Telepathy: not as far as you think

True human communication is, by nature, telepathic. It isn’t the words, the symbols, or the gestures that are doing the heavy lifting when it comes to connecting with others.  Words and symbols, spoken or written or gestured, are simply a means of expression that often – but of course not always — serve more to conceal than reveal anything truthful. Words aren’t inherently communicative because they are simply symbolic representation of mental concepts. This is why you can often see the difference between what a person says and what their energy is expressing. This is called experiencing suspicion or distrust in what a person is saying, even if you have no direct proof. We all know that words are cheap. We also know that they don’t have to be — if telepathy is present.

Telepathy is a word that’s formulated from the Greek roots, -tel- (from afar) and -path- (experience). Telepathy is what allows us to communicate with others without being physically close. In a world whose mind has been absorbed into the physical forms, telepathy is something supernatural, psychic, and not the mainstream way of communication.

But the truth about telepathy is that it’s not communication from afar at all. In fact, true communication knows neither distance, nor time.  And that brings us to a deeper meaning of telepathy. The prefix -tel-  also can mean “end”, “perfection”, or “supreme power”.  The symbols that we use, such as telepathy, teleology, or telescope, carry the secrets of life within them, even as we misuse or miss the depth of their meaning.  Telepathy is, in fact, an expression of our perfection, our wholeness and our unity. It’s something beyond words, beyond time, and beyond place.  Initiates (teleutes) in the Greek Mysteries, were those who saw the truth about life and death, beyond space and time, and into the divine. When the teleutes completed the initiation, he is said to have experienced pure bliss and happiness, or Nirvana.

Telepathy is not a form of communication at all. Telepathy uses forms in order to communicate. Those who see the timelessness of our energetic expression, see beyond space and time when they speak, and they also are very aware that they are using mental concepts to express that which cannot directly be expressed. What is this being that we cannot express through mental concepts and words? Well, that would be ourselves. The reason for this is that language is binary in its structure, and it creates layers of understanding and comprehension in the mind.  The mind does not “feel” the electric nature of our communication, the body electric as Whitman termed it.  So, when we try to understand things with our reason or just our mind, we will ultimately fall short. Words without telepathy are like wires that aren’t plugged into a socket. There is no electric current running through them, just stale symbols and ideas that have no grounding at all. When you listen to a robot speak to you when you call a bank, or a program that repeats the same thing over again, like the mainstream media, you will, if you are sensitive, notice that you can’t “feel” connection. You will, if you are not completely absorbed in mind-forms, feel as if you are a part of plumbing system whose water has been backed up with no place to flow.

When we connect with others, we connect with their energy, not their words, promises, appearance, speeches. The universe, for good and for bad, is always connecting with this. However, the more energetic blockages we have, the less chance we have of receiving the transmission. Most people have deep barriers for entry due to trauma either past life or current. They do not realize that what they are blocking out is actually the love that they need to be free and happy. Imagine being a drop in the ocean and creating barriers around yourself so that you can protect yourself from the rest of the ocean. That is what many people strive to achieve in their egoic structures. It has become so bad in our modern age, that such behavior is considered normal, and the more we do it, the more we are rewarded with status within our modern age. The price of course is our soul, and the prize is heavy, as we experience all sorts of disease, both mental and physical, co-dependency, misery, absorption into a career and a company that steels all the life that remains, and various other dependencies such as drugs and alcohol and vacksines.

However, when we do experience ourselves as deeply connected, or at one with all beings, then telepathy runs through us and we can feel that deep eternal connection with another human being.  Each one of us is always communicating telepathically with the world around us, because it is the nature of human and animal communication. it is the essence of true unconditional love, and it is both healing and uplifting. However, most people have not mastered this innate gift, and still believe that talk, and symbols are the only way to communicate with other human beings.  This very limited viewpoint has caused a severe deficit in many people’s ability to interpret and estimate the world in a way that supports them.  They will try to use all sorts of formula, check lists, systems to try to evaluate others and the world around them, whether friends or interview candidates. But these formulas, check lists, and systems are only present because an enormous number of people have lost touch with their ability to truly understand that their being, beyond all form, is always communicating the truth with the world, that we are always like radio receivers, receiving the energetic signal that we are able to receive. If you tune into the truth, it doesn’t matter what anyone is saying at all, or what they are trying to persuade you that they are. The truth is always there, and you can access it telepathically.

But before you can access your full telepathic powers, you need to learn to trust the small amount that you currently have available.  We are, after all, here on earth to learn – about ourselves, our vastness, that we are the universe and the contain the love that we seek. Some people will flippantly say, “listen to your heart instead of your head”. But many more people will not know the difference between their heart and their head.  So where can one start, if they are confused in this way? Well, first, in order to learn how to identify your heart communication vs, your mental communication, it’s best to start noticing where you feel uplifted or light. Where do you feel connected, deeply connected to others – unconditionally? This is not the same as experiencing pleasure or enjoyment. It is not and shouldn’t be confused with lower forms of sex.  Most people feel uplifted or light when they are creating, because creating from nothing is what connects us to our powerful energy, and creation is simply a singular expression of an awareness of unified whole.  Creating could be house-making, raising children, cooking, writing, singing, dancing. Any form of doing is a creating. But creating something that comes from telepathy, or experience of unity with the world, is what gives us joy and a sense of love. Creation that is forced or orchestrated from outside us by a third party, and to which we are unable to energetically connect, is simply tedium, or just plain hard work. Most people spend their whole lives thinking that if they don’t suffer hard work, they won’t get what they want in life. That thinking is conditioned, uninspired and completely devastating to your life.

Right now, I am engaging in a form of telepathic communication. Some of you are just reading words of which you know the definition; some are seeing images; and, others are seeing things that aren’t even visible.  There are some of you out there who are seeing yourself here, loud and clear.  I don’t write because I am a good writer of words and thoughts. There are plenty of those that spend time with the technique and art of writing. I write from the heart and through the heart because I am simply a vessel for that, regardless of the outcome. I get no prizes and I do not spend time looking for followers or likes. I am not interested in that stuff because I know that I am already communicating what I am experiencing in my life, telepathically, by simply being actively aware in the world.

The reason why telepathy is so important is that it not only connects us with everyone and every being, merging into unity and into one, it allows us to feel every part of the universe and the human world as an extension of ourselves on through all frequency bands. This means that the more we engage telepathically in the places that are dense and not amenable to telepathy, the more interested we are in things we never knew we had interest in before – the more we care about and wonder at this strange and magical world. And since we stand in love with the world in that manner, the world responds to us equally with love, She then begins to open as a flower opens, using the wind to whisper into your ear, the song of a dead poet of the ages who sings of divine union:

I sing the body electric,
The armies of those I love engirth me and I engirth them,
They will not let me off till I go with them, respond to them,
And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the soul.

Was it doubted that those who corrupt their own bodies conceal themselves?
And if those who defile the living are as bad as they who defile the dead?
And if the body does not do fully as much as the soul?
And if the body were not the soul, what is the soul? 

The love of the body of man or woman balks account, the body itself balks account,
That of the male is perfect, and that of the female is perfect.

- Walt Whitman,  I Sing the Body Electric (1-2)

2 thoughts on “Telepathy: not as far as you think

  1. “I write from the heart and through the heart because I am simply a vessel for that, regardless of the outcome. I get no prizes and I do not spend time looking for followers or likes. I am not interested in that stuff because I know that I am already communicating what I am experiencing in my life, telepathically, by simply being actively aware in the world.” I love this, so beautifully expressed in words and without words. I hear you and I feel you and it’s beautiful! With gratitude! ❤️🌻🧡


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