Soul Manifestation and Freedom

The silos of reason make it difficult for us to see the one in the many, the integrity of the whole, the Soul in the Machine. When it comes to the intellect, to reason, to the profound thinking that infuses the substance of our modern, entirely contrived and complicated lives, we are very good at experiencing the dictum that says: Too much of a good thing is a good thing gone bad. A thing gone bad indeed. Such is the suffering that is this world today. Just as it would be painful to the body to eat plastic food that is not real nourishment, so too is it painful for the life, to live inside the mind alone, its constructs, its space as defined by the ego, an ego that is, by its very nature, false and illusive.

Furthermore, it is very difficult to unravel what is false, when so much of our energy has been tunneled into making the false seem real and true. Truth, in the matrix, is equivalent to its manifestation. That is to say, truth here is what we have created it to be, through the power of thought and the power of our creativity. However, the matrix is not generated from our Soul. It is instead generated collectively by means of trading our Soul. The matrix is a tangled web of daemonic contract, bondage, and curses. That is how manifestation works in the matrix – and I mean all manifestation.

Just as the body is a whole that operates regardless of our consciousness of it, so too do the tides of history, the vicissitudes of civilization, the theater of war and virtue that is presented before a people who love to signal to such gods and displays, as if they were watching a television show, cheering the heroes and hating the bad guys. This is what people trade their Soul energy for – to live in Plato’s cave indefinitely. It is the tangled web we weave, the things that go bump in the night, always ready to take that final bit of Soul breath away from us. The ego fears and enjoys fearing its death most of all, because it’s very life is contrived from destruction and death. And so, the ego is manifest to the mind of the beholder, to the person who holds the structure energetically, like ball and a chain. The ego then becomes the truth of the self, the identity, whether digital or otherwise. It is “me” and it is separate from all others and desires everything that it lacks – which is everything.

It must always be remembered that what is manifest is that what is considered to be truth, real, and tangible. The unmanifested is the hidden, the dark, and the mysterious. It has been the intention of the egoic-collective to create a barrier of fear around the mystery, the dark, the feminine nature, for both men and women, young and old. This is why people don’t love or want truth. They are trained to want, instead the lies. This is by design, so that individuals find great difficulty in accessing their true creative power, the Source of the universe, the energy of the whole, which can easily and effortlessly, as sure as the rays of a sun can give light to the darkest corners of a valley, override all that is false, untrue, stage-play, role playing, and deception.

Soul Energy is the True Currency

I don’t want this short article to be about the nature of money or economics. All forms of money on earth are currencies. Many will argue this point with me, because they believe gold is money, due to its intrinsic value. But gold only has, like any other material form of wealth, relative value based on supply and demand or just plain agreement. The true currency of this world has an always will be energy, whether that is in its physical form, such as oil or gas; or whether it is radiant energy, such as how Nikola Tesla experienced it. Ultimately, all energy is radiant solar energy, the source of life for all things. This is both scientific and esoteric knowledge.

And while Tesla discovered this abundant and free energy for all, and that such energy could be utilized to power the creative enterprises of the planet, efforts were made to conceal this from the public in order to maintain a system of lack and scarcity. This intention, to maintain lack and scarcity is by design. Power and control cannot be maintained in a system where there is abundance and freedom in abundance. As a result, neediness, in love and in money, is cultivated throughout the planet, through the media, the so-called love songs, the workplace, and everything else that is made manifest in the matrix. Human beings, whose Souls are a powerful I AM have become, for the most part, I NEED.

Not only do corporations profit on the created neediness of human beings, but also the spiritual organizations and healing centers, the religious places of worship, the structures of relationship and marriage: all of them are grounded in lack, and the fear of not having enough, of being alone, of not being enough, of not having enough of goodness, of health, of money, of love. People struggle and work hard to get the things that seem increasingly out of reach, especially today, where inflation is rampant and those who program the matrix have made scarcity even more present and even threatening. This reality has ramped up the fear in most of the population, making them susceptible to lies, deception, snake oil – any person, animal, or thing that seems to want to make them feel better. Time and time again, the population clings to their political leaders, and time and time again they end up inadvertently giving their energy and prayer to the very things causing all the suffering of the world.

And so most people, when they think about what they want to manifest, think first of money, health, love, or some form of power. From the very beginning, they approach what they want from a place of lack. What they don’t realize is that they are not desiring from their Soul but are desiring from something alien to soul, namely, ego. Their desire for things is contingent upon believing that they are out of reach and so when they do get even a small amount of what they wish for, they consider it a blessing, and are told to be grateful, because its virtuous. Gratitude is what slaves gives to a master, or what a worshipper gives to a god. The insidious of that energy exchange is the source of so much suffering and calamity amongst mankind, and it has been so for centuries.

I have heard of manifestation techniques that tell people that they need to let go of what they want, in order to get those things. This is just hocus-pocus, a trick to replace what is true surrender and autonomy. Many people will try to force their mind to let go of the sense of lack and imagine that they already have these things, and they do this in hopes of tricking the universe into believing that they aren’t in lack. It is ridiculous to think that one can “trick” the universe and so this strategy never works as expected, because even if they do manage to create these things in their lives, they will only do so under contract or some form of bondage. The matrix cannot be used to create things within the matrix. A bargain and a contract must happen in order to make things happen. The forces of the matrix are daemonic in nature and so always require exchange and bartering. The medium of exchange is Soul energy, first of all, and so a person will give away a part of their Soul energy in exchange for the desired object. The idea of making deals with the devil isn’t new, and it is now very much a part of normal daily life. This is the real reason why most people’s souls are not present in their body. Instead, most people are being drained of soul energy on a daily basis. They have energetic barriers, implants and other devices that keep the energy from their awareness, and they have “guardians” who dominate their mind and feelings, their thoughts and preoccupations. The more people engage in this sort of unconscious bartering, the more the bodies simply become vessels for other beings and various contraptions out of their control. Of course, usually a semblance of a “whole person” is maintained, via the false ego construct. But the ego is a poor substitute for a whole Soul, and that is why so many people suffer from mild to deep psychological and physical disease, more than in any other age. Pharmaceuticals “help” to keep the walking disasters at bay and prevent complete catastrophe and madness. However, if you ever travel to the astral plane, it is there for all to see.

A World of Contracts and Bondage

The more a person trades their soul energy, the stronger their ego grows. Egoic power is always there to replace the vacuum that is left by the abandoned soul fragment. The more ego dominates both inside the individual and the external world, the more it continues to block out the soul energy. It is like a living conscious shadow that is deliberately trying to hide itself from its own light Source. It is also a bit ridiculous because a shadow cannot exist without a light Source. That is why the ego, no matter how powerful it gets, still has interest in retaining its Source. It knows it can’t completely let go of it, and yet it still wants to pretend it doesn’t need it. The matrix system is a daemonic system that continues to pretend it doesn’t need Source, but still transacts in Soul energy and depends on it for its survival. This is the nature of struggle between the Soul and the Ego, that is created on earth, to teach us about the power of light/dark, and to find a way to integrate the two into a harmonious whole. The effort to create harmony between dark and light, has unfortunately become extremely difficult due to interference, an interference that wants to remove the Soul permanently. This desire to remove the Soul permanently is expressed in the transhumanist movement, which desires to see mankind disappear into a machine. The machine-mankind will be the manifestation of the ego but separated from Source. The matrix beings believe that if they achieve this, they will no longer have to “fight” against the powerful intuition of Soul which always knows that the ego constructions are lies and is always attempting to recollect its energy back into itself.

The current war we are witnessing now is a massive ritual designed to extract Soul energy from as many people as possible. It does this through creating false divisions and allowing the people to give their Soul pieces to one side or the other. War is always about killing, but it is also about soul reaping, and a scattering it into the winds. Animals eat the blood and meat of other animals. Daemons consume soul energy.

Once an individual or group barters their soul, by giving their energy to a “cause” or a “projected virtue” in the matrix they end up in semi-permanent bondage. The public’s need to appear to be the good guy is a subtle way they attempt to overcome feelings of guilt engendered by the very lies their own ego is trying to maintain. Fear and panic is always in their blood, because their subconscious knows that these contracts come to an end. Eventually, the virtue signaling will be of no use. Eventually, the love they thought they wanted will become pain. Eventually, the money they found will be lost, or won’t bring the happiness they thought it would. All egoic contracts are short-lived, which is often 5 to 10 years. Egoic contracts are like giving a million dollars to a twelve year old – they get what they want and they spend it all on Robux. The ego, which desires power and control, above true love or Soul abundance, will trade everything for it.

As a result of the ego’s penchant for control, and the constant drone of low-grade fear of losing it, most human beings communicate in order to either give knowledge or get knowledge. They are compromised under these contracts that they have generated and have no consciousness of. All being in the same boat, they talk to each other in order to create certainty of some kind, information, confirmation, feedback, flattery, a sense of love, support, or some kind of fulfillment of their needs. Our entire matrix society is a network of egos, contracted into it by will, by hook or by crook, in order to make their way in this world. Very few find the pieces of their soul, collect all the fragments enough to eventually rise as whole, as an expression and manifestation of their Soul essence. Such things happen only over lifetimes, and it is difficult, because as they gather their Soul pieces back, they must say farewell to the all the structures they once needed to fill those gaps and holes. As we become more of who we are, as a whole Soul, the more we no longer need the false structures and lies to fulfill us.

True Manifestation

Soul retrieval, the gaining back of soul energy can only happen through breaking the contracts that were signed. This takes time and deep awareness. No one can do this for you. You must break the contract that you yourself signed and agreed to. This means, of course, that you must become aware of the contract. And that is the most difficult part of this process, namely, coming into awareness. The reason why our own bondage and contracts are hidden is because we would never enter them if we knew what we were doing.

The best place to start looking for contracts, is to look where you are needing things or people. What you are attached to will give you a clue as to the nature of your contract. Now, let it be said, that some contracts aren’t really contracts, but are curses that were place by someone in your ancestry, who cursed her bloodline and sent that contract through the DNA. Those types of contracts that are curses are challenging because of the blood-bond. With blood, attachment runs deep. But you know the saying: if you love someone, set them free.

And so, about freedom. Freedom is manifestation. As you release yourself from bondage, from the contracts that gave you what you needed, you will naturally flow with your Soul energy, which knows exactly how to experience the world in the way it desires. You will no longer need anything other than that. You will feel completely whole and complete. You will not need confirmation. You will not need verification. You will not feel as if you need to prove yourself in anyway. Your mind will be profoundly clear, and your heart full of love. You will experience that your own presence is your home, your place, your source of inspiration and beauty. You could be in the world a few more days. You could find your death in a few more days. None of it will matter, as you know yourself as an eternal soul, over lifetimes and universes, ever creating, every manifesting with every step you take upon this earth and all other earths, both above and below.

True manifestation is the manifestation of you, who you ARE, who you BE, who is LOVE.

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