The Animals Who Speak

In this article, I want to talk a bit about the animals on this planet, how they help us, and how we have abandoned them, and what we need to be aware of moving forward.

The first principle that must be understood is that our bodies are deeply connected to the earth and all the creatures and fauna that inhabit it. I want to emphasize this by saying that the connection we have with the earth and all her creatures is already here and present for us. We don’t lack connection. As such, we don’t have to make a connection, forge a connection, divine a connection, pray for connection, learn how to make a connection. We don’t have to seek messages through rituals or various other practices. The connection is here, as sure as the sun streams upon the earth, as sure as the crow sings before the death of a loved one, as sure as dragon strikes awe and mystery in our hearts.

The only reason the connection may not be present for us is because we are blocked from experiencing the connection, which is another way of saying that we are ourselves are no longer present. Being present is a condition for true connection. When we aren’t connected, we experience lack, confusion, inner division, uncertainty, fear, and all the other negative shadow emotions that make us feel stuck. On the other hand, when we are connected, we experience constant guidance, messaging, and trust. When connected, the earth seems to speak through us and for us, and not in order to satisfy this and that particular personal clause or whim, but in order for the good of the whole, to be maintained, in love and truth. When we are connected, tapped in we are flowing with the whole. We become, in a sense, a medium, like water, for the communication flow of the planet of all beings everywhere.

The nature of oracular intelligence is present in this connection. It is not an intelligence of mind, but an intelligence of heart. This connection includes various forms of connection with the animal world. The types I describe below are four, aligned with power of the number four in all of nature, in the way we understand it. These types are given for the sake of a model, clarity, and order in my speech about the nature of animal-spirit communication. None of these types are better or lower than the others. All forms have the same intention, to communication with the Souls that currently find home in a body, to assist them, support them, and enhance their experience of expansion and awareness.

Technology is not the enemy

I want to make it clear that technology is necessarily an enemy of the earth. In this article I am discussing the nature of animal spirits and communication with such spirits, its importance, and why we have been blocked from it for so long. The answer is not to remove the technological interference we are experiencing. There are many people that are anti-technology in various forms. I am not one of them. The technology that can lead to interference is yet another challenge for us to overcome – and we can do it. Retrogressing to an early pre-technology stage of human history is a form of a defeatism. People who encourage retrogression are simply uneducated in the power of their own soul, their own ability to overcome any obstacle in this universe. We can master technology in way that it will not destroy us. Technology, like any other form of artifice, is a form of creativity that can be used to enhance our presence, our awareness, and our expansion.

Types of animal connection

Physical Energy
The first form of connection is related to the support our physical body requires. I am not going to get into a discussion about vegetarianism or veganism here. Let it be said that that consuming animals for food is a function of the life cycle here on earth, both amongst the animals themselves, and between us and the animals. As many indigenous tribes have recognized, consuming an animal is a consuming of its life force, spirit, and its teaching. Eating an animal creates a connection to that animal at a deep cellular level. The saying “You are what you eat.” truly applies here, but it is a saying that modern human beings think of as being some kind of metaphor, mostly because the ego has taken on a completely conceptual/mental form of identity and doesn’t experience the animals in any other way, except as a curiosity, a pet, or dinner.

As a result of the ego’s conceptual nature, it only understands food as being something that satisfies a feeling that is identified as being “hunger”. And that’s it. Some people still, before eating food, pray at the dinner table. But they pray to God and ignore the nature of the animal itself. This is understandable, being that the grocery has become the visible source of food, and so people are not required to learn the nature of the animal they are hunting in order to win the privilege of consuming it. When we truly educate ourselves in something, we naturally create a connection to it, a sense of honor and respect. Honor and respect are also the honor and respect we have for ourselves, our role to play on this earth, to be a holders and teachers of wisdom, for others on their journey.

You will notice that all Egyptian gods have an animal aspect to them. In order to kill an antelope for dinner, you must master the nature of the antelope. In that mastery, there is respect, honor and deep understanding. Cultures who have understood this, treat eating an animal with deep respect, and do not see it as some kind of object to be consumed. Roman displays of gluttony are the complete opposite of this energy. Roman energy in general, one of conquering, violence, and greed is the complete opposite of this energy. Modern human beings think they are caring about their health when they ask, “How many calories does this meat have?”. That meat could be pumped fill of GMOs and antibiotics, and they would still think it is safe for eating, as long as it keeps the weight down.

Modern humans have deep problems with gluttony, as well as health problems that stem from not only overeating, but bad diet. We trust the system to feed us, and our food is sourced from places unknown and untested by something we consider trustworthy, namely, the FDA. Our food supply has surely become a guarded secret in a way: mysterious ingredients, additives, artificial substances, and harmful methods of production. The nature of the food we consume has had enormous impact not only on the earth herself, but our bodies and the bodies of our children. The food supply is its own form of energy. Ask yourself what kind of energy it would be? Would we eat any of it if we really knew?

Furthermore, due to energetic blockage and interference, most have lost the ability to self-regulate their food intake. They seek out diet plans and various other remedies in order to maintain and lose weight and improve health. The economic and commercial opportunities latent here have unfortunately become more important than removing the actual underlying problem. Those who sell diet books and programs, the pharmaceutical companies and the entire medical industry thrive on the confusion of the population and their inability to communicate through their own bodies. So many health issues would vanish if we were able to re-instate a proper communication system with the animal kingdom, in ways that nourish both us and them. However, the ego’s relationship to animals as food, and to all edibles as food, is a blockage in itself, suggesting that there is no other function of food outside of basic survival needs.

As for vegans and vegetarians, some people’s bodies are better adapted and suited for consuming plants-based diets. This is not something one should force another to do if they are not ready. To do anything else is simply egoic forms of control and manipulation. There is no “one diet fits all”, just like there is no food source that fits all. To eat a chicken that has lived its life inside a corporate-run chicken farm is not the same as eating a chicken that was raised in your backyard.

Since most people’s consciousness remains on the physical plane, the best way to control their energy is to have them consume food that keeps them under various forms of control. Nutritional deprivation keeps the body in imbalance and addicted to that imbalance. Fast cheap food is crack for the masses. Its consistency of product, addictive qualities, and ease of discovery makes the idea of cooking, and investment in cooking feel like a waste of time at best, and repulsive at worst.

Mental Energy
Animals communicate with us through messages. They do this either through their presence and function in the world. The mind, which is properly used as instrument of conceptual communication is the main way animals communicate with us. Animals will show up in the physical world, in dreams, in higher energetic planes, and in visions. I work with animal spirits a lot and in all these forms, particularly in visions and higher energetic planes. Some animals can show up before the mind in all of these forms. Some animals, such as dragons, have left the physical world and so only show up in visions, dreams, or higher energetic planes. Pay close attention when an animal shows up consistently and persistently – it is usually a fairly urgent message.

So what kind messages are these? Remember, our bodies are deeply connected to the earth. The animals are here, not only to empower us physically, to master our bodies, but also to master our mind, and the power of our visions. When an animal comes into your life, that animal will teach you about an aspect of yourself. For example, if you see crow in your life, you can expect that you are being prepared to handle some sort of significant change in your life, often referred to as “death”. Crows are carrion feeders and so carry the energy of the dead and those who need to pass. Crows can express, through their messaging, trapped souls, or souls that are lost and cry out to be released. However, crows can also just express transformation in your life, a change in career, the ending of a marriage, and the beginning of a new relationship. Whatever the message is, you yourself will know what it is, if you listen to what crow is saying to you.

Most people, however, fail to hear the messages from the animals and that is simply due to the amazing amount of interference on this planet. Cellular towers, radio waves, EMF, WIFI, etc. all contribute to the interference in our minds. Not to mention the interference from the television, internet, phones – the constant stream of information and communication from friends, family, co-workers, and complete strangers. The world has gotten very noisy, and our minds, as receivers, take a lot of it in, leaving no room for the precious messages of earth, through her creatures. This situation is the source of so many psychological and mental problems, and yet it goes unnoticed. It doesn’t matter how much effort we put into meditating, being present, being spiritual, or being aware: if we don’t clear out the interference and create quiet in the pond that is the mind, we will not be able to solve the problems we are facing in this world right here and right now. The problems on earth right now are problems that we ourselves have created through the machine that we call mind. Nature has no problems. She just lives and her flow is endless.

The good news is that if you spend some time in isolation, quieting your mind, you can make it powerful enough to sift out all the noise. In other words, all of these forms of interference can be silenced, if you master your mind. It takes time to do this but is well worth it. The Yoga Sutras teach us how to focus our mind on “one” thing. That is all yoga is, namely, a practicing for presence, so that we can eventually be One with all of creation. But in the meantime, focusing on one object will have to suffice, for reasons of practice. That “one” thing could be anything at all. The object of the mind doesn’t matter. The important thing is to train the mind that you are the one in command of what it draws attention to. If you can do that, you can learn to train the mind to listen to the communication of earth, through the animals, and not the interference frequencies that are using your brain as a radio transmitter and computer operating system. This practice teaches how to remove distraction, confusion, and all the emotional pain associated with those mental states.

When you achieve that kind of clarity, you will hear the birds. You will hear the lion. You will hear yourself with the trees and all of nature.

Emotional Energy

Animals are here to transfer emotional energy. Emotions are simply cellular thought processes that are triggered to express themselves from within the body. Emotions are not something we entirely understand, because their river is deep within the blood of the body and are long forgotten ancestral pain that we carry through generations. Emotions react like volcanoes, and we tend feel like we don’t have any power over them. We can suppress them for a while, like thoughts, but we know that it is only a temporary salve that often can lead to, at the very least, huge upsets, or at worst, psychotic breakdowns.

Animals, which are simply forms of animated and conscious energy, are aspects of ourselves, and we can find emotional release through them in a way that is loving, safe, and compassionate. Truly, love heals all, and that is why so many people cherish their beloved pets – pets of all kinds: dogs, birds, spiders, snakes, cats. Some are knowledgeable and skilled enough to hold wild animals as pets. Some are more inclined to take care of plants and flowers, to create beautiful and plentiful gardens. Others, collect and cherish various stones and crystals. As you can see, emotionally, we have been able to retain the connection with our animals. In a way, this connection is the healthiest of our current experience with connection. The only problem is many have become utterly dependent on their animals to provide what the world can’t seem to itself. In other words, they have a created a co-dependent emotional connection to animals that, that while it feels good, does not serve us or humanity in the long run. It becomes, instead, a form of escape from the pain of the human world, and so, like all other distortions and interference, creates even more of a prison for our lives, and the lives of our pets. This is because the energy becomes trapped energy, and many nurse that energy like an ancient wound, only to push it back onto their pets, who take on that energy. This can result in health problems both for the human and the animal. That is the nature of the co-dependent relationship. It is the ball and chain that drags both parties down to the lowest common denominator of suffering. Instead of providing emotional release, life gets heavier and more burdensome, and the co-dependency becomes more needy and embedded into the bodies. Unfortunately, we live in a society that thinks that emotions and co-dependent relationships are healthy, and that expressing them is a good thing. The mind, as stupid as it is, therefore has been encouraged to display the emotions, like a fashion accessory. Friends are thought to be those who put up with someone’s emotions and provides support and encouragement. Being emotional, however, is very much like having to evacuate your bowels. Holding it in is not good. Making someone else hold it is an even worse thing. Expressing them is a good thing – in private and alone. But keeping emotions in a locket around your neck, or posting them on social media, or talking about them endlessly as if they were as beautiful as diamonds is not recommended for a healthy body or a healthy relationship. So many pets actually suffer in this role that many have given them. They are no longer herders, guardians, or hunters. They are emotional battering rams and cushions for support. The dog, whose beauty and form is its ability to love unconditionally, to protect and to embody loyalty, will take on anything the owner commands, regardless if it loses its life.

Instead of pushing emotions onto our pets, it would be better to address the emotion, allow the animal to speak to us and show us how to let go. Dogs are wonderful at this. They have an effusive spirit, always looking for play or relaxation, joy and fun. They know how to release and let things go. However, when you don’t listen to your dog, and you talk to them about your emotions, taking the emotions out on them or expecting them to carry them for you, analyzing them with the mind, and spinning tales characteristic of a Netflix character drama, you will simply drag out the inevitable, causing all sorts of digestive issues, as well as emotional turbulence for your pet. In the end, what you will have is a stuck emotion that has grown to an enormous mass and weight, even though it is only a fabrication, a story in your head. There is no listening possible through all that density. There is no release.

Spiritual Energy

Animals hold spirit, on all frequency levels. They take physical form on earth to serve many purposes and connections with us, as long we honor those connections, and are present to them. Some animals walk with us over a lifetime and assist us on our journey. They will depart when we have integrated their teaching, when we no longer need to communicate with them. For example, you may have a wolf as a guardian spirit, which may be present to teach you how to be part of a pack, or for some other purpose. When you have learned that your wolf companion may depart, only to return as needed. Most people have some kind of animal that spends time around them. You know who that animal is because you will be presented with their image consistently over time, and you will be drawn to that animal. Take the time to learn about their nature and their character. That will help you discover why they are walking with you at this time.

The ego and the animals

The modern ego doesn’t understand or see messages from wild animals. In fact, the ego has been trained to only conceptualize, name, and categorize animals, as if they were just statues in a display case, minding their own business of living and dying, but really not having much to do with us, except when we want to eat them. The ego is a cold and calculating entity that is designed to only focus on what it finds useful to it or somehow provides it with more knowledge (e.g., the ego loves to identify animals, to prove how acutely smart it is). Everything else is literally a waste of time. There is no meaning in anything for the ego, and so it dispenses with listening to the heart, the heart, which, regardless of how hidden, is still attempting to connect and inform the entire energetic presence of the body, from physical to spiritual. All of us are afflicted with the trappings of ego, and all of us contribute to and support leaders who treat earth and her animals with a similar disrespect. The ego doesn’t care because it is a function of the mental programming of the matrix system, which is not interested in continuing life on this earth if it would be easier to just not live here. There are, on this planet, very powerful people who the public seems to adore, but who are a dire threat to our environment as a whole, the future of this planet, and all the animals and humans that are supported by her. Beware of he who pretends to be Tesla. He is no lover of the feminine, the earth, and her gifts.

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