A Magical Unspeakable World.

The modern hologram in which we currently live is an amazing spectacle that has attempted to create a realistic objective reality that survives, or outlives consciousness enough to make people believe that it is more real, and more true, than their own soul. This is quite the reversal! If you spend any time with poetry, literature, or philosophy, beginning with antiquity and leading up to the turn of the 20th century, you will notice that the human mind had accepted that the world, which consists of natural forms of being and becoming, has one consistency: change, death, birth, and transformation.  The idea that matter is more consistent or more real than soul would be considered ridiculous.

But here we are. We live in an age when suffering has become a badge of honor, and even an occupation, and that is because most human beings are submerged into their own version of this virtual reality, a conceptual system that pretends to reflect or interpret nature.  The ego is a structure inside which the awareness lives, and is given a sandbox in which to play out its life.  Others can show up inside that ego’s “world”, and can come and go as long as the that ego allows or permits it. The ego can, of course, modify the appearance of anyone who enters, to fit the desired parameters. It grows angry when others don’t comply, and it feeds off the energy of others if it is lacking fuel. What it cannot process within its system, it rejects. It is a defense mechanism that is grounded in the inability of the central processing unit.  If the soul is still present, if the true desire for truth and what is real is still there, that individual will experience themselves as two different beings: one that seems to want truth, integrity, and what is real, and the other that wants to escape into the ego-structure, to stand its ground, to fight, and to claim to know what it is and what it is fighting for. There is no mystery in the ego. The ego is not setup for it unless it can rationalize the mystery, control it, and beat it into the desired shape. This is what the ego does to all things, especially love. All of this goes on, all day long, and everyone believes they are living their lives. Many people choose, in order to relieve their suffering, remove their soul completely through drugs, vaccines, and various other avenues. Many choose the illusion over what is real. However, once they do that, they don’t realize that they have relinquished their power over to a virtual system that is designed to create a false identity, a false life, and eternal suffering. It is the true hell, not the hell that the media likes to portray.

That is the nature of the matrix system.  Those of us who have chosen to embody our soul, the light, are here to fish, to give light and fire to those who are having trouble lighting their own. We work on the higher planes, and we communicate through telepathic means, because our awareness doesn’t live in the false matrix system. We are outside the system, outside the time and space structures of the system, and outside the reality that can be generated and processed through the ego-mind. Every time we communicate in that system, work in the system, or manipulate it, we must do so in disguise. We are never able to show who we are and nor could we.  We can show up as teachers, as doctors, as casual acquaintances. Some of us appear to be infants. Some of us are trees. Some are random people on the internet. That is the nature of the light, it transforms as it breaks through the shallow surface of the great sea. It is a light that is yet hidden in the deepest part of the ocean; it is severed into its colors through the prisms of the raindrops, and through the manifestation of itself in matter. We are not who we truly are in the virtual mind-matter world.

There is great humor in the matrix program that tells people to “be who they are”.  Being who you are is impossible in the matrix. You can’t do it. The matrix is a shadow world, the photographic negative, the anti-matter.  If you try to be, you will only seem to be, and so you won’t be all. If you speak truth, you will speak lies.  If you search for love, you will find fear.  If you seek wealth, you will fear and find ruin. If you point to others, you only point to your ego.  You cannot “win” here.  If you try to win, you will lose. This thing that people call life, this mental-emotional-conceptual construct, is a creation that has been given to most individuals to process and remember, and to physically react to by means of their brain, the central processing unit, and their body. Ideas however, the concepts and patterns (the software) is downloaded. It is not contained or stored in the physical unit, except temporarily, just like a computer stores data temporarily. The true nature of the ideas is that they are energetic forms created outside the physical-mental mind and they are done so in the context of the quantum field, in no place and no time. You are living in the most amazing and complex game/maze that was ever invented in the universe. You are here because you chose to be here, to experience this virtual reality. However, you suffer, only because you forgot why you are here, and the pathways to the light, the guidance system, has been corrupted and subverted. That too is the game.

What you are here to do is to learn how to work on the earth system, to participate in creating this world, this virtual reality in which we live, and to create it in a way that optimizes our ability to master all the various forms of energy at the same time, from the dense energies of slow matter, to the high frequencies beyond visible light. Not only that, more importantly, we are here to learn who to do this as beings of love, love of the whole, not just one part, or one group of beings, but all, so that all can learn and thrive, as they too learn and expand their consciousness beyond their limited ego-constructs. We can stay in this school as long as we like, and some of have been here for thousands of years. Some will soon return to their true home, some will stay here and become masters or guides for those still working on earth.

The truth about this life has always been available. Plato taught us about it, as well as Aristotle. However, in the context of many of the egoic systems, these teachings have been assimilated and distorted by the lower light forms of awareness, and have been explained inside the context of the false realities, without any intention of expanded awareness.  In most cases, lights such as Plato, whose work contains many portals or light codes to remind us of why we are here, have been shut out of the system entirely. The university systems of the matrix are schools that will teach how to be one with the matrix, not one with the soul, and the true education that is the Earth herself. This is not only true of educational systems, but all systems: media, entertainment, health, etc. All these areas have been delivered as software inside the matrix. Many contain formulations of the light, but they are false forms or dark light. The key to seeing the light, is trust it when you feel it or see it, and in the darkest of places it will show for you and be your guide.  As you follow his light, and learn to ignore the dark shadows that wish to blur and conceal, you will begin to unravel the puzzle of the matrix itself, to discover this truth: that you are not your body at all; that you aren’t your mind, and that you are that light. You are your own guidance. You are the light of the universe. That is the only way, the only path to autonomy and creativity, truth, and true freedom. Everything else, and everyone else was there for you to learn how to be more of who you are, by letting the matrix go, putting down the VR goggles and seeing the world as it truly is: a magical unspeakable world.

.. I believe he would gaze upon the sun itself, not its reflection of the water, or in another place, as an illusion of the sun, but as the sun is by itself and in accordance with itself, he would see and wonder as to what it might be…( Plato, The Republic, 514a – 517a)

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