Education, the Tao, and the Way out

 The Mystery of mysteries is the Door of all essence.

Tao Te Ching

The word education means to “guide lead out from”. It’s constructed from the Latin proposition ex- (out) and root -duc-, as in duke (lord), or induction, etc. Education is not a leading away (abduction), in the sense of taking away from something else, as in subtraction or deprivation. Instead, education is something that requires a passageway of some sorts, a road, a way, the Tao. That is the true nature of education, on this earth.

Modern state-sanctioned education, however, is focused on one goal, which is to achieve material success inside the terms and expectations of the state. That success could be in the form of a quantity of money, breadth of influence, depth of knowledge, etc. This form of education plays out throughout the entire system in various shapes and forms, as people chase the various means and ways of achieving success. They play that game for their entire life as they attempt to estimate and measure their self-worth and the worth of others. All of this occurs in the realm of the materialistic-mental projection in which most people live, and they learn the things that system presents them to learn. Life in that plane of consciousness is incredibly difficult for those who want to create a good life for themselves. They need to be movers and shakers, wheeling and dealing, and most of them get themselves into situations that can not only be life threatening, but threatening to the lives of those they love. People in positions of great power and influence often find themselves there. At that point, they are what we call “compromised” and we watch them as they are thrown into doing things that are heinous, criminal, and deeply evil. We judge these people on a daily basis, because we don’t understand what has happened to them energetically, and we magically think that we would not do the same, if in their shoes, as we continue to chase success in various forms, not realizing that those who win the success game, do so at a very high price.

It needs to be said that the content of modern education is completely irrelevant, as long as it consists as a means towards one specific end: namely, to create minds that can operate in the machine of the corporate state, in whatever monstrous form it may take. I pulled my kids out of the school system because I saw this happening in real time, as my kids were being “taught” what was essentially trivial unverified “facts” about completely random topics on a daily basis. This method of teaching is designed to fracture and fragment the attention span and focus, to make the mind exhausted and so uninterested in putting the pieces of a million different puzzles together – simply because such things are impossible. To a young mind, this equates to “feeling stupid” or “not good enough”. My youngest suffered so much that she wouldn’t do the work anymore. She “hated” learning. Now, after unschooling her, she willingly learns grammar and math and has fun doing it, as she learns the things she is interested in doing, such as 3D modeling. This is because her mind is now allowed to integrate what she is learning into her daily life in the way she is ready and willing to do it. Modern systems of education cannot possibly replicate this method because it isn’t a method. She is following the Tao as it is written for her and only for her. True education is always about getting out of the way so that children can find their way.

So what happens when we do get out of the way of education? Well, creativity happens, albeit slowly. I say slowly because it takes time for us to trust that we can swim without floaties and someone to save us if we feel out of control. Creativity requires presence to possibility, to that which doesn’t yet exist yet but could exist. The material world we live in is filled with ideas and things and systems of things that already exist. It is a system of control, and the desire to shape and mold minds for various reasons and intentions. Modern education has nothing to do with true learning or creativity, even when it displays those pretenses. But despite this system, we can learn through and with it, as long as we don’t lose ell our energy to it in despair and frustration. Eventually, however, we need to be lead out of the Platonic Cave, through some magical door or portal, in order to proceed with our true education. As we let go of the system and the plugs that it keep it inside of us, then we retrieve that power for ourselves, to direct as we choose. As we do this, as we release the patterns and realities of the system, our old avatars (identities-ego) that consumed us, the soul contracts and roles that we played that only served the intentions of another.

Many do, however, stay deeply attached to those roles, which are soul contracts, agreements to engage in various timelines, as directed by others. Attachment is a huge barrier to creativity, just as playing too many video games is a huge barrier for doing anything else in life. People believe that they are their characters as defined by the soul contract, and because the timelines are playing out in the physical realm, they appear real and of reality. However, what is real, and who we are not showing up in these timelines, and that is why we suffer even in the situations we think we want to keep. Who we are, which is not just a pure consciousness, but is a creative energy, longs to bring the world as itself into this world, and to experience life as a reflection of itself. This cannot be done in the timeline-roles that others contract out you to. You must learn how to manifest yourself, and this takes a certain amount of time and intention. However, if you spend too much time in the persona-obsessed virtual reality of the material world, you will lose that momentum almost instantaneously. That is why most people, when they begin this “spiritual path”, learn how to create an environment that facilitates connection with their soul. They are not yet living it, and breathing it on a daily basis yet. That is all fine and good, but it is best to be aware of this, so as not to get attached to spiritual practices. They are practices only, not the actual living of it.

This is not to say that the matrix systems, which includes spiritual systems and practices. are not a part of our education. They are. We are never guided to completely release ourselves entirely at any given point. Our physical, emotional, and mental bodies wouldn’t be to handle such a drastic release. It would be similar to expecting an infant to work on Wall Street. Nothing much would happen but a lot of messes and the child getting injured, sick, or even killed. So, we learn in layers, and what we are ready to remove, will be clear to us to remove: a relationship that no longer works, a way of living that is no longer bringing joy. Objects such as crystals, certain prayers that no longer seem to take effect. These are quiet and yet obvious signs that we need to let go of something. It could be parts or aspects of a job or could be the whole job. Suffering does not have to be a part of this process. The suffering happens when we hold onto to the things we need to let go of. But the more we hold onto these things, the more the suffering deepens. Many people who cling to things, will look for something to take their place before they let go. What they are looking for is a similar replacement. This of course will lead to even more profound suffering, because not only are they being called to let go of a certain relationship, and are holding on regardless, but they are chasing a similar relationship, to fill what they fear will be an empty hole, an unbearable emptiness that will be left behind. And that is exactly when they create more contracts, more bondage, layered on top of the old ones. This a snowball made in hell that doesn’t stop collecting layers of snow and ice. It truly is the way of suffering. At that point, the only respite they get is some form of addiction: entertainment, games, hobbies, work – none of which are served through joy, but are simply a means to alleviate and distract from the enormous pain of everyday existence.

It will often happen that the soul of such a sufferer will experience a dramatic and life changing event that throws them completely out of their comfort zone. Some suffer illness, or accidents, loss of loved ones, etc. The more we suffer, the more suffering we create all around us. There are those who have signed a contract to help us learn, and they will even die to fulfill that contract. Make no mistake about this.

The way of the world, the Tao is always peaceful and is a flowing and a releasing of what cannot be carried. It is the path of least resistance, a non-attachment that is carried in love always, in this great energetic crystalline ocean that we are. The education guides us there, which is here, in the present of our possibility and the potential of our own manifestation, in everything we do or say, enact, or redact.

Education is the way out of suffering and the way out of attachment. it is the way of freedom, and of joy, regardless of what comes or what is left behind. it is a recollection of who we are, one piece at a time, and the discovery that our creative energy can tap into a world of visions and possibility, for ourselves and others. This is a truly beautiful place to be, but it requires that we release our attachment to the system, our desire for validation, our addiction to having a mommy and daddy figure to tell us we are good, our modern educational pattern of needing to appear successful in conventional terms. It demands courage and a strength to just BE and to create and do what is needed at the time and place. There are no eternals or promises in this material world – the only truth is that everything changes, just as the leaves fall to the grass, awaiting to become simple food for the earth.

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