Create in the Image of Love

The “matrix” lives inside each individual on the planet.  What the matrix is, is a complex technological program that was originally designed to create a holographic environment in which infinite beings can navigate in terms of that environment, in order to master that environment. In order to care for this environment, an environment which Plato referred to as the “cave”, and what most philosophies refer to as illusion, we had to be submerged into this reality, connected to it as if it were an essential extension of our physical bodies. Heidegger, the German philosopher, alluded to this in his description of Being as essentially care. If we didn’t care about this world, we wouldn’t have any interest in mastering any aspect of it – including ourselves.

This is why identity is so powerfully programmed inside of us. We need to care about who we are in this world. We need to care about it as if our life depends on it. Considering that we are truly infinite beings playing in a finite game, the only way to achieve this is to program into our biological system that we are not infinite at all, yet still retain a slight feeling or sense that there is in fact something more: a light at the end of the tunnel, a reminder of who we are, a fire when all other fires have gone out.

That is how the game begins. All the world shows us that we are limited and a function of a biological machine called “our body”, and yet we are to be implicitly guided by this inner light, that we can barely see. As we progress in our education, the light should always become brighter and brighter. Some will learn how to see that light, and how to let that into the body, to heal it, and to transmute, and to transform. That is at the later stages of the intended game.

No system is perfect however, and what has happened in this simulation is that another agenda has been able to make its way into the program in order to prevent exploration, growth and education. If you read my translation of Plato’s cave, you’ll see what is intended by earth education.  But what has happened is that there has been a regressive and looping program or virus that has been running for centuries. It has kept millions of people locked in place, unable to evolve, or grow from the experiences. Many have wallowed in suffering and made a lifestyle out of their clinical depression/anxiety/ADHD, etc, and there are plenty of sources in the media that had encourage them to maintain a basic sense that life is awful and that the individual is a victim who never chose to be here. This had been especially prevalent in the younger generations, and was encouraged by a college “education” that only taught them how to be more clever at fighting monsters that were created by that very same system. It had gotten to the point when many young people had, in their resistance towards education, became physically allergic to things that would otherwise heal them. In fact, it got to the point where they became “allergic” to the very light is there to guide them.

I understate at this point how dire situation had been for humanity. If we had continued down this path, the end of the planet would have been a certainty.

But that is not going to be the course of events. Considering that the matrix is not “out there”, but thrives within individuals and through them, through the DNA and through the blood, how do we dissolve the matrix without dissolving the individuals? How do we change the game system of earth education to remove the virus, and allow humanity to thrive once again, as it was originally intended? This is the difficult challenge that we face, and we are currently on earth working out the solution. Many have chosen to provide the end of their bloodlines/timelines and have chosen to die. Some of these are still-born infants. Some are very young children. Some have chosen to transmute at the cellular level and are being assist by higher beings of the cosmos. Some are only feeling the affects of this shifting – they feel resistance at times, physical suffering in disease and discomfort; at other times, they feel the joy of freedom, and a sense of release.  Very often pain and pleasure are occurring simultaneously, as we allow some cells, and their DNA, to perish, and others receive to new instructions.

This is the hardest pill to swallow for many: that life on earth isn’t about escaping death. That life on earth, education here is not a survival game, but a game of becoming into being who we already are – and it is a game that can take lifetime to master. In other words, death is sometimes required. That means that, as we watch systems crumble, and people get ill and pass on, we can take the opportunity to stand in the bigger cosmic picture, instead of allowing the ego to take over and run its looping fear programs over and over again.

The end result surrendering to life here, and to actually work on our own education, is that suddenly we feel transformed, as if the world looks different, as if the mirror looks different, as if we are in our bodies more completely, and more at peace with the world, grounded, ready and excited to see what comes next. When we stand in who we are, and allow that energy to come in, instead of the negative looping of matrix systems, no suffering is possible. All things come, and all things go.  The world of form come to be and dies, and yet we still stand here, as infinite awareness and infinite joy, caring but unattached, compassionate but allowing for all to discover a blessedness that cannot be derived through others, but only the self alone with itself.

When each is alone with each. We are altogether truly one. Communities, social circles, congregations, are just different forms of ego collectives. True unity happens in the heart-space and only through that heart-space. That is the gateway to the cosmic consciousness, love, and connection. The irony of this is that the more you focus on others, the more disconnected you feel from them. Why? Because you see them as other. You can’t see their body as your body. It is not possible. To see another as yourself, you have to see their soul and only their soul. If you clean your house and take care if, you will see another’s house just as your own, and you will take care of it as you would do your own. That is all.

But many people are dealing with ancestral possession, and habituation in their own body.  Their resistance to the changes taking place on earth is powerful, as powerful as their soul is powerful. Resistance to what is, to being, to the nature of things, is the core cause of disease and suffering. The desire to control others, to find happiness through others, to fixate on the world, to always find something wrong with others, to constantly encounter disappointment through expectation, instead of the boundless Self that dwells in all, is the source of suffering and all matrix despair programming.  It doesn’t matter how much celery juice you drink or how many crystals you pray to, or how much distraction you enjoy. All of that behavior doesn’t increase your own power and ability to transmute energy into a higher frequency, to create music that extends from higher to lower registers, that lifts up all beings who can hear and even beings who cannot hear. Distraction via social media, books, games, videos, etc., will not help you to “deal” with the earth-life that is unfolding. When you do these things, spend all your time worrying about others and yourself in the context of others, you are not doing your education, you aren’t learning what you came here to learn. You are in an episode of Groundhog’s Day, over and over, so much so that you think that it is reality because it, at least, is consistent. This earth education is not about learning what is consistent (repetitive) and then stopping there as if knowledge were such a finite thing. It is about learning to be in the world as it is, in a particular time, place and circumstance. If you try to do otherwise, it’s like trying to climb a mountain without realizing you are swimming in the sea. 

Right now, we are learning how to ground our gifts in time, from the depths of our eternal being. It is not enough to be healthy in body. You also must learn how to be healthy in soul. It is not enough to know how to grow roses. Do you know how to grow them in this climate in the here and now?  We are here on earth to learn how to use our power, our creativity that is latent in each one of us. Civilization depends on this, that we make magnificent music, with the frequency of sound, vision, and intellectual understanding, not on just lower frequencies or higher, but on all – in harmony together.  An individual cannot do this, if they spend all their time in suffering and despair, anger, and hatred. Those emotions create division, separation, more illusion. We can no longer afford to spend so much time looking outside ourselves for salvation, love, forgiveness – permission! Now is the time to be present to our own journeys, to respect the journeys of others, to let them go on their way in love, and to focus on our own creative contributions, born in love and designed to create – more love. Because, you know, that is who we are as being, the energy of love, and that is how we create in our own image.

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