Balancing on the Edge of the Event Horizon

When I was in university, studying Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance philosophers, I spent a lot of time exploring the nature of esoteric writing. By definition, esoteric writing is a method of writing that requires the reader to see what is being said beyond the words, beyond the appearances of what seems to be said. Some forms of esoteric writing were delivered in the form of Biblical commentary or, in Plato’s case, simple dialogues with a philosopher known as Socrates. However, if one is able to see, one goes deeper into these writings and discovers that they are far more than their surface area betrays. Truly, the depth of these writings is infinite and of infinite value – to you, the reader.  That infinite depth and value is the depth that is within you. These writings are there to facilitate the opening of portals, portals of light, to the spiritual dimension – for you as a being of light, a node of many interconnected nodes. I wrote a piece on this a while ago, called Language of Your Multidimensional Soul, about the nature of light language, if you want to check that out first.

Still, the superficial explanation given for why a philosopher would use esoteric writing is usually some variation on the persecution theme: many scholars would say that the writer wants to say things that are not allowed by the political or religious authority at the time. The writers were, as the thought goes, fearful, and so had to hide their true message.

Unfortunately, that explanation for esoteric writing is a created function of a mind that wants to conceal the true reason for esoteric writing. It is an explanation entirely based in an ego that cannot see the power of the spiritual dimension, or the presence of light nodes or portals. Scholars are generally people who pretend that the mind is the only thing that exists. Even when they speak of the sacred or the mystery, they place it in a box.

When it comes to the sacred dimension, when the mind tries to describe it, it falls into delusion about it. The sacred dimension can only be accessed by what Plato called phronesis. The rough translation for phronesis would be “heart-perceiving”, a kind of perception that is very different from the knowledge that we are so familiar with, the mental conceptual understanding of things.

Esoteric writing is phronetic– it’s meaning is hidden and mysterious. It is, in fact, deeply connected to the sacred and mysterious dimension, the unspeakable divinity, the dimension of life that cannot be accessed or understood by mind. It was and is written not in order to attempt to say what can’t be directly said. It was written in order to show you the errors of what is able to be said. It is a dance around the precipice, a balancing act on the edge of the event horizon.  It is the portal to the netherworld, the underworld, the world that is deathless and beyond the living as we experience. It is the world where the VR goggles come off and we finally see the world as it is. Plato mentions this experience, the experience of the awakening to the mystery in his Cave Metaphor.

The goal of esoteric writing, and the writings of the great sages is not to deliver fantastic stories and dramatic illusions – the aim of these authors is to facilitate the opening of your light portal, as a node connected to all other nodes. The true nature of who you are is the light of the spiritual dimension, in all beings and in all aspects of the universe.  

You are not who you think you are. In the matrix-system, you think you are a personality of some form with a body.  Every single way in which you think of yourself is a limitation of light, and so is a limitation of the universe. Meanwhile, you think you are real because the universe reflects yourself back to you. People treat you badly because you expect it. You see love as something conditional because you expect it. What you expect, you get. What you want and desire, is what you lack – and continue to lack.

The current matrix system is a mind-system explicitly designed to reflect the mind into itself. The awareness is the light that must be strengthened in order to see this as it happens. Mastery of the energies requires that strength and presence of awareness. If you achieve that, the illusion breaks down, and all pain and misery dissolves. Esoteric writings attempt to assist in strengthening the awareness within the reader. As more people awaken and go through these light portals, they too carry the light to help others, and so on. That is why these ancient writings have been preserved unto this day. It is not because they are great works of writing – it is because they speak the Source of all that we are. It is the true light language, unspoken, silent, beaming.

The awakening and communication of light language (telepathy) is happening here and now, and what we are now undoing and unraveling are all the illusions and programmings related to love and the heart space, the phronetic realm of spirit. The mind-made universe is coming to its end, its slow death, its final swan song.  The ego program is coming to its end, and many are feeling it through physical ailment, confusion, mental suffering, death, disease, viruses, etc.  The reason they are feeling it as something painful is because they are resisting it. Those who aren’t resisting it, are finding joy, expansion, love in the strangest of places. The world shows is brilliance from all places, even the dark corners and the places where spiders hide. Humanity is ready to live from the heart, phronetically, and those who are already there, are the wayshowers of those who will follow. The ego-mind will one day look as pre-historic, crude, and brutal, as it is.

As the light has become stronger and more powerful through many individuals, others’ lives have become stories of the ego’s struggle with the truth, it’s desire to maintain its grip on reality and fight for its right to be miserable and make everyone else miserable in the process. This is the how childish the ego is – it is the child in the corner beating against the door with its feet, angry at the world for not giving it what it wants and how it wants it. As the ego becomes adult, it creates a world around this. It makes music to accompany its rage. It gets involved with politics in order to feel important. It likes to argue and dispute. It fuels its fire by creating enemies and more pain. It becomes a tyrant or a slave that wants to kill all tyrants. It shows no mercy, no compassion, and feels justified in it.

But here is what the ego secretly knows and doesn’t want to face. It is its greatest fear – that it is nothing at all; that all its life has been false illusion; that it has been driven by fear and artificiality; that is and always will be dying; that it is not the source of love; that is the cause of all war, and that is the cause of all evil, even if it thinks it is on the side of the good. It knows, deep down, that it’s true agenda has been to dissociate its host from the light portals of phronetic love and being. The ego pretends to fight righteously in some war or other. But the truth about the ego is it is anti-life and wants to enslave all with the rules of its games.

The world is an image of the ego consciousness, and all images are simply expressions of the consciousness, just like a work of art is an expression of the artists. In all and every case, in each case, in ever one, is the you, who you are, as the one of awareness. Nothing in the world is who you are. No word can capture you. But the ego likes words and definitions and purposes and meanings. That is how it fuels itself. It seeks knowledge and books because it knows it is limited. If the consciousness is absorbed by ego, the person will always seek knowledge, and will suffer that eternal ignorance.

Everything the ego seeks becomes a form of torture – of endless seeking, travelling, searching, longing, regretting, desiring. It makes a life out of these emotions and calls this “reality”.

But the ego is no match to the light that you truly are.  The mind structures are limited and rigid and have obvious gaps and errors in them, when compared to the holistic nature of the universe and you in it. Those gaps are where your light shines in. Esoteric writing reveals the gaps by magnifying the absurdity and logical fallacies of the matrix ego systems.

Many say poetry is hard to understand. But that is because you have become hard and rigid and conceptual.  You live in a mind that cannot bend. It refuses to walk through the light to its spiritual dimension. The body ages quickly when the heart cannot expand. The hair begins to dry and the skin loses its luster. Vibrancy dissolves in the ground – the matrix has consumed so many before they’ve been able to blossom, because it always attempts to block the light portals within you, through sex, food, alcohol, addictions, co-dependencies, marriages, relationships, friendships. There are a million structures in place to distract you from your light and your power – including books and programs that claim to help you gain your power. What they are really doing is helping your ego gain more power, not enter a light portal to  the light of the universe, to the spiritual dimension through the heart space.

So, what do we do? Where can we find these portals? Well, the answer is to look everywhere and to trust it. Trust that light. When you see the shadow, know that a light source is near. When you experience pain and confusion and fear, know that a light source is near. Do not stray from the source and do not get caught up in the drama of the pain, the stories of the thinking mind that want you addicted to the system called world, instead of the true source of energy that is the spirit.

Choose to be free, to be peaceful, to take on the wild horses, not in your mind, but in your experience. And that is the hard part. It means you need to let go of all current system attachments to people, places, things – anything that is not in harmony with who you are. The more you do this, the more you show up as yourself and the easier it gets, because it is easy for a fish to swim in water that is clear and unlettered by garbage and toxins. If you call out to the light – if you let it in, there is support for you. But you have to believe. You must believe in the light, otherwise the Matrix will reflect the opposite back to you.

Then, when the water is clear, the spiritual dimension of life shows up in all areas of the matrix universe, or the metaverse that you live in.  You enter the dimension at will through light portals, of various frequency and power, relative to your current frequency.  You will then see that all beings on earth carry a portal of some form and are potential pathways of learning and growth. You will learn, as Plato taught, that the outward appearance of things is not the nature of things, and that the mind is always ever shallow and surface. Science isn’t deep, my friend, as complicated as it likes to make itself.

As you step through portals, or access these light nodes, you begin to expand into them. You become them and let go more and more of the ego-mind identities, the programmings that have been carried in the DNA for centuries. You will learn that evil and darkness doesn’t exist except in terms of our capacity to not see the light. There isn’t a being on earth that doesn’t carry with it the light of its own transformation, the potential of its alchemical transmutation into a higher frequency. Many get stuck in the evil projections of this matrix and suffer greatly, and still refuse to escape even when the way is present right in front of them. Nothing is as seems. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is outside our capacity to shine.

We as human beings, the bearers of awareness or consciousness, are the ones who are responsible for opening these portals to the world by seeing them, by walking through them, by embodying them as nodes, to harmonize with them in our frequency as light beings, as who we truly are. That is what it means to embody the light of Self. It isn’t Self at all. It is the spiritual dimension of light that we all can experience along the path awakening.

The ego reads the words of poetry and the writings in this world, the videos and the images, and it believes that that is what the world is and consists of. The ego identifies, names, and defines. It knows what flowers are, what the sun is, what religion and God is. It knows things enough to hate them, love them, despise them, to judge them and to refuse them. Ego is not absorbed in mind. It is the mind and it is formulated and created out of the world it perceives, and it is animated only by the light that is inside of it. That is to say, the ego itself contains the portal of light, into the spiritual dimension, through which the awareness can walk through. However, the ego is the counterbalance, the friction, the limitation and the barrier to spiritual development and awareness. It doesn’t want the light to be found because it will lead to its death, its own dissolution. This is why the war exists within you, and not outside of you.

You are here to find the portal to your own spiritual dimension, and through it, the ego dissolves, and all its attachments, its worldly dependencies.

What is gained is mastery of the energies, joy, and expansion, a connection that goes beyond what the limited mind can understand. In this spiritual dimension, telepathy is more powerful than physical communication. Sexuality is energetic merging of two into one, felt at the cellular level, energetic orgasm that achieves an experience of unity that transcends anything that could be felt at the physical level.  In the spiritual dimension you learn, that all things that show up in the physical realm, begin here, in the now, in the presence of unity in the dimension that is as real as it is mysterious.  All diseases are diseases of spirit. We can heal ourselves in the spiritual dimension because the body that we work through on the physical is a function of the power and presence of our spiritual energy. Disease is simply disassociation and disconnection from the light portal within, otherwise known as the soul, and known as phos (light)by Renaissance philosophers.

The world is learning right now about how it can heal itself, but it will take time for most to catch up. Some will not survive the current challenge of disease that is presenting itself. Most in fact, are giving up to the system and are becoming automatons, rejectors of the natural healing capacities of their own soul. They have chosen to follow that path as contrast to those who are choosing otherwise. However, it is not advisable to create an ego-drama out of that story either. The challenge is to let the whole world go, let the light fall in, let yourself as light radiate to all the world, simply in your presence. That is your gift. And, from that point, and only that point, will humanity begin to create with awareness and consciousness, beyond the dramas of ego, the conjured wars and diseases of our forefathers, the centuries of pain and delusion that you have been carrying in your blood.

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