A light for everywhere in the night

I wanted to make a quick point about the nature of “spiritual mission”, for those who are here on Earth as lighbearers to guide humanity into the next age. In the old earth timelines, good and bad were labels that people would give to certain groups, individuals, places, both imaginary and real. If you are good, you’ll go to heaven; bad, hell. If you are spiritual, you’ll hang out with spiritual people. If you are technical you will work in the tech industry. Banks are bad. People are good. Governments are evil, and doctors are good. In the new earth, this is no longer the case. Heart-guided living, which means living from within your higher consciousness energy, will take you to places that the old mind patterns cannot understand. Artificial intelligence cannot predict the behavior of a heart-guided being because it doesn’t follow any rules or categories. A highly evolved person in the spiritual domain may be called to work in a technology company in order to hold the light there.  A person who is musically gifted and thought he would be a rock musician, may be led to channel light codes through the medium of sound, through teaching, and supporting those around him.  Another person may be called to study medicine in order to discover the power of our soul, and its ability to heal the body. All people who are light bearers, who are here on earth to raise frequency, are being called into many different domains, domains that they either resisted moving into or never imagined that they would. They are transformers, magicians of the highest order. No longer are they confined to being soothsayers, psychics, palm readers, Reiki masters, or any of those labels. The old world had them place themselves into silos, shut off from the rest of the so-called mainstream world, and unable to contribute in a transformative way without having the permission of the mind system and programming. The new age movement and new age spirituality, and religion in general, have all been artificial systems in the 3D designed to keep people unaware and unconscious, and to get them to willingly give up their autonomy to some form of god or deity -meanwhile keeping them away from the “practical” world. The spirituality programming kept the ”religious and spiritual stuff” out of the workplace, out of the nation, and out of general practical life. This theater of the absurd is finding its timeline come to an end, which will usher in a new age of soul integration into the physical earth body. As we embody that energy of our soul, we will then be able to carry out what we have come here for, to transform consciousness into higher awareness, and literally bring heaven to earth. Every lie will be revealed. The opposites will dissolve into One.

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