The Great War is here, and it is Within

The Great War is emerging on the material plane. This war, however, didn’t begin just this year. It is the culmination of a timeline that was seeded a long time ago, and that has only now gathered powerful momentum, like a tsunami reaching its height, readying for the terrible landing. It is a war that is designed to destroy much the planet as we know it, but may be stopped short if enough energetic force is generated to prevent it.  This article will show you how can you can prevent this war, this great tsunami. All of it starts with You, each one of You.

As I have said repeatedly on this blog, all events and circumstances that emerge from within the material plane, are simply surface systems of a deep systemic network, a grid, we call the matrix.  For example, all diseases are sourced in energetic imbalance, as Chinese medicine directs. The physical manifestations of disease are simply the long term systems of an imbalance that has not been remedied. The events we are seeing on the surface stage today is a result of centuries of imbalance, in the energetic systems in which we live and die in. That energetic system consists of a network of nodes, something akin to what we call “egos”. On the surface, ego is popular psychological term that refers to the identity construct of an individual. However. the ego construct is more than that. It is an artificial container in which most people live their lives, as their identity, and as extensions of their identity.  Your ego, for example not only contains lists of your roles, but the personality as you see it, as well as individuals whom you consider to be “yours” such as a spouse, a child, or a pet. All of these are conditioned or written into your “life” as characters in a play, in which you are the star. The familiar aspects of life are programs written into your brain, and are designed to give the illusion of consistency and permanence, like a drone that never ceases, a monotony that creates, not awareness, but a hypnotic state that cannot be disturbed without the risk of great panic and possible psychosis.

Let me be clear. The ego itself is the dis-ease of this world, the imbalance, the great lie. It is the inhuman thing we have been taught, from cradle to grave, to live inside of, to harvest, and to inform others.  This has been entirely intentional, as a method of control and manipulation. The ego, since the days of Plato, has transformed into what it is today: an insatiable, materialistic entity that is obsessed with its own survival, and filled with the pride of its own ability to learn, to know, and to inform others with that knowledge, all the while repressing and oppressing that natural forces of nature, of Soul, of Wisdom, and of life and death itself.  Plato called this the beast, or the state. Today, we pretend that the ego is is ourselves and it has become extremely comfortable to do so – because today, in the Western world, all of society has become informed with egoic platforms and programming. To be “normal” is to be egoic.

The egoic energetic structure is similar to a computer BIOS, the program that runs even below the operating system.  It is no surprise that BIOS means “life” in Greek. It also is the masculine form of the word, biae, which means power/energy. Life, at is essence is energetic power.  The ego, which means “I” in Latin, is the surface expression of the BIOS as programmed in the matrix.  It is, for all intents and purposes, empty and vacant of any essential content, and only exists due to the power that is powering its CPU (the brain). The energy that fuels the ego is in fact free energy, and it is harnessed through the Soul that is the current occupant of the body.

The ego is essentially an empty container that is –at least initially–fueled by the power of the brain. I use the word brain, instead of mind, because the ego is a programmatic entity that is fueled by the survival mechanisms of the brain first and foremost. The ego itself doesn’t have awareness, but can only “know” things based on the reactivity of the body, as processed by the brain itself.  To be run by the ego is to be run by survival. This is easy to see when you become aware of the fact that the brain functions as a CPU designed to preserve and protect the body. It is stimulated by hunger, pain, fear, and sexual desire – all basic instincts.   Egos think everything is materialistic and easily accepts the notion that we are just bodies or machines that operate bodies. It has no sense of Soul, energy, or anything remotely spiritual or divine – in fact, the ego, will shrug such notions off, because it is something as outlandish as a unicorn or a dinosaur shopping at Costco.

Still, regardless of what the ego thinks it knows,  and because most of us also have a Soul, and are pure awareness, we have learned to manage the energetic tendencies of the lower brain function, and are able to operate on a level that goes beyond considerations of individual survival. Some of us can easily feel the presence of Soul in another. Some of us can see the energetic body that is the Soul. Without the Soul, we’d just be left with the brain itself, and most people would solve disagreements by casually killing each other. However, because Souls are still present and operating in this world, and function through the power of the heart and the mind, and not only the brain, the world has not yet ended for human beings and civilization.  Ego, which is an artificial construct, has also thankfully expanded to interpret the virtues displayed by the Soul. This is why books about virtue are written – not for Souls who embody virtue per se, but for egos who need to learn how to behave like Souls, or decent human beings.  Egos need to learn what the Soul already innately knows.  In our ego-centric world,  millions of dollars are poured into scientific studies, to prove what the Soul already knows. Egos require proof of everything in order to believe it. They even require proof of Love. Yet, while the ego is good at learning how to operate the mouth and the body in order to simulate the Soul, it always fails to do so. A kind Soul is not the same as a kind Ego.  Egos misplace their behavior. They do not operate from awareness, and only do things based on memory or on trigger.  For example, an ego will try to be nice to everyone to a fault. It has no sense of context or appropriateness, and is generally only exhibiting the nice behavior because it learned to do so in order to survive. The ego is a container and it is a container that contains programs, as well as triggers for running programs. A person driven by ego is –by and large—insane and generally will not adapt very well to change, either environmental or otherwise. The ego thrives on repetition, predicable and programmable environments, shunning and fearing anything that threatens that equilibrium. This is why so many people experience boring predictable lives, and yet still chose those lives every day. A Soul would not do this. A Soul does  what it has to do to live powerfully, as it is true power and true life. It would never subject itself to boredom or a life that does not enrich and expand it. It is kind when it is appropriate to be kind, and it doesn’t keep driving straight, when it is better to drive crooked.

So now I have come to the point about war. The war is within each one of us. The war is the war between egoic programming (matrix) and Soul. It is not, as it is so often depicted, the war between good and evil, or divine and demons. All of those things are concepts of mind, and are notions programmed into the understanding of the ego-brain.  The ego is war by definition, if by war we mean the desire to maintain separation through mutual annihilation. War is the manifestation of utter defeat and self-loathing, the swan song of an ego that has hand enough of its suffering, enough to destroy the entire world, thinking that perhaps it may then find peace. Because the ego is so disconnected from reality, and nature, it cannot imagine that it has any connection at all to the world. It has no awareness and cannot have awareness. It cannot even become aware of its own energy source, namely the Soul. For this reason, in its own delusion, it is easily trained to believe that it doesn’t have a Soul at all.  What else would you expect? Does your computer have awareness that it is connected to a power source? No. Well, neither does the ego. The story of Lucifer, who believed he no longer needed God, is the story of the Ego. It is the beginning of this War, the war that we call good and evil, the one that is actually the war within ourselves.

Because we have been living in age that is dominated by ego at every level, where every government, corporation, job, university, and social media group is expressed and constructed through ego/matrix, we have not been aware of this war raging within us, and we have allowed the ego to take dominance in our lives, as we embody them, and all the programs that are released into the matrix system through our social institutions, entertainment industries, schools and universities. All day every day, we train our kids to expand their egos, and have subjected them to the experimentation that this society currently is, to make them slaves an guardians of the war against the Soul and all the divination and power that comes with Soul. Today we have large swathes of human beings that don’t know how to grow a tomato plant, cannot feed themselves properly without a diet book, cannot feel the energy of a loved one from far away, cannot sense the arrival of an earthquake through the sensitivity of the body, cannot hear the teachings of the animal or plant spirits, and cannot even have dreams to guide them while awake and while asleep. Truly, most people get all their information from the internet and from the television, from authorities whom they don’t even know, whom they trust more than they trust their own loved ones and most of all themselves. And yet, and yet: they claim to love their loved ones.

There is no love without honor and the power of awareness, of expansion and experience of the wisdom that the Soul contains and emanates. To love truly is to love unconditionally, to support the Soul awareness of another. Love is knowing of the Wisdom of all life, most especially the Soul.  The awakened Soul of another is more powerful than any expert or scientist that is paraded  onto the world stage, any politician or war mongering corporate manager.  When you truly love another, you honor and love their Soul above all else.

But ego love cannot possibly match or imitate Soul love.  The ego relates to all beings as instruments for its own survival. To the ego, more is always better, because the only way the ego knows how to expand and grow is to possess as much as possible and to own as much as possible.  This is why, most brutal egos are unable to commit to anything remotely resembling monogamy.  The marriage and monogamy programs as we know it, began during the Roman empire, under the rule of Augustus who wanted to encourage marriage in order to maintain economic and political stability. Men and women can be controlled if they are limited to a fixed marriage construct. It focuses the ego’s attention on family, rather than state, and gives the ego a smaller pen to play in.  Over the centuries, men have been slowly domesticated into a form of herd animal, in order to play the role of the good husband. Meanwhile, the female has been programmed to keep him in her thrall, in order to maintain her sense of power. Both of these egos are functionally weak, and become co-dependent, one for the other. The media and film industry has been designed to promote and encourage and glamourize this type of co-dependent marriage, in order to convince everyone that these are true love relationships. But like everything else, the ego is simply a program designed to imitated the truth that the Soul already embodies, which is Love itself, in its purest form. Some egos are heavily programmed to weaken their resolve. Some are fed enormous amounts of strength and entitlement. Both are eventually discarded in ruin, when their time is expired – and all egos have an expiration date. When that time approaches, the ego begins to focus more on the past, rather than the future, and it may romanticize that past, with the help of various types of chick-flicks, photo albums, and yarns spun by cheap Hollywood writers. In any case, the ego, at its weakest point, when the body begins to weaken, will begin to, instead of chasing or maintaining “love”, will reminisce for it, as a joy in the past that has had its day, and will often pride itself on its ability to cultivate gratitude, even for what is lost. That is how the ego consoles itself. If Soul were present, however, the person would be aware that is Love is always present in all places, everywhere, and that nothing has changed at all. The heart would be full and flowing and bright, the light of the Soul flashing through the eyes. Old age can be so beautiful like that – the body is withering, but the Soul shines through.

But love to the ego means pain and loss, regret and jealousy, desire and want. In fact, this is the drama that the ego loves to live in. It loves war because to it, love is war. It is sourced in the desire to survive, the desire to have sex, the desire to possess and to own, the desire to die in order to live, to kill even. And this is where we are when it comes to love – this is what many people believe love feels like. Listen to most love songs and you will hear the war in each one of them. Listen to the peace they create – its is, as Tacitus said, always a wasteland.

And this is why we are seeing war manifest at this time. We are seeing the culmination of the war within, the war that we mistakenly thought was love. We are emerging now, and watching the timelines that we ourselves have fueled and participated in with our blood, our tears, our energy, and our money. We have purchased the movie tickets to experience our own programming .We have elected officials that embody our deepest desires, the false idol of the egoic beloved, the simulations of the Soul, the programs that pretend to men and women, the ones paraded in front of us on the television and the internet and all the talk shows; the movies, in the music, and all the friends and co-workers that embody those things, like zombies of the walking dead. This is a war that, make no mistake, we have all generated by choosing to become a node in the matrix, a programmed bot that has rejected its heart and its Soul, for the sake of being part of the crowd, of finding love in the crowd, of being like everyone else.

But we still have a choice. We can break through the egoic programming, by studying the nature of the ego, studying the nature of our diseases and our pain. Through our discomfort and disease, we can grow our awareness of its specific form, and commit ourselves to dissolving it. The war that is currently raising its ugly head is only possible because we are sanctioning it, cheering it on, taking sides, and allowing it to become real, and – even more—allowing it to contribute to our identity via virtue signaling and fake expressions of compassion and concern.  Instead, take this opportunity to look at the war within, the seeds of the Great War, for the roots are there, and they can just as easily be removed. One by one, each individual can remove the roots, and one by one, the actors on the stage of the world will begin to fade, to leave the stage, like ghosts who have become irrelevant in their hauntings, and the sun will finally rise outside the theater, over the mountains and all the hills, and every river of the sea. There you will feel the wisdom of the Soul, and who you have always been, beyond all the projections, programs and lies, beyond all the concepts that you thought were yourself and with which you made war on yourself.

2 thoughts on “The Great War is here, and it is Within

  1. Thank you, Anastasia. A great quote and so sad. This post gives me faith in my own journey, a lonely one as it probably needs to be. I find the journey, unending, with relentless intensity, and very difficult, so sympathy for similar travellers.

    Yes, maybe nearly all of us do have a little dictator inside trying to take control! Something not seen in our mirror fragment. The lesson Putin brings.

    I will make a note of this post in my little book of hypomnemata and return from time to time. Thanks again.


    1. This is a challenging time and I feel the urgency more acutely than ever. I have felt it my whole life. It is a constant but nagging “wake up”, that has come to a scream. My heart has broken a hundred times over. I have been tortured, manipulated and deceived on every level, spirit and physical – all in order to keep me in my “place”. Many lightworkers experience this despair, because they don’t want us to wake up and see what is going on here in this world.

      I am positive we will avoid the nuclear disaster timeline, but it is in the works. Putin is the least of our problems. We are the problem. On that I am clear. So much resistance in becoming aware of this. The slave likes feeling like the slave – she doesn’t have to do anything to help the world because she tells herself she can’t.

      Thanks for writing. That means a lot to this blogger here. Because yes, this road feels lonely in this insane world.


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