Energy work, careers, and the great awakening

  1. Many people are losing their livelihoods right now. Most are in the medical field. They cannot practice if they don’t agree to inject poison into their body. Many are not agreeing, and are busy trying to find loopholes and ways around it. They are trying to save their career.
  2. Humanity is not yet at the stage where they are ready to let go of the matrix system. They are still trying to navigate it, finding loopholes, trying to survive like mice in a maze. This will only go on for so long, because the suffering will increase exponentially. You can’t “make it” in the matrix. You have to leave it all behind, especially the systems that you believe are yours.
  3. Everyone is being guided to save their soul, not their career.
  4. There has been a huge confusion inside the mind of humanity. Kids have been trained to think that their career and livelihood defines who they are.  This definition of themselves is defined by a template. This template is implemented through the exposure of services the individual provides to the community. In exchange, the individual receives financial compensation in the form of the fraudulent USD.
  5. Soon, not only will the careers of many be dissolved, but their money will also become worthless. The process has already begun, since the turn of the century when the Federal Reserve was created. Frogs boiling happy in the water.
  6. I do not write from a place of comfort. I write from a path of awakening, beginning in 1988. My life consists of much loneliness and loss, and near-death experiences. I have walked through hell in order to be a guide for others. Nothing in my life remains, and all dissolves into dust.
  7. Most of my work is remote. I embody timelines and dissolve them.
  8. Nothing that you think you are, are you.
  9. Our souls are energy and flow like water. Our expression and our way of connecting like water. Water can be contained and will only form a shape if it is trapped inside a container. Each drop of water is imperceivable. There is no “drop” of water, except as it is separated from the source, and is guided by certain forces that prevent it from merging. We are one, like water is one. The mind cannot grasp any of this. If you try, you will feel the matrix working through you, deadening every word I just said into some form of boredom.
  10. All language and speaking have a little bit or a lot of death in them. Be careful of reading too much. Old words contain old spells and spellings.
  11. There is a unity that can be reached from within, through your soul. You feel it, because the mind is just barely observing, and you are living in complete freedom, flowing, being, doing. It is always invigorating and joyful.
  12. The soul’s true energetic inclination is to create, to give life, to nourish life, to observe growth, and improve upon it, to offer its service to the earth. That is true meaning behind “created in the image of God”.
  13. Water can find cracks in any barrier. If you are feeling trapped, you are suffering an illusion. All matter has cracks. All forms dissolve. The universe is space. You are space.
  14. There are many people looking for salves and potions and medicines to avoid or cure the “virus”.  The virus doesn’t exist except on computers and television screens. So how is the virus catching? Why are people getting symptoms?  The answer: you are a creator.
  15. The matrix is an adaptive AI system that can generate diseases, if it is so inclined. And it is very much inclined. Fear is a great way to generate disease. To the individual, fear is a projection of some object or person or circumstance that the individual wants to avoid at all costs.  There is a program that runs to deal with this kind of fear, which serves to increase its power and potency in the mind. The feared thing becomes more real. Fear cannot exist when awareness is present, because awareness is like water, and will flow over the fear, which is a like a rock, simply in the way, or a figment of an imagination that imagines the rock that is in the way.
  16. Many kind and loving people are victims of their program for kindness and love. They have been weakened by it. The system has allowed them to cultivate “new age” practices because it lowers their ability to fight. Their healing is powerless when the system wants to enforce its power over them. Many are suffering for this.
  17. The Christians are zealots, but they have the fortitude to survive. Unfortunately, what they lack is love and compassion for others, and to that extent, they are like a pit bull with nothing to lose at all.
  18. If we aren’t fighting for love, we are fighting for an idea.
  19. Nations no longer exist. That is yet another illusion that is still working as if it were reality.
  20. Appeals to nationalism or patriotism are like a child defending the territory of a sand castle, built too close to the waves.
  21. Attempts to write politicians in order to achieve the desired results is like writing a letter to Santa’s helpers, complaining that you didn’t get the gifts you want.
  22. I write in lists in order to confuse the algorithms. I have no certainty that it is working.
  23. Love is not romance. Romance is a program that has had a lot of development since the time of the middle-ages.  Today, it is, for the most part, associated with sexual desire and commitment: both considered to be bondage by any aware civilization.
  24. Modern civilization is an inverse expression of what is true and good for the human soul. We are living through the age of Kali. It is a death culture: fearful of death, and yet cultivating it.  
  25. When we fear something, we give it to ourselves with open arms.
  26. The entire modern economy is driven by fear. Fear and sex sells, but fear sells more.
  27. The only book in the Bible worth reading now is Job.
  28. If you do something out of love, you are doing it for the joy of it and the inspiration and life it provides. When you do something out of fear, you are doing it to get away from something, to avoid, or run towards something. Fear creates neediness and desperation. Love, on the other hand, remains where it is. Love is presence.
  29. One day, humanity will allow itself to grow in all its variety and differences, like flowers do, and all the animals. One day, humanity will let go of its need to control and make everything homogenous and easy. One day, humanity will flower from within, and will express its soul, in all the beautiful ways it was meant to. Limitation will be a puzzle to it, and opportunity to thrive and find its shape, not an oppressive trap and instrument of fear.
  30. Currently, most people are obsessed with what they fear, because they are protecting something.  The desire for protection and safety is what got us here in the first place.
  31. If you don’t trust the divine, you cannot trust your soul. They are one.
  32. If you don’t trust your soul, and you only trust what society gives you, you can’t trust. What you do, is fear.
  33. The first place people look to in times of desperation, is the community. The community has become the god-oracle of the modern age. The community believes it has the support you need, and you believe it will support you. This too is an illusion. It dissolves when you enter it, looking for truth.
  34. Careers are contracts of what you give and what you get in return.
  35. There is no unconditional love in a career. If you fail to give, you will fail to get. Most people try to cover their tracks. There is a way to live that doesn’t require contracts.
  36. We are learning unconditional love right now. Everyone is learning this. The first experience of unconditional love is that you have to let go of everything that is conditional in your life. Nothing in the world of forms remains as it is. It is not dependable, and isn’t meant to be. It is not the devil or a demon trying to deceive you. It is the nature of things and the nature of yourself who is the “devil”. In other words, the devil doesn’t exist, except the false fear that created it.
  37. Flowers bloom and flowers die. The earth and skies remain. Love it all.
  38. Modernity is an experiment that attempted to genetically fake a flower in order to keep it forever the way it is. Problem is that no one likes the same kind of flower, and the joy of living is not in the attainment of things or flowers. It is in the experience of life itself in its ebb and flow, its death and life. Even more, nothing plastic smells good or feels good.
  39. An easy life is a life that cannot breathe. Most people have been trained to keep it easy. What that means is that we have a lot of comfortable people who are in agonizing pain, feelings of restriction and limitation, and so disease.
  40. Modern yoga is British calisthenics with some soothing wisdom thrown in. True yoga is expressed in the yoga sutras. It begins with the quieting of the mind as a means towards achieving true bliss which is alignment and unity with your soul. It means seeing abs becoming through the illusions that comprise the world. The sage remains in the eye of the storm.
  41. It’s not the time for yoga. The time is now for boxing. Strength training. On all levels. This is a fight to free your soul, not a country. Not a government. Not a career
  42. There are many “healers” right now who are in pain because they are losing what used to be their life. They were never healing in the first place, they were just assisting others in their comfort zone.
  43. All disease is sourced in obstruction of the meridians, the blood flow, the chi, or the prana. All disease can be released when the obstruction is released or dissolved.
  44. The matrix is designed to create obstructions. It is trying to see if the human body and mind can be destroyed enough where it will no longer struggle to be free from obstructions. Right now, everyone is choosing: it is the matrix or your soul. The choice is only yours.
  45. Human freedom is not sourced in laws or nations. Human freedom is what we always already hold and are.
  46. There are many people trying to fight for their freedoms. They think this is the American revolution all over again. They want their careers and their normal life back. This will never be the case.  America doesn’t exist and their careers are operations in a system that is dying. We will not go back. We can only go forward.
  47. Once more and more people let go of the structure of the matrix that entangle them, the quicker we will be able to recover from the insane and psychotic Covid cult that is dominating the airways and radiowaves.
  48. Until then, we will continue to watch the struggle, the suffering, and the mourning, the gnashing of teeth and the battles.
  49. Death is an illusion (illudere).
  50. Fear of death is the angel who holds the fiery sword, at the gate of the Garden of Eden.
  51. Live, love, laugh (vivere, amare, ludere).

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