Timeline Collapse: The Ancient Tree is falling

This post is a documentation of some of the visions and experiences I have been having over the past few months. I am going to make this as brief as a can. I apologize if I am unclear in any way. Please feel free to ask questions if you like. I am writing this for anyone else who is feeling the powerful energies that are running through each and every one of us. The reason these energies are powerful is because there is a lot of programming, in the form of timelines, that is being torn down, ripped away, heart be damned. Some are experiencing elation, freedom, and joy. They are ready for this to happen. Others are holding on for dear life, to as many pieces of the old stories as they can. This “holding on” is causing an enormous amount people pain, frustration, and fear; and so is making them easy prey for all sorts of unsavory energies that wish to use that fear and anger in order to project more war, more hate, and more delusion.

For the past two years, many of us have been – whether we are conscious of it or not – collapsing timelines. Most of us begin with the shorter timelines, because many timelines are like small little roads that veer off the main highways. Everything in nature is like this. A tree must maintain its trunk, its core, its center. From that center, branches grow; leaves and fruit emerge. The leaves and fruit do not last as long as the branches, and the branches do not last as long as the trunk. You can find this natural pattern in all living things. Aristotle taught that the essence of something is its core, the being that makes something what it is. The things that fall off or are unnecessary to this core, are not an essence, but are instead an attribute, a property, or a possession. Many people live in the branches of time. Some in the fruit and some in the leaves. Once these collapse, they must move to the trunk and onto the core.

Right now, the great tree of time is crumbling, and we are being called back to the core, to the center. For many, this is a long journey. The tree of time is profound, and many of its branches have become tangled. Yet, there is always a way back to the core, the center of who we are. The difficulty is not in the path – which is a matter of just getting back to our essence and awareness of that. The difficulty is in the attachment, the programming that has had us believe, for generations, that we are the leaves, the fruit, the branches, that we are a tree, that we are this or that. Ego has been growing since the days of recorded history and it has reached its time, for it can’t possibly withstand the truth – that we are souls and that we are not determined by the matrix system of webbed timelines.

The most powerful timelines are enormous and have been running for centuries, if not thousands of years. These timelines all take space as they have manifested in this world through a determination of our intention, a hijacking of our physical reality. What we call “reality” is actually a combination or network of timelines that have become so imbedded in our minds, that they manifest inside our reality. This is how creation happens. This creation is what we call “the matrix system”. When an individual is born into the system, they are already primed to take on a role in the system. That is where they find their purpose, their relationships, their loves, their hates – everything. All is determined and limited by the system. That is what life has been like. Being “true to oneself” always means, in this system, finding the ego a place to be in the system. Very rarely have individuals been able to extricate themselves from it, and those who have been put to death or silenced. It is for this reason that awareness and higher consciousness has become more and more difficult to achieve. Humanity has gone backwards, not forwards in this regard. It has gotten to the point where the ego, as fragile as it is, has been able to express itself through fear and control, and has access to enormous amounts of technology enough to make it near impossible for it to even consider allowing its soul essence inside the body it thinks it owns.

That is why there are individuals on earth who have been here over the past 50 or so years, to help raise the consciousness of earth as a whole. They have had to lead the way. Many are what are known as star seeds, but it really doesn’t matter who or where they are from. They are here, however, to lead the way in raising consciousness enough to release the timelines that are preventing human expansion and growth. As they lead the way in this effort, all of humanity is experiencing everything from an unsettled “unreal” feeling, deja vu, thinking about the past and even experiencing it again, strange and uncanny coincidences, odd behaviors in others, as well as disorientation, confusion, and even fear. For every individual it is different, but “normal” is definitely not on the list of experiences here.

While many might be led to release some of this discomfort, others may hold on even tighter to aspects of the timelines that are collapsing. It is like an actor holding onto their role in a play that has already completed. This refusal to let go is due to more programming, and so other timelines. You see, in this reality, pain and discomfort is something that most people have learned to stay away from. The ego has been trained to identify pain points as its own, and so harmful to it. Remember, as I have talked about frequently, the ego is a personalized node of the matrix, and so it is, essentially, driven by the thoughts and triggers programmed into that matrix. The human being, the consciousness is tricked into thinking that the ego is the identity (actor in a role) of itself. This trick leads almost every person to believe that all pain experienced belongs to “me”. The truth is that it belongs to the “matrix” system in general, and the timeline in particular. That is why the ego consciousness will hold onto a role that is no longer needed or required. The person will feel out of place, and even hold a sense of uselessness. This can be dangerous for some – ego death can provoke such things as suicidal ideation, and various other forms of self-harm.

Because time is a function of this matrix, the ego is a function of time and understands itself as part of time, as in a participant. It also understands “its life” as having a past and a future. It thinks that is the tree itself. It cannot understand “being” or “now” because the ego is a function of time. Awakening is going back to the core, the understanding of our being, not as a function of time, or a tree, or a representation, but as a co-creator of time, a participant in the grand stage of this reality, as intended. The reason for the timeline collapse – again – is because most humans have become complacent and completely unconscious of their own power and have given it up to some extremely unsavory energies that wish nothing else but to feed off of the human race – literally. If the timeline collapse doesn’t happen, then the entire human race will fall. This is why we are here.

During this time, make sure you take care of yourself first and foremost, and allow any discomfort or pain be an opportunity to look and see where your soul has been fragmented and used as fuel for egoic energy. The more you do that, the more you can continue to be a light for the world. I emphasize that it is critical for you to focus on how the energies have been running through you, how the tree has kept you from yourself, and how you have been led away from being present to deep unconditional love, abiding presence, and the divinity that you are, and who all are.

Everything you do. Everything you think matters. You are adored.


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