The Dissolution of Dualism or Heaven on Earth

One of the most important and fundamental principles of this reality is the illumination and expression of the one/many duality. It’s a challenge to speak about this one/many duality directly, because it is, through the mental plane of our existence, expressed either in a pure abstraction by way of number, or, more frequently, inside visual symbols, art, and letters in general. We see this duality in the presence of opposites, in the experience of emotions (pleasure/pain, happiness/sadness). We can also see the power of this dual nature in our language, by means of singular and plural forms (one/many). More curiously,  Ancient Greek also has the dual form, the singularity of this duality. Suffice it to say that duality can be seen everywhere, and not because it is “out there” but because that is how our mind is designed to express reality and what is not reality, that which is and that which is not.

The part we play, or rather the part that our mind plays in this reality, through the thoughts about this reality, as you experience life, as you experience this writing, is essential to the goal of education and the mastering of this life in the service of love (unity).  While the world is expressed in the form of duality, via the instrument of mind, we are challenged to be present as a singular being, as unity consciousness, or however you want to term it. This is the soul work, the discovery that we are not on a journey in space of time, but rather a presence outside of space and time. Essentially, we are immersed in this world, forgetful of our true nature, and delegated – by our own soul’s volition – to rediscover who we are, namely, a fantastic expression of energetic presence, what the gnostics called simply “light”.

While in this dualistic world, we spend a good deal of time looking for meaning or significance of ourselves, outside of ourselves, in the world that we experience. We seek the opinions and measurements of others, the direction of others, the crowd, the designated experts, the systems that are designed to keep us in a state of control. We are like kids in a playpen. It is good in the beginning, but when it is time to move out of the playpen, the playpen begins to feel restrictive and difficult. The state of the world in the major timeline of old earth is that of a playpen that is inhabited by souls who have been artificially restricted and prevented from leaving.  As a result, many of the social institutions have become infantilized and childish, instilling all sorts of social norms and self-consciousness that creates a truly dependent and artificially “nice” culture called a ‘safe space’. This attempt to achieve social cohesion in the dualistic world is a futile attempt to create unity where none is possible.

Unity can only be achieved through the soul work of the participants. This soul work cannot be controlled or achieved through systems. It can only be manifested through surrender to the higher will, the collective will that is manifested through higher awareness, which is located in the high frequency energetic plane accessible only through the heart space, and the soul work done by each. Love is simple. It is never hard, but it cannot be legislated by law, corporate policy or culture, or any of the other artificial mechanisms that are currently in place to make earth a safe and fair place. These are 3D mechanisms fueled by old energetic egoic tendencies and patterns. Nothing can be created on the level. Nothing, unless it is tapped into the Source energy of the higher frequency. Most of what we see that is pushed through or created on the earth plane is simply the moving of furniture around, making it appear unique or different. True creation and true invention is the transmutation of the invisible into the visible realm.

The difficulty of articulating the nature of the soul work, which is ultimately the creativity discovered by the ”journey”, leads to a relentless desire to get “rich” quick, to create things from the material realm, like patchwork, like Frankenstein. The answer is always within the soul and the work of the soul, which is beyond all good and evil, as Nietzsche taught, and is always working on a realm that is beyond what the mental/physical perception can perceive.

The perceived experience of the world cannot be one of unity, unless that united is artificially imitated or created through force, by law or by custom. This lower dualistic world is one of difference, division, via space, time and attributes. We are either detached from the infinite nature of who we are, such that these divisions and natural changes do not affect us at our core, or we have allowed those forms to become our identity, and our nature, falling with them, rising with them, becoming them, and so controlled by them. People are far from us, unlike us, older or younger, smarter or not smart enough.  We seek connection when we feel complete disconnection. We seek wealth when experience poverty. Life is driven by wants and fears of not getting what we want or losing what we have. All of this wouldn’t be possible without he dualistic nature of matrix world, the submersion into a reality that holds its pleasure and its pains, as well as its essential meaninglessness.

But the goal here on this planet is not to just run the rat race. It is not to connect with others, or to gain their approval. All relationships are a focus of energy-based on soul contracts – in the service of creating structures of contention or strife, usually for the purpose of learning.  The learning that comes out of strife is hopefully, a recognition that a return to Self or unity is missing from the contract, and that the soul contract is by and large an agreement to create enough pain that will launch both parties into a deeper awareness of the programming that is expressed and realized in that connection. Unity is a literal merging of all material elements, both denser and more rarefied into one harmonious integrated being. That goal cannot be achieved by any mechanism or cleverness of mind. That is why understanding what I am saying is irrelevant when it comes to our deepest soul journey. In fact, the more we attempt to understand this life, the less we allow the experience to unfold. This idea is absolutely resisted by the mind whose only energetic expression is to understand or to know things, by which it believes it can come to know reality. This is the reality according to mind,  which, when gone rogue from Source, from the heart space, is completely divorced from, and even violent against anything that is presented as a mystery to it. The “unexplained” or the “supernatural” is something the mind only wants to entertain if it understands at something that is quite impossible or extraordinary, a unicorn of sorts.

While the mind is caught up in the ups and downs of life and the ebb and flow of the dualistic world, trying to find solutions to the problems it believes it has encountered, and creating both complex and simplistic systems and patterns in order to fill life with business and meaning, the heart is still, and present, quiet, the true place of the sacred.  The essence of who we are is unity and we feel the need to express that, to find it, to experience it in a world of division, duality, war,  and conflict.  We try all sorts of ways to bring diversity into a unity, but it cannot work on the level of a dualistic consciousness, because the duality is inherent to its nature, and it will not allow such a mixture to remain stable for very long. In this world, which has for the most part blocked and even forbidden the sacred portals of the earth that were once available, it is very challenging to find the energy that is required to ascend one’s consciousness into the plane of unity, the plane in which we have presence outside of the dualistic entirely engineered matrix of forms and formulas.

Those who seek the path of their souls true education are the harbingers of what is often called a new earth, a new created world whose principles are located in the natural principles of the invisible and visible world together.  All those souls on this path are called to dislodge their consciousness and identity from the world of forms and formulations, to free themselves from it, not in anger, and with such dualistically based reactive emotions, but with deep empathy and understanding, an allowance of the world, in all its variations and vast spectrums of time and space. This is how the human world, our experience of it can be created in line with Source and in concert with nature, through the obedience and not slavery to mind and technology.

Technological companies that do not embrace this new consciousness will eventually dissolve. At this point in time, most companies are struggling to create a place for themselves through models and systems, still unaware, that these systems only serve to create more resistance and discomfort for the individuals who are absorbed inside of them. In time, however, as more souls do their soul work, these companies who contain them will also transform – or dissolve as the case may be.

It is imperative that all those who wish to be present, to master this world, let go of the attachments to all forms, both 3D and 4D, including all spiritualities that have created co-dependence and detachment from the 3D. Again, unity is a marriage of all spectrums, all facets of life, from high to low, not as a form of knowledge but as our living breathing experience in this earth that is now become heaven, where all dualistic expressions dissolve into one living breathing life form.

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