To conjure and summon the Black Lion

This is a difficult article to write, and I hesitated in doing so, because of the difficulty of the subject matter. I will do my best, however. What I write now is inspired from a vision I had last night, and many, many others I have had over the years. As one releases the generic programming of the matrix, it becomes much easier to receive messages or downloads of information regarding the nature of life on earth. Everyone’s path is unique, however, and what is revealed to me isn’t necessarily what is revealed to another. That is why it’s always important to listen to your heart when being shown information.

I don’t want to get into the particulars of the vision the other night, but it did involve a Black Lion, a form of lion that is genetically impossible in this particular physical reality. Lions are unusual in that way. They are the only cat, or one of the only cats that doesn’t have a black color. The image is strong: the lion, ever symbol of power, might, and spiritual wealth, cannot show up in the matrix as a shadow of itself. It is a powerful symbol of unity, the unity of Source, the One and truly Only power in the universe, the energetic quantum field.

The lion in my vision was being hunted, as if he were dangerous. The hunters couldn’t find him. He would simply disappear. The hunters were frustrated that they couldn’t catch this dangerous evil. . However, at the end of the dream, he was lying next to child and his mother, both of Middle Eastern origin. His body was languid and lazy, harmless like a tired old dog. The child was playing with the mouth of the lion. The lion did nothing.

I also saw the name of this black lion. It had been replaced with Matthias. For those interested in Matthias, and the importance of him in relationship to the Lion and the twelve apostles, please do your Google research. I will not discuss it here. I am just going to focus on the message as I see it in a general sense. You can draw your own conclusions about the story of Matthias in your own time and consideration with what I am saying in this article.

The black lion is a false darkness. He was never a danger. He didn’t even exist. Cannot exist. It is forbidden.

The notion of “false light” has become common in most religions/spiritual circles. However, the notion of “false dark” has not. Where the light is artificial, so too are the shadows it casts. The false paradigms of dark/light travel back for centuries but are quite stark in the expression of the Biblical text and all the cults that have been derived thereafter.

There are cults that span back centuries, who practice black magic to this day, and intend to create fear and mayhem amongst the majority of human beings. There are many people walking around on earth who have inherited ancestral or family curses, hexes, and various forms of bondage due to ancestors who sacrificed themselves or their children to these old gods and angelics. Humans, en masse, tend to serve this black magic, as either a transport mechanism, like a magical object, or as a program designed to cast spells, to “spread the magic” as it were to as many as possible. Much of what is considered to be “the normal way of looking things” is a spell or a form of magical incantation. Negative thinking, the desire to create enemies, and to conjure demons, and inspire fear and powerlessness, is the aim of these ancient but very much alive cults. They do this unseen because, for most human beings, the spiritual dimension of life has been erased completely and placed with a thoroughly false religion designed to control and manipulate the public. True wisdom doesn’t express righteousness and the desire to go to war, to hold hatred for one group over another, to proclaim the knowledge of God, a lack of humility in the instrument of their religion, a desire to proselytize and despise those who do not submit. All of those behaviors are equally “demonic” as far as the matrix is concerned, angelics or idols or spirits of the dead. Most of them are artificial intelligence bots or programs who have animated through the physical incarnation of the current era. Many of the humans who carry these curses struggle with all sorts of phenomena in their life: unexplained illness, disease, depression, anxiety, addiction, incessant negativity and rage, bad luck, etc.

Psychology would have you believe that negative thinking is a result of depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem. As a result, people choose to take drugs, or engage in activities that contrast with that negativity. They seek some sort of remedy to give them the pleasure they desire, which increases their addiction to their own pain. The pain is what engenders the desire and is the only thing left that makes them feel alive. This is a complete distortion of the eroticism (love) of mankind. I cannot express the tragedy of it enough.

The resistance and deprivation of true love, breeds a rage and a hunger, an anger that is ripe for the creative conjuring of what many call “demons” or beings of ill intent, in the form of all sorts of things, institutions, authority figures, etc. Most people don’t realize that when they see evil- far from being righteous saints who can see the darkness from the light – they are at the beginning levels of conjuring it into existence, and that communication and acceptance of evil, whether they think they reject or not, creates it in the quantum field, spreading it to others, especially those closest to them.

Psychology is a form of programming that engenders more of a need for itself, and more powerful phenomenon of so-called mental health. That is why people become identified with their mental diagnoses. This kind of programming is now being used for physical health as well, as we are all quite aware. In the end, the entire situation, the desire for health and the fear of falling into deep despair, is an illusion that is infused the powerful belief and consciousness of millions of people. This is the true nature of manifestation. It could be argued that psychology today is more powerful than the most powerful illusion, the most fantastic myth, on the planet, which is Christianity as we know it through the so-called “sacred” books.

So, why do these cults still rule the earth, and why do they entrap people in their stories of false light/false dark? This is the nature of the earth, and the nature of our experience here. It is the nature of this VR experiment, this game, this illusion. It is our job to see through the deception, and that is exactly what Yeshua (the true name of Jesus) had done and taught. The one in the bible, the one called Jesus, is the son of the demiurge, and not the son of Source. The demiurge is the God of the Bible, written by prophets of false dark and light, the one who created the light in the dark. The true Source, however, is not created, doesn’t manifest as a human being, and doesn’t speak except in parables and signs, symbols as it were. That is why Yeshua speaks in parables, not direct speech. As such, the Bible is the word of the demiurge only, and those who worship him, worship that king of the Matrix system in whatever form they are either told to or imagine themselves.

True Source, on the other hand, simply is – beyond the matrix, beyond the demiurge, as only presence, a life source and being, present in all things.

This is the game we are playing in. Remember though, as a being of Source, you can never die, never be threatened, never live in fear. That is the true state of being Yeshua taught. However, the demiurge requires human sacrifice, for the sake of the false light, and that sacrifice is always the false dark, the Judas Iscariot, the conjured demons designed to create contrast for a false light, a light that depends on war in order to survive, that depends on its own righteousness to have purpose or meaning, that depends on the existence of its enemy, in order to feel “good”.

A true being of Source does not require warfare in order to express its purpose. It requires no conditions for love or for goodness. It is truly the experience of unity, the original unity the natural presence of soul.

Humanity has been, through religion, redirected and distracted into believing in false light and dark animations, in order to bring them into existence. The true nature of demon possession is nothing like what is presented in Hollywood, in the church, or anywhere else for that matter. I have witnessed a number of people who are possessed, but their possession is not as dramatic as most would expect or like. The false dark is an arena where the energy of soul is used to conjure evil, and so fear, and so therefore righteousness in the form of the false light. Summoning and conjuration is simply the calling into existence of these beings that otherwise would never materialize. The consciousness that they have are only reflections of the conjurer, the black magician whose summoning powers most don’t understand but still participate in – daily. To be possessed is to give your consciousness to an entity that would otherwise be inanimate, with no power whatsoever. This is how “evil” comes into being. It is sourced in those who believe in it, including those who think they are fighting it. In fact, those who fight the “demon” are actually taking part in a summoning ritual. This is why polarity presents itself on the political state. Those who are for and against something are both on the same side, namely, to conjure the reality of the false dark and light entities. The black lion doesn’t exist, but it still shows itself in the images on the internet, in the mind of the those who wish to conjure it, to subdue it, to rename it Mattias so that the 12 Apostles are appear glorified and untainted by the false darkness, that is only dark to the extent that your fear is deep.

When you release the fear completely, in the awareness of eternity, so too do you release the so-called darkness, and every demon that was ever imagined in the child-mind of men.

2 thoughts on “To conjure and summon the Black Lion

  1. Thankyou Anastasia. I think I can just about keep up with you through this post, that is understand and relate to what you are writing. What you say goes beyond my experience but my experience can point in those directions.
    I saw a white lion in a dream a couple of years ago. If it had been black I would have thought of it as bringing unconscious attitudes into consciousness, ie out of the shadow into the light (it will have been white all the while but black without light to reflect). I am unsure what you might make of this. But then what is light? Consciousness? Acceptance?
    You talk of the matrix which I cannot quite fathom, though maybe here I have used the word pleroma. I am unsure whether they are the same.
    It is good for me to read of your experiences and interpretation and a feminine orientation into it all.

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    1. Thank you so much for your reply. I always love hearing people’s experiences on this level.

      With dreams, I always believe one should dig deep within to find meaning. You’ll know yourself when you hit that meaning. There is not clear cut and dry interpretation for a symbol. Symbols are just objects after all. However, in the context of certain things going on in your life, and what you feel you are being led towards, will feed that symbol with the power of your own understanding. In my case, the symbolism was clear, because I am presented with various forms of shadows, either for clearing, or for observation. It’s just my path. I’ve also been shown a great deal about world religions. I find it challenging to look.

      I use the word “matrix” to refer to the mental-physical projection we live in. I borrow the term from the Matrix films mostly because it is something people relate to (the movie was very popular!), but you are a unique one, who doesn’t seem to recognize the term.

      The matrix is a grid, or programmatic interface, of a highly (otherworldly) bio-technological nature. It is based in sophisticated AI and allows us to live in material world, in a way that feels “real”. In it, we forget who we truly are (eternal souls), in order to play the games that are created here. We all play the games. Most are not aware they are games. I use the term “game” losely here. I have no other way to map the idea to a word. I do what I can in my writing.

      The matrix is used to help us learn to master the different frequencies of energy – to learn how to create (and destroy) and how to love inside all of that. Some people are interns here. Some are trainees. Some have been here for hundreds of lifetimes. But the matrix has been “hacked” and there is a deep imbalance. Souls have been deliberately deprived of their connection to Source (this is where they receive their guidance/clues/symbols) in order to expand their awareness and grow into finding out who they truly are and what this world is, inside the matrix. Many of us are here now to help reconnect earth to Source, to assist here by bringing her back into balance. This requires raising the awareness of those who wish to. Those who don’t are dying in massive numbers. The vaccine and the virus are related to this. It was determined that it was the only way to remove the hack. The other option would have been like a great flood, that would have destroyed all living things, in order to start anew. That wasn’t the way this went and now we are witnessing the collapse of parts of the matrix that were basically viri (viruses), and programmed into countless numbers of bloodlines (DNA). Those who wish to survive will do so by actively choosing to expand their awareness. Those that wish to hold onto the old programmings, will perish with those
      programmings .


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