Holograms, Money, and Love

A holographic system, just like any other computer system, contains its own integrity. It doesn’t matter whether it is good, bad, or ugly. It doesn’t matter if it is just or unjust. The holographic system is what many call “reality”, like death or taxes.  But this idea, that the holographic system is reality, is the very illusion it is designed to create. Awakening is simply the process of noticing this high form of magic – it is your “higher” consciousness, by transmitting information and data to your avatarian character in this game, who assists in igniting this awakening when and only when you are ready and choose to.  Many people are awakening now because this current system is beginning its sunset at the horizon.  Each person on the planet is being given the option to let it go, to let the old die, or to stay on and cling to the past.

The current holograph works as it is and as it has been designed to work.  When a part performs well, that means that it is doing its proper work and, it will usually receive some sort of reward that motivates it to continue. If a part does a better-than-expected job, then it is seen as doing exceptional work.  As Plato notes frequently in his dialogues, “experts” are those who are able to feed this holographic beast better than anyone else does. Those who rule, however, are those who tinker with it, to get maximum output. But once your consciousness knows and understands the magic trick that is the world of illusion, you are then standing in what has been called the metaverse. All the old rules, principles, and methods you used to believe were true and good no longer apply when you are outside the system. You cease to expect things from that system, just like you wouldn’t expect a movie character to be your best friend.

The problem with the current and dying holographic system, and the reason why it is being dissolved, like a dead body who’s time it is to return the earth, is that it has become a game in which most people are not even permitted to escape, and have been trapped into playing out Groundhog’s day over countless lifetimes. The looping programs are still relentlessly running through their bodies, carried and distributed through their DNA. The system no longer functions as a place of education, providing portals and openings to awareness and enlightenment. Instead, it has become much like a factory farm, where human beings have willingly served up their divine nature and energy for the sake of some token of benefit in the system. That token of benefit is a virtual object called “money”. Even those who have been on the verge of awakening, towards mastery of the magic, have been severely hindered through all sorts of programming a.k.a. curses, spells, various forms of manipulation, to remain stuck in 3D lower consciousness. Many of these programming involved things like relationships and marriages that have been designed to keep both individuals stuck in a loop, bypassing their personal self-development. The system uses old childhood or past life wounds of ancestors to keep people anchored, pining, wanting, needing, and constantly searching for love and fulfillment through anything they can be sold to.

While people have been stuck in various forms of loops in the form of relationships and careers, the holograph takes (in exchange for these things) the soul energy that would otherwise be directed towards ascension. All limited 3D things require energy in order to maintain life, and die when deprived of it. The energy that this holograph runs on is soul energy. In its original intention, the soul would share energy in a way that benefits the system and allows them incarnate to explore and grow in the world.  The core intention was to provide a decentralized energetic system, not a system of control and manipulation. In that system, the human individual would willingly participate, like a child willingly participates in the world around them, either with others or with objects.  Creativity is intended to be playful, not something to sell to the nearest bidder in the system. What has instead evolved, however, is that people have been programmed to accept what amounts of pay-offs or bribes in exchange for their soul energy. These pay-offs are binding contracts on the soul level and for the most part they are designed to require that the individual keep producing what they are expected to, regardless of their own path and happiness. While some are beneficial and contracted through your higher self. Many are not. Many contracts are designed to compromise both you and the other party. And while these contracts are created in what is known as the fourth dimension (the false spiritual realm) the 3D world matrix uses the local currency to get paid. That is what people get for “selling out”. They are prompted and convinced that this is the right way to negotiate their lives, because the system uses unfulfilled childhood desires, or invents them through memory implants, encouraging them to fester and seek answer to their neediness. Today, chasing money, artificial forms of companionship and “love” and placing high importance on it as a measure of your own self-worth is treated as if it were a completely normal and natural behavior.  It is very difficult to convince people out of these programs. It is a severe form of mind control and deeply subconscious manipulation.

This system, however, is not fool-proof. It is a system that’s inherently flawed, because the money and love offered don’t come near to the value of the energy that you think you are selling.  Most people just feel unsatisfied but don’t know why and there are, as a result, certain programs that are written to handle this problem. For example, most people, when unsatisfied, because they are being fed false food, are programmed to seek another source of food. They go from one place to another, one job to another, one lover to another. This program will stop only when they grow tired or get sick or escape from the loop. Another aspect of the magic trickery or programming here, is that many relationships are based on money (security), or at least the perception that they are. This keeps people boomeranging between the two their entire lives: chasing money in order to have love which prompts to chase more money in order to get more love, and more and more and more. Money in the matrix is an artificially constructed object that is designed to appear to be scarce, like love is designed to appear scarce. The money is not just a number, but represents identity qualification such as status, virtues, rights to certain activities and access to specific circles of friendships. In the end, some individuals are programmed to resolve themselves into these identities of comfort and security, because they’d rather not engage in the constant seeking of new and better things and people.

But while the language of what I am articulating here seems to imply that people are giving up their own energy for the sake virtual rewards such as money and all its accessories, that is not entirely the truth. The greatest illusion of all is that the ego has any energy to give at all. It actually doesn’t and is equally parasitic on the earth as any other being, alien or otherwise. The energy of source, the matrix feeds on, is not anyone’s to give, because it is from infinite source, infinite being, the energy that we all share, and all participate in and express in the higher dimensional frequencies.  So here is what is happening for the majority of people in this current system that we’re in: an individual seems to be giving away infinitely possible energy for a limited virtual object such as attention or money, but because it isn’t theirs to give, they are actually just declining to participate in it that energy that is already and always here in being, in the present Now moment. In other words, they are making a choice to not participate in the higher frequency energy of love. That choice disconnects the individual from source or God or whatever you want to call it. It’s the source of all human despair and the origin of that constant nagging feeling that one could have been more, the life could have been more fulfilling.  In Biblical terms, this is described as simply sacrifice, because the symbolic representation of sacrificing life for death is the killing of an animal to an archon god. But the truth is far from this symbolic act. No one sacrifices something to the matrix and the archons who run it. All they can really sacrifice is their own connection to Source, which is their awareness of themselves as soul. They willingly, at that point embody the program in terms of the contracts they have signed. And the more they do this, the more they descend into unconsciousness, signing more and more contracts, until they are utterly soulless.

So, as I’ve said before, we are currently in the process of deprogramming the matrix, and this deprogramming is happening on the higher frequency realms, where contracts are forged and agreements are made. This is very difficult to understand if you are absorbed in lower densities, and that is fine. I don’t want to get into the mechanics of that here. But in the new holograph that is being designed right now, all beings will begin to know themselves as soul, and choices will be made from the heart space, from true connection with all beings of the planet. When you are working at that level, the older methods of making choices, evaluating scenarios and designing life appear near absurd.  Sources of confusion disappear, ridiculous and imaginary fears dissolve. You are connecting to Source through your soul, and you have energy that you never knew possible, and the ability to apply creative solutions to challenges, to learn and grow, and expand even deeper and further into the cosmos that we all participate in before our first birth. You realize yourself as a being intimately connected to all the earth and all the creatures in it – that is when you know that you are loved and are capable of that same love through your heart. I have to emphasize that this “unity” experience is an experience, and not something that is a function of mind in the sense of knowing. You can’t for example, explain this to someone. They can only experience it through their own heart space. As the earth is beginning to shift into higher frequency, we experience or will experience this as synchronicities, dreams that have come true, symbolic promptings through numbers or animals, mind-merging with others, inspiration and visions, telepathy, and of course unbelievable and powerful expansion of the heart space, a feeling that goes beyond what your body could ever dream of ever feeling, and yet is still willing and prepared to receive entirely and forever.

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