Awakening: The Descent of Soul into Body

Many modern spiritual teachings speak about ascension.  What they are doing is creating an orientation, a spatial representation of the relation of ego to Soul. From the ego’s point of view, awakening means that it becomes higher, and so better in some way, more aware, closer to God, or what have you.  Yet, because the mind is polarized, the ego is actually doing both. It is ascending and descending at the same time.  In fat, all beings on this plane are objects with negative and positive electrodes. Thoughts and concepts, like “ascension” are like electrodes on a battery. Each concept defines not only itself, but also its negative. Between those two, energy can flow, where when is always given more energy than the other.  This is why, when we experience happiness, we will soon find that sadness will follow.  When we feel pain, pleasure is shortly around the corner. Everything has its pro and con. Everything. The illusion is that these are separate beings, with separate causes, one from angels and one from demons.

This reality, its dual nature as expressed on the material plane, is hidden by a veil, a veil that is called the ego. The ego, which is also a construct of mind, is an illusory entity that feigns to be one side of the polarity or the other.  As such, it will freely talk about ascension, and will pretend, or ignore the opposite polarity, descension. An ego will judge another as if it were perfect. An ego will call another enemy if it is not like to it. The ego will never see its hypocrisy. In fact, it doesn’t even consider it, since it believes that both cannot exist at the same time as the same being. Instead, it will usually focus on the polarity that contains the most energy at the time. This gives the ego a sense of accomplishment – something it can believe in for itself, whether good or bad.  And, it needs this, because the ego is a training room for the Soul, that will eventually replace it, and the Soul (who you truly are) has set up that training room in order to optimize the learning process, whatever that may be for the individual. So the ego, as such, is a construct designed to help us navigate this very difficult world we live in, to hide the polarized nature, to make A = A (law of identity) a reality. Without such an illusion of consistency and truth, a young human mind would go insane, simply because everything would always be clearly its opposite at the same time. The ego was created precisely to maintain the illusion of the separation of opposites, and it was an illusion that had to be kept, in order to create a harmonious world.  This is why the Pythagoreans of ancient times held the sanctity of the opposites as the foundation of material reality, a holy mystery never to be divulged or seen except by those who know.

The reality that is polarized is actual a function of the ego itself, and as a result, it contains its own destruction, its anti-matter if you will, the thing that cancels it and will eventually destroy it. This is the true meaning behind “being your own worst enemy”. This energy creates quite a bit of difficulty for many human beings, particularly those who have had interference prevent the “ascension”  process. Imagine being stuck in your mother’s womb by artificial means, and yet you were still growing. Such a circumstance would eventually kill the child and the mother as well. This is what is going on with psychic (Soul) interference. People have been made to remain in their ego far beyond their due date.  This is what is called being attached to “living forever” or using pharmaceuticals to cure symptoms of disease and disfunction that are a direct result of not following the proper educational path in this lifetime, a path of expansion and growth that leads to the dissolution of ego and the arrival of Soul, like a chick cracking the egg and leaving it behind, like the butterfly leaving its cocoon in order to fly. But so many human beings have remained in the egg, in the womb, and refuse to leave, due to the interference with the learning process that was their Soul’s intention.

In the natural order of things, the ego-illusion is not meant to be maintained (lived) forever, and there comes a time when the individual is ready to let it go, and expand his awareness in Soul, the Soul being the very thing that the ego was designed to emulate, but never achieve. Once the individual is ready to allow for the Soul’s descent into the body, then the ego can dissolve, as it is no longer needed. Notice I said “descent”.  The ego sees itself as ascending, when what is really happening is a dissolution of the ego, and descent of the higher Soul energy around the body. If the ego didn’t see it this way, again, it would probably resist the Soul and might even threaten to do harm to itself. The reason is that the ego was designed not only to be an illusion, but to protect the physical body and identity at all costs. If it knew that the Soul would dissolve it, it would not accept it. The ego, as I have said many times, is an illusory self that is constructed through its relationships to objects or projections of others into the world. It is externally focused and its energy is used to continue the illusion for all who participate in the ego-theater. It is, for all intents and purposes, a magical romper room that feels real to all the senses, and gives the ego a sense of belonging and purpose.  If it knew that a Soul, the Soul that is assigned to the body, will replace itself, it would react in self-defense, not only of itself, but of those it is attached to. The Soul, its own Soul is a dire threat to it. Imagine the ego as a parent to a small child, combined. Imagine that a big Soul is threatening to take over the body that is its home. There is huge resistance there, and understandably so.

So you might wonder how this is different from demon possession. Demons do not honor the integrity of ego/body and do not ask to enter that body. Demons take, and will trespass over anything, as long as the door is open. Demons will also manipulate egos into letting them in, by posturing as angels or even as soul guides. This is incredibly common, and is nearly impossible for the ego to prevent, due to its child like naivety and its inability to understand the nature of both itself, demons and its own Soul. But demons are simply foreign entities of any kind that want to possess or control the body. They can use any means at their disposal to do so: artificial intelligence, curses, spells, sex magic, etc. People who are possessed feel like they are not in control of their lives. This is not Hollywood-style possession here – this is the general run of the mill demonic nature of the matrix.  Many people on the awakening path will experience these beings in various forms, because they want to learn how to dispel them, which is necessary in order to experience awakening, and free oneself of the matrix.

So while demons take bodies, Souls do not. They will only enter when the individual is ready to accept them. This is why it is impossible to force someone to allow awakening or the descension of the Soul. It is also impossible to “teach” the ego how to become spiritually aware or to gain wisdom.  Soul descent happens over a period of time, in divine time, as the individual is ready. Most people experience their Soul descent as visitations from guides, angels, or other beings who seem to help them. These, to the ego, appear as external beings outside them. But they are not outside. They are aspects of their own Soul essence, in the beginning stages of Soul descent. As the individual continues on this journey, the experience of separate beings “angels” or “guides” will transform into an experience of pure light of some form, one that is external to the body, either visually or some other sensation. Eventually, however, the Soul will completely engulf the body, and the ego will nearly dissolved. At that point, the individual will experience the integration of Soul with body, the Soul being the energetic boundless experience of eternal being, and the body, as a vehicle with which to move, to take care of, to work with. There is no longer an experience of polarity, of a crisis between body/mind, ego/world, me/them. All of that dissolves in the whole, and yet there is and must always be an intention to provide guardianship for the physical form, the individual.  This is what it means to ground the higher energetic Soul essence that we are – it means to be present to who we are as Soul, and to be present to our responsibility of keeping boundaries (health) to the body that we are so fortunate to inhabit and experience the world through.

Make no mistake though, the polarized world still maintains its existence, but the experience of the Soul is different – it is experiencing polarized reality as it would experience a dream, not as something that it identifies with. Yes, while the Soul is working with the body, it has to manage the beings of the material world. However, because it is not attached to them in any other way other than love, loss is not a worry, and death is not a worry. The Soul is what the ego only dreams of being: whole complete love, eternal essence, fearlessness and bliss. The Soul is truly the home the ego has always desired and always will desire. When the ego finally breaks, due to realizing that it will never have the things it desires, and that love is not a possibility for it, then and only then will it allow true love to descend from heaven unto earth. And at that point, the awareness, which thought it was the ego all along, will realize that it was never “that” at all, and that it was always just what “IS”.

There comes a holy

and transparent time

when every touch

of beauty

opens the heart

to tears.

This is the time

the Beloved of heaven

is brought tenderly on earth.

This is the time

of the opening

of the ROSE.


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