I. I spend a few hours of days with my plants, who are busy thriving and growing vegetables for my family. I love them. I water and feed them, and talk to them. They are the embodiment of peace and love. They are part of the family. I want them to thrive. I will use their seeds to create more of them. That is the true meaning of God’s commandments. Do you think the government is doing a good job serving the divine, and the nature our of the sacred creation?  Who is asking these questions?

2. Jesus will not save you, if you don’t feed the world with love and seeds – unconditionally. Unconditionally means, whether “Jesus” arrives or not.

3. Too many people are using Yeshua’s teachings to express hate and disdain for others. This is not his teaching. He did not see the world as an enemy. All he saw and taught was love.

4. Our bodies are connected to the earth and all that grows from within it.

5. The matrix always creates everything in pairs. So, if you have a teaching that express X, you will have a teaching that is anti-X. They are codependent. This is the nature of all world religions when understood at that level. If you choose one or the other to identify with, the opposite will chase you till the ends of the earth.

6. Everything the matrix creates is a simulation of nature and the divine. That is why it is able to work. If it were completely dissociated from the light, it would be too dark to even see, let alone take seriously.

7. All modern political/social movements are distortions of the light, and express division and polarity.

8. Politicians are actors whose role it is to maintain and increase division. They are the human face of the matrix system.

9. There is a certain lack of naturalness about those who reach the top of the social and political ladders. The reason for this is that they allow themselves to be overrun by the programming system, and they become a function of the system themselves. They are consumed by it. Few survive.

10. The public worships those who become systemic robots (a.k.a. stars). They’d rather lose their humanity, than have to manage such mysteries themselves. Convenience is always expensive, and the cost of it is a portion of your soul.

11. Embodying what it means to be human is to embody a mystery and to be enthralled by that mystery.

12. Love is a mystery that most people want to imprison and control. They want to own their beloved. Its a matter of convenience and advantage when the beloved enjoys being owned. Many call this a “relationship”.

13. Fear, not money, is the root of all evil, and human beings fear themselves most of all.

14. The matrix teaches people to fear each other. This is why most people are obsessed with entertainment that portrays murder and lust.

15. I saw a number of adults forcing injections into children. They enjoyed doing that. It gave them a feeling of power. The masses believe that what is good is indicated by how powerful they feel. They don’t care if they hurt anyone. They say to themselves “I am doing good”. What is their justification? The government said it was good. Their government is their spiritual guidance.

16. There is no balance in force and violence. Nature doesn’t use force, although she can be strong. Watch the plants and how they grow and don’t grow. They flow.

17. I am watching people delight in the idea of forcing other people to do things to their own body, against their will.  Everyone would pretend to be shocked if they saw what occurred during the communist revolution in Russia, in 1917. Yet, most are committing the same atrocities now, except without the need of blunt or sharp weapons. They are using media and death shots.

18. We are in the middle of World War 3. It is the first war created that doesn’t look like a war, and that is because it is deeper than all other wars. This is a spiritual war, a war that occurs inside each one of us. Who will win? It is up to you. Who rules you? Get clear on that.

19. History will not be kind to those who comply in the destruction of children.

20. Every evil is a function of those who stand on the edge and attempt to avoid the vortex of love and mystery, the sweet and beautiful nature of the universe. Most of humanity has been trained to avoid nature and to fight against it. This is called virtue and being a person who follows the dictum “Just do it”. All their demons, evil gods and goddesses, their shadow people – all of these are created, all them monsters under the bed, and those who believe in them, are simply those who give shelter to them. Beware of spiritual teachers who speak of evil beings as if they are powerful and real. You will be haunted by them if you let them in.

21. I can see false beauty and lies as clear as I can see the pixels on my screen. Those who hold falseness run from me. This is the true nature of an exorcist. Don’t believe the tales.

22. Nothing can cause fear within you, when you realize that all fears are generated holograms and projections, created by a collective consciousness that is afraid of its own death, and so creates monsters to project their death into.

23. Parents who live in fear, create children who live in panic.  Seeds eventually beget seeds.

24. What seeds are you planting? What are you cultivating? Some don’t want to look because they know there are monsters that lurk there.

25. You cultivate what you focus on. If you chase money because you need more, you never have enough. If you are searching for friends, you will cultivate loneliness. If you are seeking fame, you will forever be ignored. The world works in duality. The matrix will always betray you and so will everyone in it.

25.  The part of us that is and can be fulfilled, that is not chasing or wanting or desiring, is the part that is most connected to the divine and nature. It is the fuel, the lifeline that the matrix uses to torment you with lies and carrots. Let go of the carrots and reject the lies. Follow the lifeline and cultivate what you desire, not what the system desires of you.

26. Demons are the weeds of the soul. Use the scythe if you have to. Some will visit you in the form of dreams, some as people you know, some in visions, some as catastrophe – sky’s the limit.

27. All of humanity is possessed to some degree. We are now embarking on a new possibility though, a more intimate connection with the divine and nature. As this happens, as we begin to align with the garden that is more aligned with God’s creation, we easily let go of the matrix systems and all the distractions and candy it presented to us. We don’t do this to be virtuous and get famous and write books. We do this for joy and the joy of living in the great mystery, which is worthy in and of itself.

28. There is a place where you can be, where “in order to” doesn’t have any function. All parts of your body and soul are only parts because the mind slices and dices the whole, in order to comprehend it. We all move as one, together. There is no in order to, there is no one and no thing that is simply a means to some “higher” end.

29. The whole concept of “higher” and “lower”, in terms of morality or in terms of virtue, is ridiculous. Everyone plays a role – especially your “enemies”.

30. It is a human tendency to, when discovering some shocking and awful truth, that the world is getting worse. It is not getting worse, they are just awakening from a slumber, as if they were dreaming of a fantasy, and woke up to a reality that was opposite. However, many get derailed – and this is part of the journey – by focusing on trying to fix the reality, to make more like the fantasy they “remember”.  They don’t realize that they aren’t remembering a reality, but a fantasy that they once believed is real. This is yet another opportunity to wake up even further.

31. No one is every fully awakened. Each one of us has more to discover. This is not a fixed timeline. Everyone is on their own timeline in this respect.

32. As you awaken, the more you see that you never moved anywhere, never changed who you are – that you were always here, and present, waiting to found, waiting for love – waiting to grow in your garden. You are already free.

33. All timelines of the world collapse into the mystery of who you are and always will be.

33.  There is a point at which talking about politics as something is serious, is as important as a child playing house. It is good for learning, but there is a point at which it is not worth paying attention to. Don’t fall with the crowd. Listen to your soul, your garden will help you.

34. The more attached you are to a system, the more you fight and argue with it, trying to improve it and make it work for you. If you win, you will become the new tyrant. Most people don’t see this, especially when they aren’t yet the tyrant.

35. Beware of those who see themselves as peasants, and think they will be better kings than kings. They see no present power in their garden. And, so, they will be better kings – and more ferocious. They will also create more monsters to kill, to feel even more power.


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