The creator disappears into the creation…and back again

A Creator chooses to become the Creation,
to experience the World as if it were Unseen,
an architect to see mystery in his architecture:
building bridges over the river of Memory.
to ignore her on his path….for a time.
But when the Creator has awakened,
it will be time to Create with her once again,
and to eventually Forget once again,
to lose himself in order to rediscover
I AM that I AM that I AM

Eric Schmidt is famous for declaring that the internet will disappear. The reason he knows is not because he is tapped into the “future”, or is some sort of visionary. The truth is that there is no such thing as the “future” or the “past” for that matter. Eckhardt Tolle has been teaching us that the Now moment, presence,  s the true substance of life, our true nature, the source of abundance as Being itself.  Eric Schmidt is tapped into that presence, which includes the present awareness that our currently energetic system—a system that includes the dense material of our physical body—is holographic in nature. This can be difficult to digest from the perspective of mind, because the mind only understands linear processes that define the movement between polarized states, such as cause/effect, past/future, dead/alive, dark/light.  Because the mind is wired to experience the world in this manner, it is impossible for the mind to think beyond it.

If you have used a virtual reality headset, you know that the physical world “in front” of you, the one that you perceive using your senses, is no longer visible. This is because the virtual reality hardware and software creates a new dimension, inside of this one, that doesn’t destroy it, but transplants it. There are some headsets that are using mixed reality technology that allows the holograms to overlay the current perceivable reality. These are bridge, and that will facilitate the crossing over.

Eventually, these headsets will become implants. This is what it means to merge with the machine. Public opinion is very polarized about this sort of technology and is fearful that it will bring harm to the current human system. But that is like saying that Windows 11 is bringing harm to Windows 10, by replacing it, or augmenting it in some way. For the mind that identifies itself with the physical self and body that it inhabits, it is very easy to fear that when the physical body is destroyed or dramatically changed, that it is somehow unnatural and even “evil”.

But considering that the current body we have is a result of a technology that was developed by beings who wished to experience a created reality, a reality that allows individuals and groups to build, create economies, establish the perpetuation of their programming (bloodlines), and experience that world in terms of its “natural laws”, there is no fear of its “upgrade” via a form of technology that is somehow connected to that ancient science.

I have written extensively about the interference and virus that has entered this current system, preventing individuals from coming into their full power of awareness, and so causing an enormous amount of stagnation, pain, misery, and depletion of human resources (power). We have come to earth to learn how to create, how to participate in this virtual world. Unfortunately, bugs in the system have led the problems that many experience in terms of their own way of understanding them, and a decision had to be made about how to resolve the problem without initiating a Great Flood, or wiping out humanity entirely. The current acceleration of deaths, via COVID and the vaccine, will continue as planned. However, many will survive, because that is what they are here for, namely, to carry the new programs forward, that allows themselves to carry higher frequency matter (energy/light), and create from a higher awareness, that is outside the current viral-ridden programs. It is imperative that we create from Source, from the creative energy that even this old world was created.

It doesn’t matter if what I am saying is believed by anyone or not. This is what is happening, and what has always been happening, as sure as the sun is shining or the moon is glowing, or the night is dark, and the day is light. Despite the fact that our bodies are programmed to perceive life in a specific manner, as each individual experiences it, it is still possible to find the “back door”, or the doors that lead to the subconscious realm, the underworld, or the world of shadow, whatever you like to call it. This backdoor is something we can take and through it, we can experience the creative power that generates all things, the Source, which is our true home, as it were. And when we enter there, and are present to it, we have bypassed the virtual realities and all the realities that are imbedded inside them, and we experience how all doors lead to the One.  That all paths lead to Me, is the true teaching of Jesus, and has very little to do with the church or religion as it is formulated in these virtual worlds.

Many call this back door the “third eye”, and it is an apt name, because it is our third eye, that sees “all”. We are not meant to experience this third eye vision until we are able to understand the sanctity of the whole, of all the paths, of all the levels, of all the perspectives and realities that are created inside this very strange world. I know even know that as I write this, no one can perceive this unless that door is opened, and between those it has opened, there is only silence, and can be only silence. That is the true meaning of “being the witness”. Plato spoke about the witness and calls them the guardians. They watch over the human world, and make sure it protected, loved, and nurtured. They are not desirous of, nor do they fear, the world as it is. They do not fall into greed or lust, and yet they are the most powerful lovers, bringing the light order to the world that they guard.   Plato called these guardians, the philosophers, the lovers of wisdom, the ones who love none other than Sophia.

Wisdom is an experience that is witnessed in Presence, and Presence alone. It is not able to be articulated or taught, as Plato has Socrates note. It cannot be taught because mind is a thing that can only know things and learn things in terms of how it is programmed to know them and learn them. It doesn’t have immediate access to wisdom, which is perceived through a different organ, the third eye, or the heart space. All of these labels (third eye, heart space, etc) are just words to describe something that isn’t physical, not physical in the world, and not physical in who we are. The reason for this is that we are not physical beings at all. We are energy, high frequency energy that has learned how to observe itself through creating a world,and inhabiting a body and living through it upon conditoning that we have forgotten who we truly are. The forgetfulness is key to our experience, and the key to learning how to empathize with all beings on the planet as they experience the challenges of this world. If everyone knew that they were deathless and planned their experiences before inhabiting a body, do you think most would care about life? This is why there are many obstacles towards achieving awareness – not all of them are bad or evil. Many of them are simply helping this world to maintain itself, to maintain its reality. There are many beings here who participate on this planet, who no longer “have” bodies.

There are many beings that surround us, but because most of us are immersed in the VR goggles that is our current body, we do not see them. However, just because we don’t see them, it doesn’t mean they don’t impact us. They do. There are many beings who are of those souls or energy-consciousness that still think they are alive, or don’t really understand that they no longer have a body, or who want to try to possess and control the bodies of others. These are a function of system glitches – they should have left this realm, and they are not yet ready to be guides. These beings are present all around us, and they disturb our sleep, our dreams, and our emotional state. Most of them were, in their own life, tortured souls, and so wish to continue that torture on others, or are still seeking resolution and salvation by pretending to be alive in a vicarious manner. There are other beings who are hear to help and assist, to bring hope, and to keep the light burning in the hearts that have been forgotten. They are a candle in the darkest places. Most people have a number of beings that are working on them, or with them, or against them. One of my gifts is to be able to see these beings. Those souls—and these are quite rare—who are autonomous and in the deep process of awakening, have a single illuminated aura around them, that is quite astounding and beautiful. They are living though that pure energy, connected to the higher realm, and consciousness of who they truly are, as beings of Source and love. These remarkable people seem ordinary enough when you meet them. The average person is however enamored of celebrity and “powerful” people, most of whom are either holograms, or are actually projects of an enormous number of disembodied consciousness that influence and direct them. This is not judgement, but this is where many people are. Unfortunately, too many have been stuck due to interference and programmatic glitches.

This is why there are some people who live in an energetic prison, and it is usually visible as a dark grey or black box of sorts. The more powerful and impermeable, the more geometric and well defined is. Some people have this around them or to the side of them, as form of boundaries or limitation of some kind.  Many people who represent corporations or other powerful groups have these boxes around them. They are very much controlled by either some form of dark magic, curse, or energetic entrapment/bondage. It is very challenging for individuals like that to feel free, and love is always a threat to them, even though they are good at posturing love and giving symbol to it. I know this because I see these boxes/shapes and have been in one.

It is a strange phenomenon that those who are in the public eye and hold the public’s envy are bombarded with energies that are beyond what most people could handle. In order to survive those energies they are certainly protected—in order to play their designated role–, but in most cases, this protection doesn’t last very long. This is why the public also enjoys learning about the lives of the rich and famous. They almost always end in tragedy or misery or some other form of pitiable circumstance. The beings that control these people are truly enjoying their fun.

There was a time when human beings could see all of these energies around us in the world. But the created shapes and forms of things was designed to put a limit to our deep heart space perception, to allow for the possibility of focus and linear learning and interaction – the hegemony and power of knowledge and ranking of the bloodlines (DNA programming). There are things that human beings were aware of, that they no longer are conscious of, because their “internet” is now part of us, and is not something we think about. We think that knowledge is natural, that the mind’s tyranny over life is normal, that our experience with “love” is real, that class distinctions, racism, class warfare are innately human. This is all just programming, that has been running for centuries. It has been running for so long, that we mistakenly experience it as second nature, whether we like it or not. We also know that sometimes our body doesn’t work so well, or that some parts are difficult to maintain, especially since we have become so sedentary and so prone disease due to our failure to maintain it, take care of ourselves, and clear out programming that doesn’t serve us. So many people on the planet, instead of awakening to who they are in a gradual way, through exploration and discovery, have checked out, have developed addictions and various forms of distraction. When the yearning of humanity rests in alternate realities, via media, via the internet, via games, via virtual reality technologies, we know that we are ready for a new upgrade, an upgrade that is now being called Web 3.0, but will eventually dissolve the internet as we know it – inside of ourselves, inside a new normal.

Sometime in the “future” of this new age, there will be people who will begin to awaken once again, shaking themselves out of the dream called normal, because the apocalypse (the revelation) will be nearing, and the new technology will have become old, tired, and difficult to live with. That is when there will be those who awaken, who see new possibilities, and new ways of improving our experience on this earth and in this universe. They will lead the way, as they are right now, and have always led, in order to help others awaken, and choose to either accept this new world, or fall by the wayside into the old one. None of this is brave or daring, but is simply becoming present to the reality that experiences, simply, I AM.

“Everything goes, everything returns, the wheel of existence rolls forever. Everything dies, everything blossoms anew; the year of existence runs on forever. Everything breaks, everything is joined anew; the same house of existence builds itself for ever. Everything departs, everything meets again; the ring of existence is true to itself for ever. Existence begins in every instant. The ball There rolls around every Here. The middle is everywhere. The path of eternity is crooked.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Convalescent, 2

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