Put down the politics: expand your awareness instead

“Once this meta program of culture becomes dominant, it shapes our experience into an arbitrary and parallel counterfeit of that which is real. Once this meta program takes over our perceptual apparatus, it is the only mode we have for interacting with reality. Once that happens we can’t question our culturally conditioned state, since that is our only reality experience.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce
  1. Increasing your awareness, expanding it, is the only way to assist in the transformation of humanity.
  2. Those who are not ready to leave the matrix reality that they live in, are expressing their roles and function in that reality.  They are playing their parts. There time playing those roles will be done in divine time, not yours.
  3. Mediation is the practice of calming the mind. It is a means towards another end, which is to awaken, to become aware.
  4. A mind that is turbulent and chaotic hides what it is beneath it, just like ripples in a pond distort and conceal the bottom.
  5. Once the mind is clear, through meditative practice, now you can see what needs to be cleaned out. That is where the real work begins. This cleaning out can take months, years, decades, depending on the work you chose for this lifetime.
  6. Humanity is undergoing a massive awakening and timeline shift. The muck that is being cleared out is fighting back with all the teeth and venom it can muster. Many people are being used as biological weapons for this purpose. Each person is meant to experience this in their own time and own manner. Don’t get caught up with others. Focus on yourself and the kind of life you wish to live.
  7. Every time you find new things to clear away, you will find resistance. Everything on this earth wants to survive, and it will vie for dominance, even over you.
  8. What you fear is a shroud designed to conceal what you love.
  9. Most people are not ready for unconditional love. The mere idea of it sends them into a panic, because it isn’t something they can own or control. But most of all, it is because they don’t love themselves enough to think such a love is possible for them.
  10. Political activism is a way to express a demand on a particular reality. All political activism is orchestrated through the adaptive AI of the matrix, which is designed to eventually lead each activist into a confrontation of their own inane anger and frustration with life. At that point they can choose to get real and begin their true purpose on earth – to educate (e-duc-ate) themselves.
  11. The matrix, the realities in this world, are not designed to serve you what you want. Nothing is real in the matrix. Nothing.
  12. When you are still attached to the matrix, when your responses, your emotions, your plans, and your dreams are confined to its expression of reality, in whatever format they happen to present themselves, you will inevitably find yourself disappointed. The more disappointed, the more anger you will experience, or perhaps sadness and depression, maybe anxiety.
  13. There are many people who have been holding onto “their dreams” for years, since high school. At age thirty, they still have the same unfulfilled dreams. The despair is indescribable. However, they can choose to remain in the despair or release all of it. The release itself would be a powerful moment of enlightenment. They would be in the position, at that point, to write the book of the ages, or the songs of a generation.
  14. There are timelines in the matrix that require roles and characters who believe that the matrix should allow them to have all that they desire, that their freedom should be a given, that they should have all the comforts that others have, with minimal effort, that they know, most of all, what is good for them and others, and that they are kind, good, and decent human beings, and that anyone who opposes them is evil, even Satanic.
  15. There is no “correct” timeline in the matrix. All of them are “movies” or “movie-like”. In these timelines, you have many roles throughout your life. Your life, as a whole, can be understood as a timeline. Some people find themselves as the protagonist. Some, the antagonist. Whatever your main role is, it is just that, a role.
  16. While you are in the role, you do not doubt that it is real. That is to say, you don’t see it as a role. You see it as your identity.
  17. The more familiar you become to yourself, the less you are a mystery to yourself, the more durable the mask you wear. Some have their mask super-glued to their face.
  18. The mask mandates are typical matrix symbolism. They don’t prevent viruses (because viruses are also a false creation inside a computer), but they do create bacteria – lots of it.
  19. “Viruses” are mutations of dead cell matter – no more or less. The entire science of virology, like psychology, has been designed in order to create control mechanisms that create both the problems and the solutions. The profit in this is enormous.
  20. Raising your awareness level will make you immune to “the virus”. The rest of the people are designed to live their lives in fear, and so to constantly battle disease.
  21. Everything that you see happening in the network of dense timelines called earth, is a door, or portal for your inquiry. Each door, will get you closer and closer to the final door. For each door you avoid, a million more are shut.
  22. In a play, there is always the need for consistent characters and props, to provide the timing and setting of the scenes. Against this constant backdrop, one character is designed to explore beyond the boundaries of the theater, but he must do it against the current reality of the theatrical presentation. Some people people’s roles on earth are the props and settings, the friction, the rocks in the road – the things that won’t budge. Those whose nature it is to flow like water, to move, will eventually discover their own power, and like water, will flow right over everything and, like water, will find a way out through the cracks and openings they uncover.
  23. Usually, when people begin to awaken to lies through questioning their “reality”, bemoan that their friends and family who don’t see things as they do. Many get stuck here and some never leave. They don’t want to do anything without followers or likes.
  24. Once you let go of needing followers and likes, there is nowhere you can’t go.
  25. Freedom is the freedom of your awareness, because there is no other kind of freedom.
  26. The limited mind will always feel unfree and will often project its sense of limitation on the world it experiences, blaming politics, governments, etc. for its lack of freedom.
  27. Everything you require for your freedom is already within you – including your health.
  28. The matrix is a war that needs your participation. The more you participate in the war, the more you will perpetuate the matrix timelines, and extend them for your children.
  29. The side that says it is the “good” side doesn’t exist without its “evil”. This is common knowledge, but rarely taken seriously.
  30. Everyone is in different stages of awakening. Some only see the political façade. Some see the false economic system. Some see the false pharm industry.  Very few see the veil that religion provides. Even less see the entire thing as a pixelated virtual reality based on a binary programmatic system. In time, this will change. More and more will see the entire thing as a child’s play, a computer game.
  31. Humanity will overcome this age, through its efforts towards awareness, each in his and her own time, guided by the divine timeline.
  32. The current push for more and more control and restrictions, all over the globe, is the demon-system showing who it has been all along.
  33. It is a common mistake and illusion to think that, because evil seems stronger, that it means that this age is more corrupt than the last. No, the opposite is the case. We are now becoming more and more aware, and so the light is being shone upon all the roaches that we didn’t realize were there before.
  34. Evil is just the manifestation of frustration, pain, and agony gathered up into an energetic frequency, and directed by a consciousness hell bent on destroying every toy and players of toys, on the face of the earth.
  35. Black magic practitioners conjure demons, that is to say, the conjure their own rage, buried deep beneath them, in their ancestral timeline, in their DNA.
  36. Diseases are passed through the generations. Only the individual can choose to expand beyond that, and heal himself.
  37. The pharmaceutical industry is designed to enslave you the system – to keep you unaware of the truth that you can heal yourself.
  38. Evil shows up in each one of us, as we reject what is good and free natured within ourselves.
  39. People who have negative self-worth will naturally despise someone who expresses unconditional love towards them: they can’t possibly love someone who loves something as vile as they perceive themselves to be.
  40. There is an entire generational timeline that runs on principles of self-loathing and confused identity. It is a timeline that was created through entertainment media, that was born in the late 1980s. There are still a number of nodes working through that timeline, some still running with it, some trying to dismantle it. It is the cause of innumerable psychological diseases.
  41. Self-love is the gateway to unconditional love. However, in the matrix, self-love has been replicated and it has been transformed into what infamously known as narcissism and narcissists.
  42. The narcissist is the scorpion that stings itself for pleasure, and gladly harms himself.
  43. The matrix finds a way to take something pure and good, and transforms into something despicable.
  44. I don’t have any particular wisdom. I am just standing in a visible but high frequency light that shows me what I see. I write it all down here, hoping that it will help someone else, maybe nudging them a bit while they are nodding off to sleep.
  45. When the monsters seem to be knocking at your door, when you begin to feel those feelings of dread and loneliness and despair, don’t fall in for it – look deeper at the patterns of thought or maybe just imagery of how you see yourself, and see them as the illusions that they are. Know that there is something richer, more beautiful, more expansive “on the other side”.
  46. You can’t see the beauty and divine in others, if you don’t experience it in yourself. All else is fake posturing.
  47. It is impossible to express who you are outside the languages of the matrix. All languages provide symbolic references and expression. Whatever you think you are in terms of this language, you are not that.
  48. The mind often conceptualizes the self, as the thing that is nothing. That feels empty and uninspiring, even mathematical. But being is not a concept. It is being – it is energy, and it is the pure expression and feeling of energetic aliveness and freedom and love. It is everything you ever wanted, and it is everything you already are.
  49.  Number patterns are matrix inventions. They only mean what you want them to mean.

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