Tales from the Matrix: The Suffering of Master and Slave

According to the philosophy of Zen, we are too much of a slave to the conventional way of thinking, which is dualistic through and through…. Zen, however, upsets this scheme of thought and substitutes a new one in which there exists no logic, no dualistic arrangement of ideas.

Daisetz Suzuki, Essays in Zen Buddhism Series 1 (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1949).
The Devil tarot card equals 6 in numerology arithmetic: 1+ 0 + 5 = 6. Furthermore, 5 is half of 10, signifying duality. In the realm of the matrix, unity is either a combination or bondage between two both apparently similar and non-similar beings. It is fundamentally demonic in the truest sense. All such “loves” are virtual and are designed to teach us about the negatives that they are, in order to expand, over lifetimes, our awareness of true love. Matrix love such is this is rooted in desire/lack/neediness/fear of being alone/compromise/limitation/inability to grow/jealousy/possessiveness.

Our experience of duality in the matrix is designed to teach us who we are not. We, through the suffering of this duality, and our attempts to find peace, love, and unity, eventually must go within and start the journey of discover that leads to finding who we are, that we are already all we ever wanted, needed or required, that we are love, unity, and peace already present.

But there is no way to speak of this unity, because it doesn’t present itself inside the confines of the mind. It cannot be taught. It can only be discovered. The mind is a minefield (pardon the pun) of mirrors, false assumptions that run as deep as the very language we rely on, and the trust we believe to have in things like goodness, morality, and love. All of these things, including the virtues, wherever and however they appear, are simply symbolic and physical representations of the ONE. In the matrix, we search for love, we search for fulfillment, we search for happiness. What we experience, however, is suffering, whether we want to know it or not. We suffer in the pain of our foot, our heart, our mental health, our child that rejects us, our lover that refuses to listen, our friend that walks away. We suffer when we ignore our pain in our jobs, and in our status, and in our big bank accounts. We suffer in our dreams, when our greatest fears take on characters that haunt us, goad us, and poke us. We wake up from the dreams in the night. We are having a difficult time on this planet waking up from the most powerful dream, the day-dream, that we have co-created on this planet for centuries. It is like all other dreams, but it is slow and plodding, and we are slow and plodding. Many refuse to wake up from it. The believe it is real.

In this article, I am going to take a short look at duality, because it is the fundamental nature of this matrix, just like computers and all things electrical are fundamentally binary. Energy is either on or off; off or on. Light or dark. Pain or pleasure. Duality is a principle of the virtual reality we live in, and we are both slaves and masters to it. We are slaves to that aspect of the matrix, in that it keeps us bound without our knowledge, inside a prison, from which we can’t escape. We are masters inside of it, in that we enjoy inflicting that same prison on others, to be important stars in the sky, to expand the ego, believing that finding ourselves means finding our purpose in the eyes of others, which also means binding others to us, needing us, loving us, rewarding us. Our pain and suffering often inspires us to “help” others, when who we really need to pay attention to is ourselves. Most launch into helping others by using the very means that have enslaved us in the first place. There is only suffering in that – just in a different form. This is what it means to desire to make it big or find our place in the world. It means to feel our own importance, to generate likes and followers and momentum towards our cause or the cause that we believe is so important for everyone to notice, take heed of, and learn. Becoming “fierce” is what society encourages. Becoming “unstoppable” is what society encourages. Society encourages the behavior of sharks and other things whose blood runs cold. Many people are operating on the principles of unity and are driven by that. But unity in the matrix is always a combination of separate beings, otherwise they wouldn’t seek unity. The motivations in the matrix are always Sourced in lack, not abundance. Whereas the unity that is of true Source, is by nature already unity. This is why efforts to create unity from this vantage point always fail – they only seem to succeed through capitulation, forced agreement, and oftentimes violence, as we have seen for the past two years.

The Lovers tarot card equals 6. Six is a grounded number signifying the power of the material aspects of nature. It is whole and unified love. This is the rarest form of love, because it is rooted in the divine, not in the mental/emotional arrangements. It is the most powerful form of love. All other forms are virtual love, that is to say, imitations, and all that have their source in this love are eternal/forever love. Divine love is rooted in Being and is conditional, not in need/want/possessiveness/jealousy/desire.

While some are playing at trying to be masters. Others play the slaves, the victims of society, the ones who can’t seem to catch a break. The one’s whose hopes are dashed. The slavery consciousness shows up in the sense of lack, of futility, and is often the source of giving up things altogether, and just letting the game go on without you. Some find a place to hitch a ride, to find something to hold onto, to survive, to find meaning through the efforts of others. Slaves are not consistent and are opportunistic. They do what the crowd does, and they mostly act out of fear. They provide the illusion of power for the master force – the sheer power of numbers.

Both of these roles–master and slave–are interchangeable. They are the same program. There is no master that doesn’t also experience his slavery. He needs them in order to manifest, and so he uses others as well as his own body in order to manifest. This is why he seeks the success. There is no slave that doesn’t experience his mastery. He seeks to provide momentum to the control, to be number of numbers, to provide his own energy to the “greater good”. Both are doing the same, at different settings on the clock, at different times, on the hour and by the hour. This is how the great movements of history take place, and most of them are the most horrific and bloody.

This is the matrix. There is no fulfillment here. The world of duality, whether you sometimes play victim (slave) or play master, it is a prison for both, for both inmates and administrators. The reason that there is categorically no fulfillment here is that this is a virtual world. Would you play a video game, and when hungry, expect the virtual bread to satisfy? It won’t satisfy, and if you keep doing it, and eating it, you will die quite quickly.

But, as challenging as this life might seem, it is a prison that has hope, the divine essence of nature, and our own nature, that transcends the mental/physical life grid of the matrix. This transcendence can only be experience through the portal of Self, the true throne of the all. Oneness or connection can only be found through, not the ego, but through the Self, and it is through that root that we can discover the nature of who we are, even just little. And just a little is enough to strike awe and mystery into the hearts of everyone who experiences it.

The physical bodies we operate inside of, in order to experience energetic forms at this extremely high density, require the energy that is available from within the earth, whether plant or animal form. The rule here is: what must feed, also must kill, whether you are killing a plant or an animal. Most people don’t have awareness of this rule because they eat from restaurants, and grocery stores. But this how the body is supposed to work, and it was designed to work. This is how the earth works. It is designed to support life and death, and so it does. We have created mechanisms and processes on earth to feed ourselves. That we have done. And we have also created mechanisms and processes to feed ourselves things that are not healthy for us, that limit the function and health of the body, our ability to learn, grow, to expand our consciousness.

But we are not physical bodies. We are Souls. And that is where things get tricky. Our minds are not designed to fulfill our lives, and trying to live inside of them, as most do these days, is a recipe for mental disease, physical suffering, and an inability to expand consciousness, the true nature of education, the true purpose of our time here on this planet. I have spoken endlessly in previous articles about why this is happening, and so I won’t get into it here. The important thing to understand is that the Souls, on this planet, are trapped in the prison of the matrix, and so many of them continue to seek their fulfillment, their freedom by means of the very prison that contains them. The food, the media, the pharmaceuticals, the abuse of technology, threatens opportunities to grow and expand during this lifetime. However, it this virus also shows us how we have gone wrong, like civilizations before us, through greed and hybris, destroyed themselves in the process.

This matrix, this labyrinthine puzzle, this prison is made of widely spaced bars, and the people are simply blindfolded. They cannot see the way out, although the way out is truly there. The way out is in every show, between the dark spaces, where the light can shine through, where the higher frequencies can be felt, as the sudden feeling of peace, bliss, and expansion, that comes in for no reason other than clarity of mind, when you stop thinking for a while, and just experience the moment that is the life. Those tiny moments are available as an entire lifetime. They are the true nature of life – but most people only experience them as temporary.

Imagine: the space that holds great abundance and fulfillment, is seen from the perspective of the matrix consciousness, as being Emptiness and Nothingness, as being temporary, too good to be true, and generally unavailable. The proof that such peace and love is unavailable? The misery that people experience in the matrix prison. How many times have you heard the argument that the divine doesn’t care about us because of the misery displayed in the world: poverty, depression, anxiety, death, and disease. Everyone points to these things as proof there is no divine force that loves and is love in the world. This is a like a blind blaming the world for being so dark, when the truth is that he just cannot see.

All complaints about this world are sourced in this, and all evils that seem to happen in the world are a result of the reactivity of the slave, in his or her attempt to gain control, by trying to change the world to fit his/her idea of utopia; to gain power by trying to be an unstoppable force in the world. To be a change-maker, to be the change he/she wants to see in the world. All of these are follies followed by follies. The world doesn’t change by change. It transforms only by virtue of our awareness, first the awareness of the love in all beings, and then by the awareness that our relationship to the world is determined by what we choose to see and cultivate ourselves. Each one of us is reacting to our own mental/physical conceptions of the world – and not the world itself. This means that agreement and harmony are an illusion between people, if they are operating on this lower level – they maintain the illusion, if they want to keep the relationship, by hiding the differences they perceive, or by sacrificing their desire to grow and expand. In the end, it maintains the prison and the bondage between master and slave.

The truth is that we are One, but it doesn’t show up in this way in the matrix. In the matrix, it is just a bunch of egos, simulating unity either through force or agreement, and never by nature. For those who want to control life, nature is too unpredictable, often too slow or too fast, doesn’t follow the desired schedule, and sets her own wardrobe. The virtual world simulates a real world, but it is the world that we desire to be and falls short of not only truth, but the truth about who we ourselves are. Thus, we create a world that not suited to our own holistic nature, and we have to constantly work inside our minds to convince ourselves that we “are doing the right thing”. Doubt, self-consciousness, questioning are considered normal in world of mind. But to anyone with awareness, those things are diseases, inflicted by the mind itself on itself, by slave to master, and master to slave. Those who live in illusions are always doubting and trying to make things work. Those who live in truth, don’t have to try to do anything. Does the rose have to try being a rose? Does a dog have to try being a dog? No. But humans try to be good and kind. They try to be smart. They work hard at everything and die unfulfilled. Trying always implies lack. It’s a painful existence.

The real world is a world that is of one energy, one love, and one being. This cannot be represented except by symbol, by pointer, by sign, because the language itself is dualistic and is a function of the virtual world. It too, and all the concepts it conjures, is a program of incredible beauty and complexity, an expression of logic and mathematics and geometry. However, that, in all its beauty, will not fulfill the Soul that is trapped inside, and it will look for love inside of that false world, trying to find unity in a place that is designed to be a hall of mirrors, that is designed to teach you: YOU aren’t THAT. And that is the education, which in Latin means to lead out. Education is leading out from, the place that you thought was true, to finding what is really is always present, where all things converge into one mode of being; where peace, love, and patience happen through you without trying, without effort, without training. These are all here for you, if you sit still, if you watch and learn to forgive and love all that you are and all that you ever will be.

When I run after what I think I want,

my days are a furnace of distress and anxiety,

if I sit in my own place of patience,

what I need flows to me, and without any pain,

from this, I understand that what I want also wants me,

and is looking for me and attracting me,

there’s a great secret in this for all who can grasp it.

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

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