The End of Power, the Beginning of Love

Over the past few days, I have been getting some powerful teachings and awareness around the nature of our power, both as we have known it, and as we will discover it. As I have said repeatedly on this blog, the earth is undergoing a transformation of awareness and higher frequency integration. The reason for this is that a tremendous virus has been distorting and threatening the earth system as we know it, our home and place of education.  Earth works as an integrated whole, and we are part of the whole. So, when there is a virus in the system, it is a virus inside you and me and all the world. How do we rid ourselves of the virus without destroying ourselves?

The answer is: Love.

Love is what is provoking humanity’s own awakening on both an individual and collective level. However, this love is experienced and felt outside the illusion of this matrix world. It is not “understood” or “defined” in the conventional sense, as seen on T.V. Love is prompting us, from many different directions: from within, and by means of symbol and others from without. For the virus is no less an illusion than the educational game that we’re living in, and the key to our survival is to awaken, to raise our awareness of who and what we are, to release our attachment and our absorption into the fabricated world that exists in our mind – to begin the process of learning about who we are, what love is and how love is always more powerful than any other power we could image. That is how we will grow with the earth, in the direction she is going. Those who resist and refuse, will go in the other direction and will continue their suffering, that will look more and more, as time goes by, like an illusion that they too -eventually – will awaken from. This is something we all have to accept because the choice belongs to the individual. We are learning that we cannot control – nor should we attempt – by divine law the free will of any autonomous being. Yet, that is what most people have been doing: in their jobs, their careers, their relationships, education, parenting, etc. Somehow, in this sickness, through this viral structure called artificial intelligence, love has come to mean “holding on to”, “keeping” and “controlling”. That is not love. That is a form of egoic power.

So, this transformation must be achieved – and this is crucial – on an individual level. The individual is the seed of universal love – not the “society” or the “community”. There is no gateway through the collective, to Source. The gateway is through your heart. You must learn to see through your heart – not your partner’s heart, not you friend’s heart, not your mentor’s – yours and yours alone.  You are being challenged to learn to look at your own life and to understand that all your encounters and experiences on earth are designed, not to frustrate you, but to teach you something that is necessary for you on your path. Your soul wants you to continue, to grow, expand, and become lighter, more aware and more empathetic with the world. The truth is that your soul, who is YOU, designed all this in the first place, and that you can eventually, when you are ready to be in the love that you are naturally given to, pave the road towards your goals and dreams in concert with the highest good of all.

The experience of love is beyond anything that we have every imagined it is or could be. It is a power that is beyond what any egoic mind has even imagined it could hold. In fact, the ego has been designed to disbelieve in unconditional love. The reason is that the ego’s own falseness, its mental structure, becomes clear in the context of the experience of love.

A message that I have received is that no one will be granted power outside their realm of awareness. This means that many psychics are losing their abilities, many who have claimed to be able to heal others in various ways, exaggerating their skills in order to acquire money and fortune, are losing their clients. Others are being forced to choose between their health, integrity, and autonomy, and their jobs. Each choice will have a consequence. Each choice rests on the individual to make. Essentially, that choice is between love and ego. The rising of humanity’s awareness on the whole will no longer cultivate the kind of distortions that the virus has created and installed in the mind of humanity, and will orient awareness around a sense of highest of good, both in action and in thought, emotion and spirit.

What I am saying here is entirely opposite to what the virus has intended. The virus has created egoic structures that resist your own highest good, and keep you stuck in patterns, repetitive experiences, abusive relationships, boredom, tedium, a sense of purposelessness, victimhood, etc. The virus designs, not challenges, but fixed obstacles that feel more like prisons. The intention of those who created the virus, is to not only enslave humanity and keep individuals feeling small, but to consume their energy, and eventually dominate their physical bodies completely, removing the individual consciousness, the gateway to the heart and to Source. This is why so much effort has been put into to remove people’s belief in their own power in the universe, which, by the way, is tremendous. But because the virus has been designed to create egoic structures, it has convinced most people’s consciousness that they are those structures. This is why an ego likes to act big, but is afraid of and threatened by almost everything it perceives as outside of it. People have learned to identify with these structures, these artificial “me’s” that are designed to destroy connection to the true self.  As a result, many are resisting the experience situations that are designed to question their own false power. Power can be in the form of skills, career, relationships, etc. In the past, individuals experience their egoic structures around and by means of these powers. Some of these powers are practical and some of them may be more spiritually oriented.  These egoic structures have not only resulted in an abuse of power, but in a manipulation and distortion of the reality of thousands if not millions of other people.  Today, many people believe that not only is energy, food, and water scarce, but love. People sing of it, make movies about it, and talk about it as they watch the television. They declare: love is scarce. People are awful, crazy, hateful, etc. Even those who had tried to say love is everywhere, are only trying to talk themselves out of an experience that is actually filled with pain, loneliness, and isolation – powerlessness.

This is why most of humanity has been “looking for love in all the wrong places”. Meanwhile, it has been here all along, because you are here all along.

In this sense, so many have learned to create mental images of themselves, decorated with virtues and various other jewels of Pandora, to try to compensate for lack of love, or to try and attain it like a prize. Most people seek love in every area except their own heart: through career, relationships, or addictions. Many become like the embodiment of gun, running around, firing in all directions, but completely unaware of it. It is as if they are dumb, deaf, and blind. This has been the nature of “power” on earth, as the egoic structures, whether they are in the form of the musical powers, medical powers, educational powers – the truth is that “they know not what they do”. This situation has resulted in an imbalance of such extremity that even the earth and all her creatures (both dead and alive) have suffered. This has caused enormous pain for humanity, resulting in both physical disease and psychological disturbance (for which the system has ample number of drugs). When we are cut off from the core of ourselves, we are cut from the core of the earth. We no longer receive the messages that are designed to guide us, messages that are sent through the plants, the animals and all of nature. These messages are always of love, and are designed to heal and help us on our journey, which always begins in the darkest of places, in the womb of our mother. Instead, most people are looking for guidance from other more unsavory places, masquerading as experts and professionals, inside contractual systems and black magical spells that are beyond the awareness of most people. I have seen black magic running through people’s bodies, from their mother who has cursed them in the name of love, and she in turn unconsciously acts (almost a zombie like state) acts in the service of those spells that were performed in generations long gone, making her miserable and feeling constantly longing and dissatisfied with life. All of these curses, the unconsciousness of people who carry them, are being removed, and it is causing great suffering for some, and an awakening for others. Eventually though, all will receive the light when they are ready, in this life of the next, they will experience the love that is natural to them, the unconditional love that is who we are.

Those who are awakening are seeing that what they thought was their power (who they were) was never truly “theirs” at all. It was created for them, or given to them for the purposes of a viral agenda thousands of years old that doesn’t have humanity’s best interest in mind.  This has been a hard pill for people to swallow, that they have been misled. Some are blaming the world, or people, or politicians, but the truth is that, while, yes, we have all been misled, it is still our responsibility now to awaken to our true power, not the false power that we have so badly wielded and so participated in deceiving others, violating their autonomy, and cheating them of life.  Right, now there are many, many people choosing their “jobs” and their desire to maintain the system, over their own lives and the lives of others. Once this choice over love or not love is made, the consequences are inevitable.

We are moving into the birth of a new world where we cease abusing others with our “powers”, false authority, educational systems that are more like prisons, teachers who abuse the sacred path of the individual in order to make them comply with society’s demands, egoic attachment and the desire to control other people, to cling to them and demand special treatment, to expect others to comply to your desires. The new earth is a blend of technology that will serve humanity, at an awareness level that receives energy that is designed for it, just like the plant “receives” the tomato it is designed to grow. This is a beautiful flowing earth, like her rivers were designed to do, like her fire from the broad volcano, the great mouth of the shark, and bright laughter of children who will now have the opportunity to grow, to play, to love.  This is the path we are on. Any other path, leads to the darkness of death. But even then, you will be able to stop, and listen to your soul song for the first time in your life, and then you might just turn around, and go the other way that is the love way.

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