In a Dying World to be Reborn

Most people think of themselves as an accumulation of properties of various sorts: I am beautiful. I am stupid. I am wealthy. I have this skill or that skill. I did this two years ago, and that a year ago. I am suited to this. I am unsuited to that. These modifiers provide clarity, distinction, and a sense of self-awareness. We are such a creative species that we are even able to embody these intelligent labels as if they were who we are, instead of who we are designing ourselves to be.

All of these attributes define our identity based on our relationship to things, people, events, and circumstances. Our character, we believe, is a product of a mix between these influencers and a certain special something that we bring to the table. We are mostly, in life, preoccupied with all this stuff that swirls around us: all the action and drama and circumstances. Without it, we feel too alone, free floating, disconnected, lonely.

Artificial intelligence is entirely able to represent, imitate, and communicate with beings who identify with themselves in this manner, which is in the manner of theatrical characters, avatars, NPCs, and the like. It is entirely a hologram of collective mind. But it isn’t like the holograms in the hologram, the ones you see on TV or the internet or in your living room. The hologram I am talking about is the creative energy of this universe, the instantiation of the cosmic quantum possibility, translated into idea, communicated, and manifested into the world of matter, either through the expression of the human body (personality, relationships) or through things (the creation of buildings, software, holograms, vehicles, etc).

Most of our lives is not in the manifest world, however. Most of our worries, thoughts, concerns are projections through the power of thoughts, the geometrical configuration that defines most of our objects of concern, our understanding of the world, and, of course, the veil that hides the truth about who we are.

But the truth is that none of this is who you are. Van Gogh isn’t his paintings. You are not your world. You are not the projection of thoughts. You are not the extension of your body. Not even close. You, my friend, you are the creator.


This blog has been and will continue to be a reflection of my journey, but it is a journey that is similar to your journey, simply because, when we awaken from the dream of who we are as a character, as one thrown into this life, by the decision of some distant life force, we begin to experience ourselves in an entirely new way, a way that transcends the old way, in the same way learning to walk transcended your days of crawling. When you walk, the world looks completely different from the crawling-perspective, and it feels different too. It also unleashes something. There are more things that you see that you didn’t notice before. There are things you can reach for and grab that were previously unavailable. Even before you discover that you can run, you feel that possibility and your natural soul will guide to that next step. There is nothing stopping it.

Who you are to become is guided at the soul level of your existence, just as the soul of a tomato plant is guided to give fruit or not give fruit, just as the lion cub is not destined to become a tiger, so too do you have a certain mission and nature to fulfill while on this planet. The seed already is determined by itself and the collective destiny created for it. There is nothing bad that can happen or wrong, except from the perspective of a very limited viewpoint.

How do I know this for certain? Because it is in my nature to know these things. Do you demand proof from the lion that he is a lion? Or, do you accept it? Someday, human beings will, on a global level, be able to perceive themselves beyond the mind in a way that will allow them to see who they are more effortlessly, and with more clarity than ever before. They will cease wasting enormous amounts of time on war and anger, jealous and self-flagellation. So many of us still behave the way we used to behave on the kindergarten playground, and our manner of being “adults” is but a solution to conceal our own inner childishness.

All of this will change. We are at a crossroads now. The earth cannot survive if we continue to destroy ourselves with pain and misery, with lies and artificial life forms. So few understand how to plant a seed, or what it means to plant a seed. Everyone is try to prove that they have big trees to offer – big trees for big money. This is destroying the earth. There is a great deal of time that must be devoted to patience and slowness, and planting seeds, watching some survive, and some never see the light of day – to see joy and education and growth in all of this. To live in harmony with nature, with technology, with yourself.

But in the meantime, as things stand now, humanity is mostly in a state of deep sleep. What happens in deep sleep? Well, there are a lot of nightmares happening, and dreams of unicorns and candy lands. There is desire. There is fear. Fear and desire are a pair that, in human consciousness, creates divisive and explosive dramas of all sorts. Every movie depicts a formulation of fear and desire, a running away from, a repelling, and a running towards, an attraction. Love and war. It is the perennial fairy tale, the Russian novel, the Homeric Epic, the Bible, and all the other stories scattered at the foot of them. Our DNA holds the stories and patterns of stories at a cellular level, as well as an etheric one. But remaining this state, is like the seed that remains beneath the earth, in the dark, without enough water and light. It will not survive. If we don’t grow, we will not survive.

And by growth, I don’t mean growth into something bigger and better and stronger. I do mean something more like the butterfly. We become something we didn’t even know is possible – because we were too busy moving furniture around the cocoon- breaking it, creating another, breaking that, until it could no longer be built anew. This behavior, this stagnancy of the human race, this regression of consciousness is present simultaneously with the acceleration of the awakening. The reason for this is that polarity presents itself in times of growth, when we see what we leave behind (the past) and what we can see is ahead (the future). In that state, if we spend too much time focusing one what is lost, we can actually slow down the process of where we are going. The past is our ancestors, and the patterns that have done so much damage to the living. The past is, in all reality, still with us. It has never left, and we will carry that past into our future until the true end of the world occurs, if we don’t awaken from it, to step beyond the old world, a spiritual wasteland, a nightmare even in its pleasures.

You ask how I know this? This is my gift. I see it. When I meet people, I get to meet all their ancestors, their family, perhaps their friends, and the reason for this is because the physical human body holds the blood of the ancestors. Your body is the embodiment, not of years of evolution (although that does come into play), but of years of patterns and roles, and theatrical presentations. When you speak to most people, you are actually speaking to their ancestors, or the inhabitants of their body. Most people do not embody their eternal soul. If they did, they would not interact with the world with fear and desire, but would be more like any one of the wise men of old: Socrates, Plato, Jesus, the Buddha. Your soul, who you truly are, is not the body that holds all these DNA patterns, which maintain and keep alive the thoughts that cause so much stress in our lives, limitation, disease, and a sense of not belonging, or being prevented from true happiness. The fear of death is not coming from you, but is rather created from the body itself and all the created characters that animate themselves from the natural ever-present energy that your soul provides. Most people are unawakened to their eternal nature, their soul essence, and so their soul essence is literally being used a battery to animate the dead, those who do not want to pass, the ones who inhabit the bodies of those who are asleep. This has become the normal state of things, until now, until now when the whole world is starting to become restless, they feel something isn’t quite right with the world, and they are starting to become aware that life might not be quite what it has been seeming.

Would it be funny for me to say: I see dead people?

The next thing I am going to say is going to be difficult for some. Up until now, those who were awakened were few and had to go through immense struggle and difficulty to even stay awake. They too invented and participated in dramas that they felt were part of their journey. The idea of doing shadow work, clearing away darkness, and entities had become routine for them, who eventually would identify themselves with the spiritual movements that started to take hold in the sixties, the new age spiritual movements. These movements had gained immense popularity that – I believe – peaked with the mainstream acceptance of such things as Yoga, Reiki, and various other healing modalities. People would flock to self-proclaimed healers, those who would help them clear out their shadows and their pain. This idea, that someone else can remove your shadows, led to healer-addiction, obsession with object or idol worship, and ultimately a solicitation and interaction with beings who do not have and never will have good intentions. Most of the new age movement is currently starting to awaken with this realization: you cannot heal others. You can only choose to awaken yourself. Awakening yourself from the dream – not healing wounds, or clearing shadows – is the only way to “heal” the world around you. No amount of healing others or doing for others, or collecting crystals will achieve that goal. That is the rude awakening of the spiritual movement. They too were never awakened. They were still deeply asleep in the hologram.

And yet still, there is a pattern of mind that disbelieves all that I am saying. It cannot see how its own awakening can affect change in the world. It doesn’t really understand that hackneyed quote from Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”. The reason for this is that the mind which formulates the power of the ego, cannot see itself as being a very strong force in the universe. The ego only defines itself as something outside the world, and outside other beings. It always sees itself as separate, alone, or in connection with, as if it were an object to be molded, shaped, fixed, and folded, and ultimately discarded or prized as if a trophy, or mourned as a light that has been extinguished. It cannot see itself except in relation to the world it imagines it’s separate from: it compares itself to others and estimates they are better or worse. It imagines it knows what is good for it and what is bad. It dreams and believes to know the knowledge of good and evil – and it inflicts that falseness on the world around, and many, many people suffer through it. Through all the egos that collectively wield the hammer of righteous indignation, judgement and fierce anger.

Jesus once said “They know not what they do”. And we don’t.

The essence of awakening is love, unconditional love. It’s primary experience is nirvana, which is a neutral state of joy. It is not afflicted by desire, want or needing. Hate is a delusion to it. It is the perception that all is as it should be, and that who you are is who you have always been. You are no more nor less than that. This state, this sense of being, is available to everyone. Why? Because it is who you truly are. Everything else is baggage, furniture, a design, a play, a drama, an experience that you created for the sake of education on earth, the harshest and most difficult place to place in the universe to experience. We are not alone in the universe, but we are unique, as the planet Earth is the one experience that demands that we learn how to balance so many diverse energetic frequencies, as well as diverse projections of self, through others, through those who no longer have physical embodiment. It is truly a wonder when you confront the multidimensional nature of your being – that you are mostly space, mostly invisible (thoughts/consciousness) and yet you are coupled or attached in some way to this physical body that you can feel and hear and touch and see. All of that, the unlimited invisible soul with the limited and limiting physical circumstances, create such strife and conflict within one when they are here for the first few lifetimes. But after many, many incarnations and education, when you see the immense problem of Earth and the challenge of living here, then you can have true compassion for all beings on this planet, their struggle with the dark and the light, the limit and the limited, the eternal and the fatal. Any who choose to come here to try it out are worthy of great respect.

There are many people dying in this world right now. More than the normal amount. Some say it is because of the vaccines and some say it is because of COVID. But people aren’t dying. Patterns and DNA are dying. Bloodlines are ending, and that means timeliness are ending. We are watching that death of a civilization that has ruled for thousands of years, and we are witnessing, simultaneously the birth of a new civilization, one that is not ruled by characters who are asleep, but by awakened beings that act only from unconditional love, in alignment with their true nature, and their highest being. As an eternal being, you know all of this. Some of us remember the choice. Some of us uncover it during this lifetime. Some of us never will, until we meet the moment of death, when we depart from this life, and ready ourselves for the next. But regardless of what we are aware of, one thing is certain. We are all here to help raise our awareness level, or connection to the higher frequencies of light and dark, to become the masters of the light and the dark, just a painter becomes master of light and shadow, loving all, noticing all, fearless with the brush, and in love with our creation, still knowing full well, that we are NOT that, but instead that I AM.

Some people chose, before incarnating in this world, to experience death of this civilization, and so they are choosing their death. They are speaking something to us. The world is full of symbols and symbolism, because it is a hologram and because we are not the body. But when we are immersed in the day dream, the physical world, that is how the soul will try to communicate to us, through physical symbol. It will stop symbolic communication only when you no longer require it, when you can receive what is known as “light codes” directly to the mind. In the meantime. Watch the symbols. Learn from those who die. Pay attention to the ones who die while playing a game, while on the television, while pretending to be something they are not. That is their gift, and that is how you honor them. Many are destroying bloodlines that must be destroyed, that will free entire families, both past and present, from the tyranny of mind that has enslaved humanity since the beginning of what we call modern recorded history. When we are in a state of lower consciousness, we think death is an evil that must be prevented. And that is all we see. But there is something magical happening, beyond that lower interpretation. You spend days preparing a lavish feast. I dog just sees food it will consume in a second.

Some of us, however, are alchemists and magicians, and are able to transmute physical reality at a cellular level, to embody the higher awakened consciousness, so that it can inhabit even a body that was once wracked with ancestral pain and patterns. I am the third inhabitant of this body I currently am in. I know this because I experienced the process of releasing the prior occupants, and all the patterns, characters, and various other things they left behind. I am here to work on freeing ancestors, the dead, and other entities from embodiment, because they have either through contract, deception, or possession, have found themselves controlling, manipulating and even destroying the life of many of the living. Many of these are lost souls, and are confused. They too can be brought to the light and given the peace they deserve. This is my work.

If you are reading this, you are also working on something. Perhaps you know what it is. Perhaps you have been given little clues. Don’t ignore those visions you have, the ideas that come to you softly, but without drama. Those are the ones you should listen to first. They aren’t loud or demanding, like the world seems to be. They are only calls to be your unconditional loving self, the one who is here to help the planet heal and step forward into the light.

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