Sacred Lovers: The Divine Dance of Sea and Ship

c. 1300, romaunce, “a story, written or recited, in verse, telling of the adventures of a knight, hero, etc.,” often one designed principally for entertainment, from Old French romanz “verse narrative” (Modern French roman), also “the vulgar language,” originally an adverb, “in the vernacular language,” from Vulgar Latin *romanice scribere “to write in a Romance language” (one developed from Latin instead of Frankish), from Latin Romanicus “of or in the Roman style,” from Romanus “Roman” (see Roman).

The sense evolution is because medieval vernacular tales (as opposed to Latin texts) usually told chivalric adventures full of marvelous incidents and heroic deeds. “The spelling with -aunce-ance was very early adopted in English, probably on the analogy of abstract sbs.” [OED].

In reference to literary works, in Middle English often meaning ones written in French but also applied to native compositions. The literary sense was extended by 1660s to “a love story, the class of literature consisting of love stories and romantic fiction.” Meaning “imaginative, adventurous quality” first recorded 1801; that of “love affair” is from 1916. Romance novel is attested by 1820. Compare Romance (adj.).

Generally, romantic love is defined in terms of story, characters, a playing of rolls, a script. In other words, it is defined in terms of egoic partnerships, soul contracts, and various other Romanesque characteristics such as the possibility of marital law, social expectations, and a general decline in physical and spiritual health for the sake of maintaining this legal union in the material/physical world.

But our true nature is light and is characterized by the both the divine feminine and masculine polarities of the electric universe. The feminine, far from being a damsel in distress, or a mad master bent on controlling a mate, or a support system for “hubby”, is a vast oceanic expanse, of infinite quality and substance, an undulating and mysterious force in the universe that appears in the form of the physical ocean itself, the dark mysteries of space, the depths of a profound literary work, and mysteries of all the universe. She is the priestess energy that carries the sacred space that is of the divine feminine.  She is where the masculine energy must learn to swim, to navigate, to build structures that can cut through storm and tide alike, the great sea captain that confidently – and with great respect and reverence – learns how to move with her, to find his destination, his purpose, the reflection of his great longing to earn what he has worked so hard for. He does this in concert with her, in her honor – and that is the great union, the great sacred marriage: two powerful beings of natural supernatural force, riding the waves of their merging being. The polarity of the energy, the female and male, create the entire universe, as One, and as many they shine through, lifting all beings up to observe and experience the great dance of two lovers, as the universe manifests itself, merging all into it, as soon as it releases them.

Contrast this with ego-based so-called love. One partner usually controls the other, or they take turns in this control. Many marry because they always thought they should, or because it means that they are loved, or because they find security in it, or because they cannot bear to be alone. Life in the context of ego-relationship is characterized by sacrifice, compromise, a denial of one’s own soul opportunities. In egoic relationships, the relationship must come before all else – soul, God, and nature, otherwise it dissolves. This is a conditional connection, because it is based on a conditional soul contract, designed to help the feminine feel what its like to be a great ocean trying to squeeze into a small glass bottle; to help her feel what it is like to allow her body to be abused by litter, face masks, and prescription medications, to allow her feel what it’s like to be unprotected and abandoned like a garden that is ignored because the grocery store is more convenient.  She also learns what it’s like to give away all her power, to be needy, dominating, conditional – to use her claws in the back of any man that serves her. To feel what it’s like to have children reject her, to watch her beauty fade with her flesh. To feel what it’s like to become dust in the wind. The masculine, meanwhile, learns what it is like to work hard and receive no rest from it, only to get fatter and lazier, to lose that youthful desire and passion, the longing of the beloved. He learns what it’s like to manipulate a woman who wants to be a slave.  He learns what it’s like to have to be satisfied with constant ejaculation, before he has experienced the power of deep and sustained longing over time and space. The true masculine energy wants to see and feel the beloved, his muse from afar. He wants to earn her by finding his way, through great travails and trails. He works well at a distance from her, as reverence to her, and as a motivation for him. He is the priest to her priestess. The sacred lover to sacred lover. Egoic romance, however, forbids the beloved. It creates the illusion that the beloved has been attained and that the journey is over.

Boredom arrives soon enough. Netflix and technology and porn become the distractions. The life force is slowly drained. Old age sets in.

One only has to look at the condition of American cities, and many cities across the world, to notice that there has been, over the past two thousand or so years, a distortion of male and female personas, to the point where the sea itself is under threat. The laziness  and depression of the masculine energy has led to the condition of once great cities such as Detroit, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and New York City.  The masculine has no aspiration without the unattainable beloved. She must set him into awe with her unattainable beauty, far from reach, and yet near enough for him to try to gain her attention when he feels he is ready to do so. The masculine is the peacock, but in romantic egoic relationships, he is not allowed any of this, and the distorted feminine only wants him to serve her limitations by helping her to compensate. Her rage and jealousy is so fierce, that she doesn’t even want to be conscious of it. But you can see it in her eyes. Her man is no longer allowed to look around. But the contract is kept, to support her weaknesses as long as she supports him.  Both then cling to each other, in order to weather the storm of their own decline and disease. Then they call this “deep love”, this fear of being separated. But this is not love, this is catastrophic desperation. It is the great wasteland, and the fall of civilization.

Romantic love is here to teach us about what isn’t love at all. It has also been abused and manipulated in order to prevent the power of love, to prevent it from completely filling the darkness with its light and power. There are powers in this universe that want to keep human beings enslaved and they do this through the maintenance of fear, shame, and cowardice. The primary means of achieving this is through the distraction of bondage of romantic relationships.

Fear and cowardice are not the characteristics of those who dare to build ships for the sea, to travel, to learn, to explore, and to grow. They are not characteristics of those who see beauty and want to manifest it, a beauty so great that one can only mention it in silence. There is no attainment of that beauty, and yet there she is, ever present, ever inside him, as he is inside her. But fear and cowardice are the characteristics of a man who feels he will get what he can be given, and will take and hold onto what he gets, and that he will fear losing her if she should discover how powerful she is, and that he must do what he can (exercise, make more money, to perform) to keep her close to him.  The distorted masculine seeks to better himself in the world, instead of connecting to spirit, the spirit of adventure, the spirit of wonder and the infinite mystery of the feminine, his true beloved the inspiration and object of Dante Alighieri’s devotion as Beatrice, and the home of a weary Odysseus as Penelope.

Modern society has worked in tremendous programming to facilitate the distortion of love and the destruction of the divine feminine/masculine connection, the true sacred marriage, the love of centuries, the source of our soul power. Music and Hollywood has been used to debase women, to treat them either as sex kittens, or as housewives, or as doormats, or co-dependent feeders, or as a surprising hero that dominates men like men have been programmed to dominate women. Men, meanwhile, while initially being instructed to be the hero who needs to protect and save the weakness in women, are now being degraded into a lazy, body-obsessed, shallow and insignificant creatures that need to beg and cry and lie in order to get the love that he thinks he needs. Girl-power is simply role-reversal. It is not feminine divine power. It is not the power that women really are. They wear long nails like demons wear their nails – to cling, to scratch, to even bite.

True power is the silent power of vast Montana skies, the great mountains of Washington state, the great deserts of the Middle East, the lion of Africa.  The absurdity of what human beings have created and maintain as power and love has caused so much misery, weakness, and despair, to the point that it is a challenge every day for many people to just “be positive” about their life. They struggle with spiritual teachings, mantras, and yoga to find some kind of reason for being, some kind of purpose – something to make them feel whole and peaceful. They search the prison in order to find the key. They will not find it, because the key is their own heart, not the prison that they believe they are in.

When you realize the key is in your own heart, the key to peace, freedom, the divine masculine and feminine union, then there is nothing that can stand in the way of your light. You will no longer choose the roles that do not fit your body or your soul. When you are faced with characters who want to feed or block the light from your eyes, you will be able to shine even more brightly, with greater beauty than before, and you will transform even the darkest of shadows, into a light equal to your own. That is the magic of transmutation, but it must be done with conviction and certainty, not fear or imagination. False beings have no reality if you don’t believe that they have being and substance.  When you claim your “I AM” presence, you claim it also for the other, and the false programs cannot withstand the light, the portal within the heart, as you walk off the stage, leaving behind the role with which you no longer identify, the role that was generated and stored within the DNA for millennia. When you do this, you are freeing every cell in the body, not only yours, but entire generations, evaporating the film from the surface of the sea to find its energy returned to source, in a perfected state of pure light where the masculine can get a better view, in the light of the pure, undiluted form of his beloved’s great beauty, and she can be finally be free, naked, in her great expanse of dark and mystery.

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