Manifestation: How your thoughts become you

We often think of our thoughts are being our own private, little blogs of conceptual energy. Well, not even that. Most people live in their mind, and they are acclimated to thinking and conceptualizing and being in that world, as if it were the only reality to be in. Creativity happens for many as an exception to that process of conceptual habitation, and so we “take a break” to paint, to write, or engage in some sort of creative craft. We call these little gaps in time, the efforts to be creative “hobby time” or “me time” or what have you. In the end, creativity has become something that our conceptual habitation has allowed, by giving it a little room or safe space of its own, and so restricted to work inside that room or space. In that space, we allow our creativity to blossom, but only insofar as it keeps within its boundaries and doesn’t break down too many walls in the conceptual habitation.

The truth is, however, that all of our thoughts are creative and are constantly generating our experiences. The walls in our home are built from blueprints and templates, and centuries of engineering. The thoughts that have manifested in this world and have stayed around for a while, are the things that our material-mental consciousness focuses on most. That is why most people are addicted to acquiring objects, rather than inventing them. Most of us do not use the full capacity of our creative mind, and that is mostly because the objected oriented world, the created world, is the focus of our attention and observation. We all that “reality” and we think it is more real than the one that we can conceive through our mind. Nothing could be further from the truth. The physical world affords us very little power, even with a tremendous amount of effort. Creativity, on the other hand, where we get to work with the power of mind and energy, is place where manifestation and connection can happen at unbelievable speeds without a loss in energy or time.

Still, most of us are unaware of that level of manifestation, and they continue to remain in that space of material focus, where they observe the world, as if they are simply spectators of objects and systems of impersonal objects. An individual will often say that the world is boring, or evil, or mad, or magical. They will often make declarations such as: “The world is X” or the world is ruled by X”. They will also say “I am X” or “She is Y”. Or, “The world is too obsessed with technology. There is no real interaction”. That is a common observation, reinforced by constant declaration and focus on tech. When you are spending the day in forest enjoying the sights and sounds, would it occur to you that the world is absorbed by technology? It might, only if you run into someone on their phone, or you find yourself wondering who messaged you in your pocket. When we do this, we think we are making an observation, but thoughts are not observations. And once we make those observations, they can trigger various though streams and stories, which then affect our action – and inaction in our lives. Thoughts are co-created energy that is reinforced by constant confirmation of that energy. Someone or a group of someone’s invented the thought of the portable computer. It has long since manifested. It will stay manifested until most people on the planet reduce their focus on it, their constant need of it, their reliance on it. Eventually it could become as insignificant as a pen or a piece of paper. Useful, but certainly not the focus of so much attention. You have the power to keep the phone in your pocket, but to barely know it is there unless it is necessary to use it. It doesn’t have to be so powerful as to mesmerize the world with its powers of false connection and interaction – unless you want it to. And you want it to, it ill appear that way, and you will attract others who also create that it appears that way.

I often hear people declare some variation of “evil people rule the world”. When I hear that, I hear the person making a prayer, a statement of manifestation, a declaration of presence and being – a summoning, if you will. When you make statements like that out-loud or quietly, you are confirming that reality, not only for yourself but for anyone else who is witnessing your speech – and that is a lot of people because, at bottom, we are all one, as I have spoken about endlessly on this blog. Your speech and your thoughts create and recreate over and over, and then so it is! Repetitive thoughts are the most powerful because they create the illusion of consistency, and so confirmation. The purpose of higher education is to create this consistency, this solidity of thought on a complex logical level. Society itself is constructed of thought forms, which Plato called the ideas (the things seen), and these thoughts forms are embodied into action by the individuals who hold them. The physical world is very dense. You can think of an idea, but it may take time to manifest that idea if you aren’t adept at manifestation. But the timelines that humanity has created over thousands of years have been in the making all that time, and the more individuals co-create them through what seems to be observation, the more they survive. So, the more you say “X people are not treated fairly”, the more you will manifest that reality and take action to reinforce it. Momentum accelerates as the physical reality increases its confirmation of it. The matrix system as a whole is a web of interconnected ideas that manifest themselves simultaneously in different ways and in different modes of perception and at different degrees of momentum. This matrix was created so that we can learn about our own powers of manifestation as creators – we are designed to create the world, live in it, suffer it, in order to learn how to create something better for ourselves and each other. That is the entire purpose of this earth education.

But someone who lives in the conceptual-material realm might object and say: well, I declare that the apple is. Does that mean I create the apple? Well, I just created one in your mind didn’t I? Some of you might say “Hmmm…I’d love a juicy apple”. Some of you might reject that apple and say “I don’t like apples.” What you create is up to you and your body. You get the idea, and then get an apple or avoid an apple altogether. Nothing in this world happens without the thoughts of attraction and deflection. Everything in this world, when it comes to conceptualized thoughts draws towards or repels.

But someone continues to object, “But I didn’t create the apple, the actual physical apple!”. But nature did somehow, and your body is connected to nature in ways that most individuals cannot fathom. You don’t remember creating your body do you? When I say your thoughts create your world in its entirety, I do not mean that you hold the power to control your thoughts or to generate the apple from an idea. At best, you could create a new species of apple, or a new variation. However, most do not even create variations. Most cannot even take charge in their dreams. There are some very rare individuals in the world who can control their breath and their organs. These yogis or teachers have been witnessed, but again, they are very rare. At this stage in our evolution, we have almost become victim of the created world, because we do not see how we create this world. Most of this world has had so much momentum and has been generated for so many years, that it has accelerated beyond the power of our mind to understand. The divine, to which we are connected is perceived only through our limited instance of that mind that is currently distracted by the artwork itself, instead of the creative energy to engage it. As a result, most do not witness the blueprint of the apple (the art), even though they do witness it as a physical manifestation.

It is possible however, to discover the quantum mind, as it were, where the thought of apple originated. You can witness fruit, beings, and other animals such as dragons that do not manifest on the material plane at this time. Imaginary things stay imaginary – until they don’t. It is really that simple. The energetic forms do not live in time and space and aren’t contained in our history because our history is a story that is constructed out of a created timeline that is made to look like a linear progression of events, often in terms of cause and effect. Historians only agree with each other to the extent that that the material evidence is strong enough to reinforce belief and patterns are observed after their manifestation. Material evidence of all the manifested apples, proves the truth of the apple. However, it never reveals its true nature, which is located in quantum thought forms (the Platonic idea). What this means that is if you can clear your mind from its attachment to the material-mental world, you can access these thought forms directly. When you do that, when you access thought forms directly, you can see things “before they happen”. Psychic predication is an observation of possibilities that may manifest from the quantum mind. What is already declared in the quantum mind, will eventually manifest at some point in time. At what point, and to what level of manifestation? Well, that is up to those who manifest, namely human beings. It is possible to estimate the future based on probability, but that is about it.

The interference that I speak so much about in this blog has every intention of blocking manifestation powers for most human beings. There are many false teachers of manifestation, that try to engage people into focusing their energy into the manifestation of material objects or situations. This is only interference that is trying to use your energy to manifest the physical reality and keep disempowered inside of it. The only way to manifest is to access the quantum mind; to conceive in alignment with soul and the divine highest good, and to then, make it happen. When you can do this, you will need to try to be unattached to outcome. You will not need to constantly pray or light candles or engage in ceremonies. No. This will happen by virtue of your own being, in alignment with Source. “Trying to manifest” is just another matrix activity that will end in frustration and thwarted desires. To manifest you need to clear yourself of conceptual habituation, so that it is no longer the prison of your creative energy. Once your creative energy is unleashed, your road to bliss becomes effortless and unstoppable.

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