Our Sacred Duty

  1. Our sacred duty on this earth is not to our own pleasure. It is to be stewards of the earth, to give the earth to the children when they are ready. Our sacred duty is to the children and the earth.
  2. Your food is filled with unspeakable things. Grow your own, as much as you can. Do not skimp on costs with this. Learn to work with nature in your own way. You don’t have to be perfect. Do what feels good.
  3. It feels good to let things grow in their own time. It feels beautiful, like a song or a piece of artwork in the making.
  4. Pharmaceuticals are poison. Some even make you feel good. But they make you feel good, because they mostly make unconscious.
  5. Men have been demasculinized. They are the protectors and they are fast asleep.  They are not aware of their divine nature. The women must show them. But many of the women are still asleep, watching movies, waiting for the men. They are not aware of their divine nature.
  6. Everything stands on the earth, the divine feminine. The longer she sleeps, the longer the misery.
  7. We enter the world through woman. We exit through woman. She is life. She is death. She is all.
  8. A man must learn, at a young age, to tend the gardens of the earth. That is his power. He is a master. Modern humanity has prevented this, by making him learn impatience, intolerance, lust, laziness, and greed. He is now master of the seven deadly sins.
  9. Humanity is about to be plunged into a dark night of the soul. Some individuals have already been there. Most of have not. It will not be pretty. It will be a purge of filth. Many will treat it like entertainment as they do now, until they find the filth in their own soul.
  10. Many will not survive. The ones that do are mighty.
  11. All people in the system are compromised in some way, some more than others. Power, in the matrix, is not organic. You have to sell or give up a part of yourself to get “success”. The people have been programmed to worship “stars”. These stars are projections of certain lower energetic frequencies. The stars themselves are no important. They can be cloned or discarded and replaced, as needed. The energetic frequency they emit through them is the most important facet of the media.  The goal is to replicate through mass embodiment, which is a form of hypnosis.
  12. Modern life and modern comforts are a million compromises of the soul. Each person has paid dearly and willingly with their responsibility.
  13. A free autonomous being has complete responsibility over their thoughts and actions and experiences. Modern human beings don’t want that. They want to blame others or get distracted by whatever their imagination can come up with.
  14. The children are our sacred duty.
  15. Vaccines contain aborted fetal cell tissue.
  16. Prion.
  17. The politicians we elect are those who reflect our own sense of power. They love to cackle and laugh at their minions.
  18. Compromise and blackmail and lies.
  19. I write in lists to avoid the algorithm.
  20. Each person is being watched, because when you are in the matrix, carelessly talking and reasoning and arguing, to yourself or others, you are being watched and tracked, and not just on the internet. That is the surface area.
  21. Our souls are able to connect and communicate with each other on all frequency levels. Right now, our lower frequency bands are hijacked by the matrix system that wants to keep you enslaved. It doesn’t want you to grow.
  22. What you say with your words, is betrayed by your energy. The more aware you are of the energy, the less you need to rely on the falsity of words.
  23. The matrix doesn’t want your children to grow, except as food.
  24. You will know when you begin to free yourself from the matrix. You’ll be paid with a special visit, and you will then begin to learn what you are made of.
  25. Fear is an imagination and a projection that doesn’t exist. Don’t fall for it.
  26. Nothing can kill you, because your soul is immortal. “You” are not a personality. The personality is a matrix driven construct that is conditional on your experience and development, even your DNA.
  27. Awareness is highly devalued in the practice of all medicine, even natural medicine. It is not even considered to be a factor. That’s because so few have tried it.
  28. At very high awareness levels, we can pull in light that is deeply healing throughout the whole body.  Those are the levels that certain yogis have been able to reach.
  29. All human beings were designed to reach awareness. Humanity has been stunted, however, because the matrix system has enslaved them.
  30. You are programmed to become bored or angry at anything that either doesn’t entertain you, or doesn’t agree with you. The last thing they want is to arouse your curiosity.
  31. The deeper you go into awareness, the more magical everything appears. Nothing appears real, and that’s a good thing.
  32. It is our sacred duty to have awareness of and serve the children.
  33. The inner child is a matrix driven concept designed to create mostly pity for yourself and to infantilize your nature.
  34. The child’s eyes are filled with magic and wonder.
  35. There is nothing more magical than a seed.
  36. Famous human magicians are illusionists. They know nothing of magic.
  37. Everything in the world, technology, money, sex, etc. can be expressed in magical ways and used to serve the earth and the children. Modern humanity has been programmed to work them for something and someone else – something that is dark and sinister and consuming.
  38. Humanity has nearly reached peak depravity.
  39. The world will soon be shocked. The truth will be horrific.
  40. Be prepared. Clean the temple. Be free.

8 thoughts on “Our Sacred Duty

  1. “We have only one moral duty, to reclaim the peace within us and to radiate it around us”
    Etty Hillesun

    I feel like to rebel these days is to feel – and express – love, to cherish family and build one, to cultivate honor and spread truth. These things are so remote from our fabricated culture that they seem to glow red hot. A Christ-like impulse has never been more necessary, and never been more rebellious, to the powers that be.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It is good to hear…it has been on my mind, as has the much needed common sensibilities you inject into “WordPress platform of various people/ideologies/associations – more importantly as to how powerful your sensibilities WAKE UP those hellbent on some MAGA or QAnon or BLM or Antifa b/s –

        There is a common source of the angst these groups all have legitimate true-to-life beef with – they think it is each other – it’s not – it’s the Davos/Wall Street/City of London/Big Tech/Military Industrial Complex/Lying Press/Central Banking/Agenda 2030/politically connected, above the laws of the peasants- class – this is the enemy…your posts are straightforward and concise and no tap dancing, batton twirling, etc around the substance you deliver with straightforwardness that is NEEDED…


  2. I have been adjusting to the new life we have here. Also, been going through tremendous – how shall I put it? Changes? Maybe more like transformation.

    There is work I am doing and am meant to do in places I didn’t quite understand before. When I am ready, I’ll start writing again. There is one thing that all divisive groups have in common, and that’s that they all feel powerless and they are afraid, in one way or another. That is the illusion all seem to carry.


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