You aren’t what you think

It’s interesting to write at all at this time, because many of us are experiencing the dissolution of what we once thought were essential parts of ourselves and our personalities. This means that the languages structures we have used – maybe throughout our entire lives – is also slipping away. In this post, I want to talk a bit about why many are feeling at a loss for words, and are also feeling relieved by this loss. Others are simply still in a state of confusion – they are not able to communicate as well as they thought they should. Life isn’t going the way they planned. People aren’t acting the way they used to, etc. In general, everything seems to be subtly breaking down in one way or another. This state of things of course, for some, can cause serious mental and physical disease. However, for many others, it’s an opportunity to let go of what isn’t working or out of reach, and to instead find what is truly constant in our lives, namely, ourselves and what has been called the “divine”.

Let’s start with humanity’s current addiction to thinking. The addiction to thinking and knowing things has a been a base programmatic pattern for thousands of years.  Our addiction to thought, to the intellect, is simply a stage in our awareness level that is at this time being superseded by energetic awareness, which is far more powerful, because it is rooted in an awareness of our infinite being, our soul, our experience as love itself. This is not to be confused with romantic love, or feelings of bliss inside romantic love or parental love – these are matrix structures and also programming designed to control and dominate. True love is an experience, as clear as the sun shines, as powerful as the stomach that growls when its hungry. The experience of our energetic frequencies, as the essence of who we are, what Plato called being, is what is bringing heaven to earth, love to what once seemed unlovable, joy, compassion and grace, ourselves back to ourselves. This is unconditional presence, not the conditional kind based on mood, health situation, life situation, etc. It is the kind of presence that withstands the test of time and circumstance because it holds a frequency beyond time and place.

Who you are–actually are– is what is heaven. Everything else “outside” is just hologram. This is the truth that we are all in the process of either learning or resisting to learn.

Our education on earth progresses by way of transformation. When we raise our awareness, which is our energetic frequency, and the form of our projections/creations, the old stuff begins to look artificial, silly, or ridiculous. Many resist this education by digging their feet in and vehemently proclaim to be guardians of truth and nature. They want to hold onto what they thought they once were. They don’t want to grow and transform because, the more embedded we are in mind, the more embedded we are with others: spouses, friends, family, career. But all of these things and people, if they do not grow with you, are simply projections in the conditioned mind and, they show up for you to react to, because you are still in the conditioned mind. The world of the conditioned mind, the conditional love, the slavery and the abuse and the control, is a world that we either choose or don’t choose. Once we don’t choose it, it seems to disappear, and that is all. Some people remain in our life, because their soul is on a journey with yours. Some leave because they were never with you. Others — it’s as if they never existed. Most things will disappear like the dreams of Santa Claus disappeared as a child, or like the monster under the bed seemed to evaporate into thin air – when you learned that they weren’t real at all.

How you perceive others is a function of your mind. That is all. But humanity has a made “sciences” out of knowing about other people: psychology, sociology, pop-wisdom/psychology, political ideology, etc. Proof is really just compliance to your thinking. If people are not standing in their autonomous soul energy, they will fall to definitions created by someone stronger than themselves. Many people who think they know others well, are really just dominate personalities who are rigid and controlling of others, and that is why they think that they are empathic, insightful, having the ability to read people. They aren’t actually reading them, however. They are reading themselves through a projection because they have not integrated the energy back into themselves. That is why empathetic and so-called sensitive people are always blaming others for their woes and become weaker as they grow older. Most are very susceptible to mental diseases such as anxiety and Alzheimer’s. The reason for that is that their mind abandons them when they leave the flower of youth. The matrix has very little interest in “older” people. But that is another discussion altogether.

Writing, what I am doing now, has been used to communicate thoughts and concepts to each other inside the programmatic universe, the virtual reality in which we live. That thought based reality is an overlay of our energetic frequency and so conceals it. Thought in general is a creative force that is designed to override the true natural energetic force of our being, and it was intended to work in that manner, in order to teach us about how the mind works, how it can allow us to experience a so-called external world, with external people and characters that we believe to understand. I emphasize “believe to understand”.  Nothing in this world can be understand as it is without energetic experience. The mind is a structure that organizes, judges, and fixates at the expense of all other things.  It seduces us to think that we “know” things and therefore “are” those things. When that veil or illusion disappears, you are in for a real shocker! Who was that person, pretending to live in my life?

The hard truth about this reality is that you are absolutely alone as One Being (We are all one), and that all projections of people seen outside yourself are simply projections of aspects of your own frequency at a lower density and in a programmed state. The reason this works and that people begin to identify with these projections as real is because they are no longer present to their own energetic creative force, what truly connects them to others, into the metaverse beyond their mental capacities.  The VR goggles people wear are the very eyes by which they see, and the ears by which they hear. This is what it means to live in illusion and delusion. As a result, many talk about being at one with life or others, but their energy says quite the opposite: they cling, they blame, they demand of others, they cannot let go, they are sick, they refuse to learn or grow, they hold onto relationships, careers, friendships that are deleterious to their lives. They refuse and avoid true clear communication. The mind is too busy trying to look good or maintain a facade.

Now, there are two ways to remove the goggles: the physical body dies and passes away, or the higher awareness of who we are begins to awaken us to the truth. Both have their challenges. Physical death usually means that the soul will return to continue their Earth lessons. Awakening, however, is the goal – it is the true dying before death, the learning how to awaken to the truth about life, before leaving the body. Awakening is like getting to the mountaintop of life – you get to see the whole glorious thing in both its aspects and its mysteries. And ALL of it is glorious – not just parts of it. Today, we are experiencing something even more remarkable than death or awakening – what we are experiencing is awakening into the physical body.  So, instead of awakening and retreating into some form of hermitage or so-called spiritual life, we are being called to enter the body more deeply, to transform the DNA patterns at a cellular level, to release all those patterns and programmings that are inherited and exchanged through blood and bodily fluids. This would allow us to walk as beings of higher consciousness, awareness, and to interact at a more powerful energetic level. In the past, only very few human individuals were able to achieve this. In the future, many, many more will.

So how will it look, to have a human civilization that communicates, not through the tyranny of mind, but through energy?

Lies are impossible, because energy can be seen and felt in various ways. I myself can see energetic frequencies. I can also hear and feel them.  I am also able to experience the aural body, the true energetic form of a person, behind the physical life and presentation/projection.  As a result, what people say or do has little impact on me. I can see what is really being intended. At that level, when we all can do this, we will be able to assist each other, and hold each other to the integrity that we all want to achieve. It will not be possible to hide behind words and control mechanisms of mind.

Trying hard and working hard will become a thing of the past. When you are in your own energetic powers, you can create your life how you want it. There are no blockages that can’t be removed or cleared. “Things” and circumstances can’t get in the way. People can’t get in the way. Why? Because you aren’t operating on that level of frequency. You don’t need to force things on the physical level, or cross your fingers and hope for luck. You know that you can make things happen through intention and though and communicating on a hire band of frequency. You aren’t attached to superficial circumstances, nor are you holding onto things not meant for you. Your being, and your orientation towards your soul’s desires merge wants with your soul’s needs.  All conflict of intention dissolves because you are no longer allowing the mind to confuse you. Your heart speaks clearly, albeit softly, but there is no mistaking it – you no longer listen to any other guidance. You are on the path. Nothing can stop what is coming.

Autonomy becomes a way of life. This is not about living off the land or being isolated. Our higher frequency being is not on the physical plain, but lives inside of it, and guides it. It is the light that shines through all beings and all things, all actions and all words.  It isn’t anywhere, but it is everywhere. It is who you are. That is who you really are. You can know all of this, and you can remember these words. You can write it down, but you aren’t it until you no longer need outside proof that you are eternal, that you are the only love you ever wanted, that you are of God. When you no longer need the love of others in order to love, when you no longer need anything in order to be profoundly and utterly at peace and activated bliss – that is when you know you have become who you already always were, are, and will be.

4 thoughts on “You aren’t what you think

  1. “The matrix has very little interest in “older” people. But that is another discussion altogether.” Fascinating! I for one would love to read your thoughts on this! I’m totally intrigued! With gratitude.


    1. I’ll see if something comes through. Basically, the matrix or the programming is designed to use our energy as long as the body can channel it through. Children is what it likes, and young people. However, it needs to feed off the physical body and presence, and it can only gather the soul energy through that illusion, and the creation of a contract. The individual needs to agree to “sell their soul” and so they become fragmented over time. The conscious mind is not aware of these “bargains” they are making, and believes it is having the time of its life. As they continue to live unconsciously and create bondage with other beings without awareness of it, they eventually let their soul go completely. At this point, there is a lot of pain, physical and/or mental. There is a point where the soul is just too far gone out of the body, and that’s when deep possession can happen, diseases, etc. Some people will call these individuals NPCs, or programs, because that is essentially what they’ve become. Old age really starts at that point, because only the soul has the power to heal and keep youthful energy even up to the end of a long life. But to the system, individuals need to be retired and it always aims at targeting the young ones into the system, and giving the old ones more drugs to kill them off quickly.

      However, we are being given a second chance now, to choose soul or projection.

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  2. Thank you, very beautifully put and very clear! Your writings are very hopeful and uplifting. Thank you for sharing your soul essence with all of us. Yes, we are all one. Beautiful! 🧡


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