of all. The matrix church is more corrupt than the church of Satan. At least the church of Satan is a little more honest.
  19. The Christian zealots become extremely angry when they sense you are not “one of them”. That is how you know, they are not living in the heart, but are living as if they were white blood cells fighting off the infection of the host, which is the matrix that runs through their veins, pretending to be Jesus.
  20. Some of us can see the difference of those who still have a soul and those who do not. Those who do live through their soul are easy to be with – for those who still have a soul. But for those who do not, who have compromised themselves, the very feeling of a soul strikes terror within them – this is because they have been trained to avoid the truth about themselves, God, and their soul. They have been trained to hate themselves. How many suicides are occurring in the world right now?
  21. The pandemic doesn’t cause suicide. Not even the isolation causes suicide. What causes suicide is simple: the matrix that is running through you as a node, wants you to self-destruct. It has no use for you. When the matrix, a.k.a. society, has no use for you, you feel lonely and depressed. That is just the beast that is starving. If you don’t give it food, it will abandon you. It does this through disease and suicide.
  22. Most music in the 90s was designed to program self-destruct codes in the younger population. The matrix used Nirvana and its helmsman, Kurt Cobain, to create a religion around agony. It was highly successful. When the matrix was done with him, he was suicided. Now many worship Cobain, as if he were some kind of martyr for their misery. As the Ancient Egyptians knew, to worship is to embody. Be careful who you wish to be. You will follow them.
  23. For those living through the soul, despite all attempts of the matrix to get a piece of you, it is best to find those around you who communicate as an energy exchange. Energy exchange can involve money, but it always involves heart and inspiration.  “Buying local” isn’t always the answer. “Buying in the heart” is.  You know these people when you meet them, like you know an original painting when you see it.
  24. The matrix is always fake. If you feel that you are being fake, check and see if is not a program running through your veins. Remove it. If you can’t, find someone who can help you do that. No one can do it for you, but there are plenty of those who can help you find a way.
  25.  It’s more important to find the matrix in yourself, then look outside of you. The matrix wants you to project outside yourself, so that you don’t’ find the wires and silicon and programs running your entire internal system.
  26. Everything – including the evil – is born from with you. Yes, YOU.
  27. When spiritual teachers say that “you are more powerful than you imagine”, most people then suddenly think that they ought to make more money and have a better lover.
  28. The matrix manipulates all true spiritual teachings. It distorts and inverts everything. Until you understand this, you will still serve the evil you claim to resist – and you will still suffer.
  29. The music industry is completely saturated in blood and murder. This has become more and more obvious. Most people don’t care because they are complicit. In the fourth dimension, all bets are off. The deals you make with evil companies, the stars and famous people you worship: well, you embody them there. Some people commit horrible things there.
  30. The deeds and thoughts and roles you play out in “4D” affect your waking life. it can cause shame, a feeling of being impure or dirty, guilt, resentment, etc. It has an enormous impact, and so many people seek out a psychologist. This keeps the vampiric feeding of the matrix going, only this time with sedating medications. Sedating medications puts you even further out of your power, but at least you don’t have as much awareness of the dark feelings generated by your bad behavior in 4D.
  31. The more you feed the matrix, the more you become the matrix, and the more you want to feed and the more you defend it.
  32. This entire piece is designed to show you how the matrix is vampiric in nature. It feeds off of life, and it replicates through those of whom it feeds. The matrix isn’t “out there”. Spiritual teachers tell you to go “within” to find peace and harmony. This is true, but first you will see your dementors. You will see the crimes you have committed, the karma, the darkness: how you have abused yourself and others. You will see all of this. You will clear it out. You will then find peace and harmony.
  33. Matrix spiritual teachers don’t tell you about the harrowing task of clearing karma. This is because you would never go back to them, and they would lose your money.
  34. The only way out of the matrix is through yourself. You are the end and beginning; the alpha and the omega. The Jesus that people worshiped is a matrix formulation of him. That is not the true energy of Yeshua. The true energy of Yeshua is from within all of this and it is the clear path to your own soul and the divine. Everything else causes separation, anger, judgment, fear, hatred, and war.
  35. Few listen. Even fewer question.  However, everyone seems to know.

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