All the World’s a Mirror of You

1. It is very easy to become what you are fighting against. It happens in all wars.

2. The world you see is a projection of what you need to see within yourself.

3. You don’t see yourself in others. You project them from within your own configuration.

4. All the world is illusion except the soul of the world. The word illusion comes from the Latin, ludere, which means “play”.

5. Those who think they know what is good for you are usually just busy trying to convince themselves that they are good for themselves. Some make careers out of it

6. In this part of the world timeline, we are watching what happens when we trust experts more than god, more than our own soul.

7. Some people still think Halloween is real, that is the night when the veil between the dead and living is thin, and so it is. Expectation is creation.

8. We are learning how powerful we are, that we wield the magic of the imagination and that we create reality through thought and manifestation. Everyone else feels victimized by it and they will continue to protest.

9. The old order and power structure is dying, as leaves die from a tree in autumn. Be aware how you plan to cultivate your seeds for the next season. Make sure they are yours.

10. Right now, human awareness is mostly focused on the external projection that it doesn’t realize it creates. It boxes with shadows and the shadows return. This is natural for shadows. It is absurd for higher awareness beings.

11. When you get angry at those who don’t listen to you about the virus and vaccine, look and see where you aren’t listening to yourself.

12. When you start a dialogue with yourself, you begin to love yourself. You find peace. This is the meaning of yoga. It has nothing to do with other, and they begin to recede, as the light of soul expands your heart.

13. A tree can give neither comfort nor fruit if it doesn’t stand tall and grow in its own way.

14. The extent to which you focus your energy outside of you, is the extent to which you drain your roots of the nourishment you need.

15. The world would be a better place if people would mind their own business.

16. Demonic energy spends a good deal of effort trying to convince you that boundaries are bad for you. But even cells have walls, and we know what happens when parasites enter them.

17. The word demon comes from the Greek word, daemon. The daemon is a guidance spirit. New age religion cultivates the worship of personal daemons or demons. These daemons are usually parasitic or worse. They can and do possess the physical body and mind. Source, on the other hand doesn’t need daemons to communicate with you. Source opens your awareness. It is all for you.

18. The desire to be important is a disease that plays out in all fragments of modern life.

19. Love works with being, what is present. The idea of doing otherwise is like trying fo force the dog to be a bird.

20. The dream of transhumanism is to allow the desires of demons to overpower the cell walls of nature. They believe that the death of organic humanity is their birth into life.

21. Millions of people are clinging to an old dream of how they wanted their life to be. They are blaming others for its destruction. These are cries of demons, screeching through the mouths of babes.

22. All energies can speak through you. Your soul is as clear as the purest water. You can hear all, see all, rise above all.

23. When you have allowed your water to become muddy and filled with debris, you can become ill and unable to see. Your consciousness can get attached to a piece of rotten fish or algae. Some claim dying debris as their identity and learn to love it.

24. Awareness of unity knows that unity cannot manifest itself in this polarized world without committing the most atrocious violence against it. This is why new age religion is so destructive. It confuses community and the multiplicity with higher frequency unity consciousness.

25. The seed, as it is growing, needs proper nourishment, protection, love, water, and sun. It doesn’t need openness and a lack of scruples and discernment.

26. Sex education, gender bender studies in the schools is a form of parasitic invasion of the cellular walls.

27. This winter, so many people will watch other people willingly inject a poison that slowly or quickly kills them. But they have been doing this all along and the ones who survive will ask themselves: where have I been poisoning myself? Where have I not honored life? Where have I destroyed the boundaries of my heart and soul and mind? Where can I begin anew?

2 thoughts on “All the World’s a Mirror of You

  1. 1. It is not easy for an Englishman to become a Frenchman. No war between those two made that change.

    Ideological war is a corruption. It is nonsense to war for something like ‘the good of humanity’. Modern wars are corrupting not because they are wars, but because they are lies.

    An Englishmans soul was never corrupted because he fought as an Englishman for Englishman, neither when he attacked nor defended. But the moment someone fights for a lie, for equality or democracy or to force ‘freedom’ on others. That moment the soul is corrupted.


    1. Yes, I mention things along this line in a post I just created. War is a function of the polarity of a material world, and war has defined humanity for a way to long. This age is coming to an end, for those who wish to abandon the old ways, and release those timelines.


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