Earth Education: Nothing can stop what is coming

Millions of human beings believe that school ends on graduation day, any graduation day, at any age, and at any time. There is a graduation day happening right now.  Graduation day, in the education system, means you have completed school. In one way or another, your learning has ended.  That is the charade most people by into. When they leave school, they feel something is missing, or even as if something never happened that should have happened. The good old days of school, or the awful days of school. Either way,  there is a longing for something that should have been there, that should be here now.

At that point, many proclaim that they want to learn on their new jobs and, throughout their careers, they will learn various types of systems by means of and in the context of their specific job function.  A function in any system is a self-contained expression that provides a service to the rest of the system. No outside knowledge is required. In fact, a function by nature should not and will not be encouraged to mediate outside its set boundaries. Otherwise, the function will collapse and so too will the system that depends on it. In this manner, people choose a job or a career, and they see other people choosing a job and a career. As soon as that happens, the mind silos all the people it encounters: this person is a doctor. That person is a therapist. This person is a philosopher. The girl is my neighbor. The man is the check-out person in the supermarket. These identifications serve to create limitation. It doesn’t matter if you are a yoga teacher, you are completely cut off at that point from spiritual work, if and only if you identify yourself as a yoga teacher, in the format that has been designed by that system, err, “school”.

In a world dominated by an architectural system designed by Mind, it is very difficult for anyone to achieve a consciousness that notices the system that works through it. Once an individual is able to become aware of the system working inside of him, it can take a long while – maybe lifetimes – to deprogram himself from that system.  These systems are highly intricate and complex, far beyond any of the mini-games (computer systems, scientific systems, robotic system, financial systems, etc.) that are created and easily understood and escaped from.  The human body is essentially a holographic device that has been implemented by a technology that is outside the realm of human understanding, simply because human understanding is a function of that holographic device.  Does the tree in the forest make a sound, when no one is there to hear it?  The answer to the question is found in asking further who “no one” is. At certain levels of energy, the “sound” as we know is meaningless without the aural system. But at certain levels, where the human device cannot perceive, the individual has access to a completely different dimension of being, where sight/sound/touch/taste merge into a single sense, a sense that is referred to on this plane as the “sixth sense” or the “third eye”.  For example, I can “hear” light and I can feel it as well.  When I say light, I mean the natural and free energy that flows throughout the entire realm of our higher awareness, where all is energy and all beings are in constant, dialogue, connection, and interaction. Here, there is no tree, unless we create one. And here, if it is falling, we are making it fall. This idea is reflected in the spoon scene of the Matrix, where the young boy tells Neo that the only way to bend the spoon is to know that the spoon is not a spoon at all.  No one hears the tree unless they want to create it. It is possible to work outside the system and create the sound of the tree falling, without the physical nature of the tree. I call those system glitches, and they can often be intentional. But sometimes they happen, just like a glitch in a computer came happens, when a character seems to hear a bear that isn’t even there. Some people might experience these sounds as ghosts, but ghosts too, when we experience them, are generated projections of a higher consciousness.

But all this stuff about creating our world is not instantly accessible in the lower material dimensions. This is similar to how you come up with an idea. You have the idea, and then it takes some time to implement it. Some ideas can take minutes to manifest. Some can take lifetimes.  But ideas are how the upper dimensions bootstrap us in the higher realms. It is the true line of communication, the invisible channel, the quantum plane, the pathway that takes us from timeless to timely, from the impossible to the possible.  Most people however are limited by what they see as possible on these lower planes.  To them, if they don’t experience it, it can’t possibly exist. If it isn’t proven, they will not put faith in it. They also try to fix things on these lower dimensions, like their life in general, their friends and family, and their body. Eventually, each person is designed to learn that nothing can be resolved by moving the furniture around. The person will learn to look to the ideas, and then eventually higher into the energy that forms the ideas, and then the soul itself.  But until that time, the lower density mindset is part of the education we receive on earth, in the early days, during the first few lifetimes.  Some of course learn quickly, even in one lifetime. But that is difficult these days, because it is not easy to learn as it is, and because earth has become, during the past two thousand years, infested with distortion and interference specifically designed to thwart this, the true form of education.

You see, before we enter the lower density of earth, or before we are born, we make numerous agreements to participate in specific systems, in order to learn a specific thing for our education. Some systems are in fact career related. Some involve social connections and organizations. Others involve romantic entanglements.  This is what it is meant when it is said that you choose the life you are living.  It is very true, yet it is not, as Plato too noted in the Phaedo, something that most people remember. The very condition for success of the systems on earth is human ignorance of the nature of their own participation. The reason for this is simple: if you remembered that you chose to play a role in earth systems, that knowledge would severely alter that role, and therefore damage the function of that system.  If you remembered that you are to play the love interest for certain person, you’d realize that it is not real, and you wouldn’t do it. Imagine that you are an actor in a play. It is the actor’s job to believe they are the character they play.  If any hint of the actor’s true awareness comes through during a scene, the audience will unconsciously feel unconvinced by the performance.  A great actor is a human being who forgets who they truly are, and who they truly are is an infinite soul creator.

We live in an age where actors are paid more and worshiped as higher than teachers. This is highly unusual, as in the past actors were considered to be almost as base as the typical knave. Certainly, they were not higher than teachers, the educators of our children. But this is the drama we are playing out, and there is a reason for it. The more we honor the actor on the outside, the more we cultivate ourselves as actors, as knaves who have somehow managed to attain success, through lies, manipulation, greed, and self-serving narcissism.  This is how we learn on earth – we learn by doing, experiencing, and then, as Nietzsche often would mention, overcoming ourselves. We are all, on the higher realms, one and the same. The differences are simply surface differences. We do not solve our problems – we cannot solve our problems – through hatred towards others. What we hate in others is what we ourselves are learning out to love in our own lives. The hate will act as a sword, that constantly stabs us every hour of every day until we kill the hate. That is how unconditional love will find it’s way into our hearts, the true nature of love, and the true nature of our being.

However, in  the drama now, there are groups of people blaming other groups of people for the ignorance of this world, for its shallowness, for its inability to live from the heart of wisdom, for its greed and selfishness.  The individual easily gets caught up in this war, in whatever form it takes, and each one takes the side he or she believes is just.  This is no different than choosing between competing sides in a video game, or a sports arena. It is always just a game, and it is a synthetic game that is played out by a multitude of people in which the individual can engage. In those battles, the individual can find purpose, self-importance, success, identity, etc.  The system at that point informs the individual and he no longer see the difference between “me” and “us”. That is why, in the subconscious, there must be a “them”, an enemy, an opposition, someone to give “me” some kind of meaning. That is why many individuals enjoy arguing with those who disagree with them. They have no idea how to experience autonomy because they are immersed in “us”. They therefore engage in or manufacture in a projection that describes a “them”. This gives the individual the illusion of power, something to resist against, something to work their muscles against.

The more you awaken, the harder it will be to find “friends”, because at this time on earth, friends means: someone who hates my enemy, whether that enemy is a virus, a person, a political system, etc.

If the individual awakens, they will then discover that they have been involved in elaborate and beautiful game, designed by their own soul (along with other souls) to learn and grow on this earth. At that point, the individual can either leave the game, or perhaps transform it if others also are awakening. Eventually, souls achieve a level where they never return to earth again. They have “figured it out”. They understand and can wield the magic.  Some do however choose to return to assist the rest of humanity in their own game, to alleviate their struggles. There are many who are here on earth at this time to do just that. They are hear to help those who wish to awaken, do so. Those who are awakening now are doing so at a rapid pace, and that is why we are seeing a lot of death, a lot of system malfunction, the destruction of friendship, marriages, etc. The old systems are breaking down. The theaters are closing down.  This has to happen now at this time because the system had become so infested with disease and viri, that there was no option other than to dismantle it, and to do so by giving people a choice: either they go down with the system, or they ascend.

For thousands of years, this process of experiencing and growing out of earth systems has been deliberately hacked. There has been an effort to prevent individuals from awakening and growing. This is in order to feed off the human race, to use them as energy batteries. Why would someone do this? Well, those beings that are doing this are not incarnated on earth in the recommended way (through the feminine), but do have the technology that allows them to possess, implant devices, implement forms of mind control, and generally animate a physical body that has been abandoned by the original occupant. They aim to make regeneration possible through what they are calling “science”, through genetic manipulation, and various other means of downloading alien consciousness to human physical bodies.  It is a grotesque image I am seeing, but it is no different from the many popular shows such as the walking dead, and other zombie films. In the end, they want to be able to re-use the physical body by preventing the aging process, and thus death. They try to market this on earth as something all human beings will benefit from, but this is a lie. Their true aim is to be able to create bodies like they create any other synthetic substance, and to reuse them as needed, upgrade them, etc. This agenda is also connected with the current efforts to create life-like robots. These are simply models either destined to replace humanity or to integrate within the physical body.

The vacksine is the first and very early step towards this goal, as it is an attempt to alter the human DNA, to create human bodies that are no longer able to heal themselves through autonomous means.

Imagine a world where you don’t have to educate yourself. Instead, you become like a machine, to serve the system, and to be educated by that system. No consciousness, no awareness is needed. That is the nature of the interference of earth education, the beautiful game that we have designed. This interference depends on the ignorance of human beings, about their true nature, the source of their nature, and the divine. That is why it is critical to make every effort to attend to your soul, to cultivate self-awareness, to find joy, to find autonomy, and to only assist others when they too wish to take this path. It is very critical at this time to not be pulled under the waves of pain and suffering, and to make sure that you find ways to anchor yourself in your higher energetic awareness, where you no longer wear the masks, where you have stepped off the stage, and where you find your own beauty and power that is within.

Some people might ask: if we are so powerful, and if we create our world, why are we making it so difficult for ourselves at this time. My short answer is this:

This world runs on this basic principle: that we honor free-will. Each individual that arrives here experiences choice, and the ability to direct their lives. They can keep their agreements or fail them. Either way, consequences will happen, and it is up to the individual to learn all of this. Each has their own symbols, meanings and passages in life. Each will find suffering where they are not connecting to their infinite soul. An infinite being will always suffer in the finite realm. It is the nature of things that he should, because that conflict is how we learn. We have come to earth to experience the limitations of life in order to work those lower densities, master them, and eventually integrate them with the higher frequency energy that we also experience. We are learning to do this in a conscious (energy), instead of an unconscious manner (thoughts and emotions). Right now, we are, or some of us are, on a passageway to the next major timeline of earth, which is traveled through the heart-space, the intuition rules the mind, and not vice versa, as it has been for centuries. This means that eventually more and more human beings will use their third eye perception to navigate inside this lower density. We will no longer need the dramas that have been playing out for lifetimes, and have simply been different forms of the kingdom or tyranny of mind, whether that is through Shakespeare or through some political tyrant, or technology, or your marriage. But this decision to get on board with the new timeline, sometimes called new earth, is also a choice, and some human beings are not willing to complete their education on earth at this time, and they are choosing to leave their bodies, and give them over to the interference. Others are choosing to alchemize the current human form so that their higher frequency light body can inhabit it. The light body is the cure for disease as we know it today. This is why, again, it is critical to listen to your own heart about which choices you want to make, where you want to see yourself in a few years. Those who cling to the old timelines, the old ways, will dissolve with them. Let those who wish to go there, go. Otherwise, you will follow a path that is not your own. Even thinking about them, and spending time worrying about them, will cause you to follow them. Remember, earth is entering a new age, where we live in consciousness of a higher frequency plane. Our thoughts can manifest the spoon quickly, and we can create our reality in an instant. Be wary of your thoughts, and make sure you want to create what they are creating. The higher you go, the harder the fall.

Choose wisely. Nothing can stop what is coming.


4 thoughts on “Earth Education: Nothing can stop what is coming

  1. From being aware of some Truth, I view graduating from earth incarnations precedes lives on other planets leading to Cosmic Consciousness, and so to become a Cosmic Master in a collective of all the life experiences developed through a Soul Collective by its own agenda of smaller units.
    Planetary Logoi. and even Solar Logoi to become greater Collectives in this way.
    Any thoughts?


    1. Yes! I view the same way. I don’t have much awareness of all the details, however, for reasons I stated in this article (ignorance that is necessary). But as I become more aware of this education, I am given information, usually in advance of embodiment of that information, which is not mind information, but what some people call “light codes”. I am learning how to embody a higher consciousness on earth. When I write, I write. I don’t think. I am not editing, constructing, creating. I am sharing light codes.

      Anyway, what I am getting is that the earth school is a school on unconditional love and true compassion. It is required for mastery, otherwise, why have earth or anything like it? Form needs to limit its consciousness to form in order to give itself existence. That needs to be honored (compassion). There isn’t a single being on earth that hasn’t been created through and of love. There is something special about the memories here of earth, and the journey that is determined by its inherent conflicts, without which, we might as well just play around with becoming complete tyrants with each other with very little repercussion (there are beings who will this and want earth gone). But Consciousness in this body of earth, that which we are, wants to discover itself from within unconsciousness, and the infinite nature of that terrain of the unconsciousness is actually the arena of cosmic wilderness that I cannot yet fathom – because I haven’t yet embodied that level.


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