OM Silence

all other beings on the earth
are silent about who they are;
and God is the most silent of all,

but not human beings,
ever striving to be significant,
an anomoly or unexpected storm,
a child trying to be his father,
or to please the whip of his mother.
to be great, to be best, to be loved,
to be the one who KNOWS GOD
to be the one know KNOWS SCIENCE:
it will see itself in strangers,
and design masterpieces of mind:
anything to avoid itself.

Humans draw pictures in their heads,
and see their parents in their lovers’ eyes
(they even make God their lover),
chasing the reflection of an image
they created at lunch between their ABCs:
a life that doesn’t exist cannot exist,
a living expectation of a ridiculous mind,
a heart that grows angry and bitter when it dreams,
when the true light shines in.

Who’s playing Devil now?

when all they had to do was listen,
to the quiet of the trees,
the humility of birds,
the arms of the wind,
the wisdom of the earth
only silence is holy
they only had to be.

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